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vi The process is important! I learned this lesson the hard way during my previous existence working as a design engineer with PA Consulting Group's Cambridge Technology Centre. One of my earliest assignments involved the development of a piece of labo- tory automation equipment for a major European pharmaceutical manufacturer.Two things stick in my mind from those early days – first, that the equipment was always to be ready for delivery in three weeks and,second,that being able to write well structured Pascal was not sufficient to deliver reliable software performance. Delivery was ultimately six months late,the project ran some sixty percent over budget and I gained my first promotion to Senior Engineer. At the time it puzzled me that I had been unable to predict the John Clarkson real effort required to complete the automation project – I had Reader in Engineering Design, genuinely believed that the project would be finished in three Director, Cambridge Engineering weeks.It was some years later that I discovered Kenneth Cooper's Design Centre papers describing the Rework Cycle and realised that I had been the victim of “undiscovered rework”.I quickly learned that project plans were not just inaccurate,as most project managers would attest,but often grossly misleading,bearing little resemblance to actual development practice.




The reality of design

Claudia Eckert, John Clarkson

Design issues


Models of design

1. Models of designing

David Wynn, John Clarkson

2. Design planning and modelling

Brendan O’Donovan, Claudia Eckert, John Clarkson, Tyson R Browning

3. Systems engineering

Peter Buckle, John Clarkson

Perspectives on design

4. Requirements engineering

Pericles Loucopoulos

5. Human resources

Martina Dürndorfer

6. Artificial intelligence for design process improvement

David C Brown

7. Complexity

Chris Earl, Jeffrey Johnson, Claudia Eckert

8. Thinking and representing in design

Martin Stacey, Kristina Lauche

Design practice

9. Communication in design

Claudia Eckert, Anja Maier, Chris McMahon

10. Engineering change

Timothy Jarratt, John Clarkson, Claudia Eckert

11. Risk in the design process

Chris McMahon, Jerry Busby

12. Design for X

Harald Meerkamm, Michael Koch

Design management

13. Engineering knowledge management

Ken Wallace, Saeema Ahmed, Rob Bracewell

14. Quality management

Graham Thompson

15. Workflow for design

Sándor Vajna

16. Integrated new product development

Jonathan Cagan, Craig M Vogel

17. Product portfolio management

Marco Cantamessa

18. The transfer of methods into industry

Ralf Stetter, Udo Lindemann

Design research


19. Institute of Theoretical Psychology, University of Bamberg

Petra Badke-Schaub, Dietrich Dörner, Joachim Stempfle

20. Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre, University of Bath

Chris McMahon

21. Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge

John Clarkson

22. A culture of design research and teaching, Carnegie Mellon University

Jonathan Cagan

23. Product Development and Machine Elements, Darmstadt University of Technology

Herbert Birkhofer

24. School of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Henri H C M Christiaans

25. The Design Group, Technical University of Denmark

Mogens Myrup Andreasen

26. The Systems Realization Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology

Janet K Allen, Bert Bras, Farrokh Mistree, Christiaan Paredis, David Rosen

27. Engineering Design Research, University of Grenoble

Jean-François Boujut, Jean-Claude Léon

28. Institute of Machine Design and Automotive Engineering, University of Karlsruhe (TH)

Albert Albers

29. Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University

Simon Austin

30. Information Technologies in Mechanical Engineering, University of Magdeburg

Sándor Vajna

31. Design Process Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Daniel Whitney

32. Institute of Product Development, Technische Universität München

Udo Lindemann

33. Engineering Design Centre, University of Newcastle

Bill Oliver, Pratyush Sen

34. Center for Design Research, Stanford University

Larry Leifer

35. Integrated Product Development, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Margareta Norell, Sofia Ritzén

36. The CAD Centre, University of Strathclyde

Alex Duffy

37. BAE SYSTEMS/Rolls-Royce University Technology Partnership for Design

Ken Wallace

38. M.J. Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University

Tyson R Browning

39. Technological Innovation Research Group, Politecnico di Torino

Laura Alessi, Marco Cantamessa

40. Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Frances M T Brazier, Niek J E Wijngaards

41. The Center for Engineering Learning and Technology, University of Washington

Robin S Adams, Jennifer Turns, Cynthia J Atman


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