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Covering arrays of strength three from extended permutation vectors

A covering array $$\text{ CA }(N;t,k,v)$$ CA ( N ; t , k , v ) is an $$N\times k$$ N × k array such that in every $$N\times t$$ N × t subarray each possible t-tuple over a v-set appears as a row of the subarray at least once. The integers t and v …


On explicit minimum weight bases for extended cyclic codes related to Gold functions

Minimum weight bases of some extended cyclic codes can be chosen from the affine orbits of certain explicitly represented minimum weight codewords. We find such bases for the following three classes of codes: the extended primitive 2-error …


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Euclidean and Hermitian LCD MDS codes

Linear codes with complementary duals (abbreviated LCD) are linear codes whose intersection with their dual is trivial. When they are binary, they play an important role in armoring implementations against side-channel attacks and fault injection …


A CCA-secure key-policy attribute-based proxy re-encryption in the adaptive corruption model for dropbox data sharing system

The notion of attribute-based proxy re-encryption extends the traditional proxy re-encryption to the attribute-based setting. In an attribute-based proxy re-encryption scheme, the proxy can convert a ciphertext under one access policy to another …

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There is a great deal of activity in design theory, coding theory and cryptography and recently there has been considerable research done which brings together more than one of the subjects. Designs, Codes and Cryptography provides a forum for high quality papers of both a theoretical and a practical nature which bridge more than one of these areas, encouraging interaction between them. It emphasizes the algebraic and geometric aspects of design theory, coding theory and cryptography.

The journal is widely read by engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and others in education, industry and government.

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Safety & Security – Erfolgsfaktoren von sensitiven Robotertechnologien

Forderungen von Industrie 4.0 nach vollständiger Vernetzung der Systeme geben der "Robotersicherheit" einen besonderen Stellenwert: Hierbei umfasst der deutsche Begriff Sicherheit die – im Englischen einerseits durch Safety umrissene physische Sicherheit – sowie andererseits die durch Security definierte informationstechnische Cyber-Sicherheit. Dieser Fachbeitrag aus der e&i beleuchtet eingehend die wesentlichen Aspekte von Safety und Security in der Robotik.
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