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Designs, Codes and Cryptography

An International Journal

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Permutation polynomials of the type over

We provide some new families of permutation polynomials of $${\mathbb {F}}_{q^{2n}}$$ F q 2 n of the type $$x^rg(x^{s})$$ x r g ( x s ) , where the integers r, s and the polynomial $$g \in {\mathbb {F}}_q[x]$$ g ∈ F q [ x ] satisfy particular …


Unbiased orthogonal designs

The notion of unbiased orthogonal designs is introduced as a generalization of unbiased Hadamard matrices, unbiased weighing matrices and quasi-unbiased weighing matrices. We provide upper bounds and several methods of construction for mutually …


On MDS linear complementary dual codes and entanglement-assisted quantum codes

In this work, we present new families of MDS linear complementary dual codes with respect to Hermitian inner product. As an application, we construct new families of MDS maximal entanglement entanglement-assisted quantum codes.


A method to calculate differential uniformity for permutations

We introduce a search algorithm to find permutation S-boxes with low differential uniformity, high nonlinearity and high algebraic degree, which play important roles in block ciphers. Inspired by the results of our search algorithm, we propose a …


The autocorrelation properties of single cycle polynomial T-functions

T-functions have been widely used in the design of symmetric ciphers, hash functions, and fast cryptographic primitives. Single cycle polynomial T-functions are a special category. If they are used as state transition functions of stream ciphers …

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There is a great deal of activity in design theory, coding theory and cryptography and recently there has been considerable research done which brings together more than one of the subjects. Designs, Codes and Cryptography provides a forum for high quality papers of both a theoretical and a practical nature which bridge more than one of these areas, encouraging interaction between them. It emphasizes the algebraic and geometric aspects of design theory, coding theory and cryptography.

The journal is widely read by engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and others in education, industry and government.

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