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01.09.2012 | IHC | Ausgabe 3/2012 Open Access

Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society 3/2012

Designing tailorable software systems with the users’ participation

Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society > Ausgabe 3/2012
Vânia Paula de Almeida Neris, M. Cecília C. Baranauskas
Wichtige Hinweise
This is a revised and extended version of a previous paper that appeared at IHC/CLIHC 2011 (X Simpósio de Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais/V Latin American Conference on Human Computer Interaction).


There are several barriers that prevent Brazilian citizen to access knowledge, including the way in which computational technology is presented considering the diversity of interaction skills in our population. One approach for suiting the diverse and mutable interaction requirements is to tailor interfaces according to the users’ preferences or needs. Although literature regarding tailoring presents results with diverse foci, there has been a lack of works considering methods and techniques to support designers in their practice. This paper presents a practical approach to elicit and formalize the tailorable behavior making interactive systems more flexible. The elicitation of the different possible interfaces is performed with users’ participation and the tailorable behavior is formalized with a norm-based structure. A case study, in the context of an inclusive social network system, is described as well as the evaluation with final users.

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