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01.12.2019 | Ausgabe 7/2019

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences 7/2019

Design and Security Analysis of a Fragment of Internet of Things Telecommunication System

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences > Ausgabe 7/2019
V. A. Alexandrov, V. A. Desnitsky, D. Y. Chaly


This paper comprises the development and implementation of systems using the concept of Internet of Things. Due to the active development of industries using the concept of the Internet of Things, the information security problem is getting more and more important. To create a protected module of information-telecommunication system which implements the Internet of Things concept, it is important to take into account all its aspects. To determine relevant threats, it is necessary to use the detailed risk analysis according to existing standards. Then choosing protection measures, one must rely on identified relevant threats. Actual threats and necessary protective actions are determined in this paper for implementation of Smart House computer appliance module, in order to develop a protected part of Smart House, which is necessary for realization of room access control. We solved the following tasks in the work, namely, description of the Smart Home system; description of steps and security evaluation of Smart Home; implementation of hardware assembly and writing a code for the selected fragment of the system; safety evaluation of the selected fragment of Smart House and identification of actual threats; making recommendations to counter threats; software implementation of one of the most important threats and software implementation of protective measures for the selected threat. The key peculiarity of the work is an integrated approach to the design by the use of specific intruder models, analysis of the system’s assets and evaluation of their security.

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