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This part of a trilingual edition of the CIRP Dictionary of Production Engineering was compiled under the auspices of the International Institution of Production Engineering Research (CIRP) headquartered in Paris.

Volume I contains about 2650 terms for metal forming. They include: General terms of metal forming; Hot and die forging; Cold and warm forging and sheet metal working.

Precise definitions are provided for nearly all terms, illustrations are included where needed. In addition, reference is made to national and international standards. Alphabetical indices for each of the three languages provide easy access to the terms.



Kapitel 1. General Terms of Metal Forming Grundbegriffe der Metallbearbeitung Nozioni fondamentali della formatura dei metalli

Conditions for certifying the quality of products as well as their production methods.

Kapitel 2. Rolling process Walzenverfahren Processo di laminazione

Element of the roll screwdown, via which the rolling force is transmitted from the rolls to the roll housing. The adjusting screw and the associated nuts are the main component parts of the roll screwdown in the mill stand.

Kapitel 3. Drawing Durchziehen (Ziehen) Trafilatura

Wear phenomenon on drawing dies or ironing rings, characterized by a ring shaped depression in the die at the location where the workpiece first contacts with the tool.

Kapitel 4. Extrusion Strangpressen Estrusione

Pressure vessel used to store the operating fluid.

Kapitel 5. Hot Forging and Die Forging Warmschmieden und Gesenkschmieden Forgiatura a caldo e forgiatura in stampi

A method of removing surface scale by forcing sand or shot onto the workpiece at a very high velocity (e.g. wire pellets, steel scrap).

Kapitel 6. Cold and Warm Forging Kalt- und Halbwarmumformung Forgiatura a freddo e a tiepido

Vessel for storing the pressurised fluid between the pumping equipment and hydraulic press.

Kapitel 7. Bending Biegen Piegatura

A tool comprising punch and die for producing simple angular bends in strip metal.

Kapitel 8. Deep Drawing Tiefziehen und Streckenziehen Imbutitura profonda

Shape wise smoothed transition between blank holder surface and part shape to avoid sharp radii or extreme curvature in terms a continuous material flow. The shape of the addendum is effected exclusively by technological forming requirements.

Kapitel 9. Incremental Forming Inkrementelle Umformung Formatura incrementale

Positioning in the center of a rotation.

Kapitel 10. Forming with working media Formen mit Wirkmedien Formatura mediante l’azione di mezzo attivo

Vessel for storing pressurized fluid.

Kapitel 11. Forming with Magnetic Fields Umformung mittels Magnetfeldern Formatura mediante campi magnetici

Frequency-independent part of the impedance causing no phase shift.

Kapitel 12. Cutting by Forming Trennen durch Umformen Taglio mediante formatura

Bearing bush used in column guide frames, with rotating steel balls placed in its wall, which allow a very low rolling friction between the guide post and bush and which allow a minimal guidance clearance.

Kapitel 13. Joining by Forming Fügen durch Umformen Collegamento mediante formatura

Collective term for all rivet types that can be inserted and set from only one side of the part or structure to be joined. Explosive rivets and mandrel rivets are examples for this rivet type.


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