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Economies are changing – independent from their status, i.e. industrialized, threshold or developing. Technological advancement, e.g. in information or telecommunication, and environmental concerns make people rethink present and future activities. Many challenges can only be tackled internationally or interdisciplinary. The articles of WHZ conferences with DAAD-Alumni and partners from 20 nations take various problems and approaches to solutions into focus. The editors hope some of the ideas to give further thought to similar problems in other regions or areas of science or economy.

About the Editors:

H.-Ch. Brauweiler, Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c., Prof. of Accounting & Audit, WHZ Zwickau University. Research focus: University management, blended learning, regional development, risk management.

V. Kurchenkov, Prof. Dr., Prof. of Public Administration & Management, VSU Volgograd. Research focus: Forecasting & planning, innovation management, municipal administration, economic policy.

S. Abilov, Head of Intern. Dep., KAFU Ust Kamenogorsk. Research focus: University management, interdisciplinary & intercultural communication.

B. Zirkler, Prof. Dr., Prof. of Accounting/Controlling, WHZ. Research focus: International accounting & controlling, effects of digitization and sustainability on controlling.





Issues regarding cybersecurity in modern world

Information security has always been a priority for any of the areas of human activity. Particularly acute is the issue of information security in our time - in the period of informatics and computerization. A new type of information security threat has emerged - a cyber-attack, as well as cyber war associated with it.
Hajymuhammet Geldiyev, Maksat Churiyev, Rejep Mahmudov

Cyber-Crime - A strong growing Riskcategory: Prevention, Protection, Defense, Limitation of Loss

Today, in the days of the “Internet of Things”, full-fledged connectivity, smart homes and so on our society – businesses, work environment, government, private homes – is dependent on electronic networks and information systems for many aspects of life. The chance and sometimes easiness to enter into these information systems in order to draw on information from other people or businesses with criminal intend threatens citizens, businesses, governments and critical infrastructures: The evolution of information and communication technology has led to the development of criminal activities by using the internet resp. computers or computer networks: cybercrime.
Hans-Christian Brauweiler

Opportunities, challenges and new competences in the digital working world

We are currently facing new challenges in almost all areas of our lives. The extensive digitalization and the accompanying digital transformation are constantly changing our entire world. Yet change is nothing new in itself and most people will know the saying “nothing is as constant as change”.
Daniel Markgraf

Digitization of the Health and Education Sectors in the Palestinian Society, in View of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Policy- and strategy-makers, governments, and societies, in general, are facing nowadays, worldwide, a stage of transformation towards the digitization era through information and communications’ technology (ICT). People today, around the world, have access to mobile phones more than to life’s necessary basics, such as electricity and water. In addition, the amount of information generated globally is expanding exponentially at exceptional rates, as a result of the benefits offered by the ICT.
Hilmi S. Salem

New Approach to the Economic Measurement in Terms of Digital Economy

The traditional cycle of research in the regional economy involves the formation of a hypothesis of research or a theoretical model, the choice of methods for analyzing its verification, the collection and analysis of the data obtained, the final conclusion with regard to verification of the assumptions made. In economic research of Russian regions, until recently, reliable analysis, diagnostics, and hypothesis verification could be based only on the final annual (for selected indicators of quarterly) data included in the published information resources of Rosstat. The data of official statistical bulletins in the context of accelerating the dynamics of economic processes are characterized by the following significant shortcomings: low level of relevance (data are published with a delay of 3 months to 2 years), distortion due to the quality of the primary statistical material (enterprises tend to underestimate their official reporting, statistics); conservative composition of statistical indicators (new economic phenomena and processes are not observed by official statistics); different degree of depth of detail and analytical slices of indicators (does not allow for comparative studies); fragmentary time series; refinement of previously published values (makes conclusions of researchers initially not reliable).
Andrey Shevandrin

Comparision of field measurement data with propagation models, and modification of COST 231-Hata and Cost 231-Walfisch-Ikegami propagation models for UMTS2100 mobile network in Ashgabat, Koshi

The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is a third generation wireless telecommunication system based on W-CDMA technology, and is normally the solution generally preferred by most countries. Nowadays UMTS has become an everyday technology from the user perspective in most countries. Over the years, the UMTS radio network system has been significantly enhanced and now offers broadband speeds far beyond the original design.
Nokerov Suleyman

Clean sweeping the modelling languages jungle — Overview of commonly used modelling languages in software development, transformability, and pros and cons of model-to-model transformation

Software models are used to capture knowledge about some domain (aka problem space). In order to be useful, models should focus on a particular domain and should not be mixed up with information from other domains. For instance, a model defining how bank transfers work should be focused on the business (banking) domain and should not contain technological concepts (required for implementing bank transfers in software).
Felix Suda, Frank Grimm, Sofia Meacham

Erfassung von Gründächern auf der Grundlage fernerkundlicher Luftbilddaten und digitalen Gebäudemodellen am Beispiel der Hansestadt Rostock

Zu den großen kommunalen Herausforderungen des 21. Jahrhunderts gehört es, die negativen Auswirkungen der zunehmenden Urbanisierung und des sich verstärkenden Klimawandels auf den städtischen Lebensraum abzupuffern. Im Unterschied zu verschiedenen technischen Maßnahmen (z.B. Reduzierung des urban heat island-Effektes durch Dächer mit reflektierender weißer Färbung, Pufferung von Starkregenereignissen durch Regenrückhaltebecken etc.) wirken Dachbegrünungen dabei nicht nur in Einzelbereichen. Egal, ob es sich um Regenwasserrückhalt, sommerliche Hitzeabwehr oder Aspekte der Artenvielfalt handelt – alle diese Aspekte werden durch begrünte Dächer gleichzeitig angesprochen.
Görres Grenzdörffer

Modulare Datenbrille

Um die hier vorzustellende Datenbrille besser einordnen zu können soll folgend ein kurzer Überblick von generellen Datenbrillen-Architekturen gegeben werden. Bei dieser Aufstellung werden gleichzeitig die Vor- und Nachteile dieser Architekturen erläutert. Diese Gerätetypen findet man unter den Bezeichnungen „Smart Glasses“, „High-Immersive-Datenbrillen“ sowie „modulare Datenbrillen“.
Rigo Herold

Experience of introducing digitalization into the economy of foreign countries

The United States is one of the world leaders in the digital economy, which refers to “the economy, which mainly operates with the use of digital technologies, especially electronic transactions carried out using the Internet”.
I. Kh. Tuseeva, A. A. Azhibaeva, Dauren T. Askarov

Exit from degenerate mode in linear programming

We will note the system of limitations within the problem of linear programming (LP)
Hajymuhammet Geldiyev, Y. Seyisov, Maksat Churiyev, J. Geldiyev



Wirtschaftlich optimale Heizöltechnologie auf Basis von Heatpipes

Heute ist Öl einer der wichtigsten Bestandteile des Weltmarktes für Brennstoffe und Energieressourcen und wird in vielen Bereichen der Weltwirtschaft verwendet. Infolge dieser Tatsache ist es eine der wichtigsten Aufgaben für das Erdöl exportierenden Länder, einen qualitativ hochwertigen Öltransport auf der Grundlage energiesparender und feuersicherer Technologien durchzuführen.
Hajymuhammet Geldiyev, Patshakuli Atayev, Nuraly Hudaykuliyev, Durjahan Atayeva

The Future of the European Union – an Overview on Implementation of SDGs for Sustainable Social and Economic Development in EU

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted in 2015 by all UN Member States, is unprecedented in its ambition and universality. Throughout three dimensions of the Document – social, economic and environmental – five themes crosscut all of 17 sustainable development goals: people, planet, prosperity, peace, partnership.
Goran Bandov, Nikolina Herceg Kolman

Application of neural network technologies for analyzing and forecasting the natural movement of the territory’s population

The problem of analyzing and forecasting the dynamics of demographic indicators is widely considered and studied both in the domestic and in foreign literature. A number of fundamental studies which consider various methods of modeling demographic processes and build prognostic hypotheses are devoted to these questions. However, experts search for the most accurate and effective ways to solve the problem in connection with the emergence of new concepts and methods of analysis.
E. A. Petrova, M. S. Lapina

Business competences in the provincial region

Global competition for all types of resources, digitalization of socio-economic and technological processes, but the remaining disparities in the development of Russian regions, determine the relevance of the search for new theoretical designs that can set the innovative development of regional systems. From our point of view, the concept of key competencies has a large research potential. This theoretical platform allows the territory to design development strategies primarily with the use of its own resources – including the resource potential of the main subjects of the region.
Olga Grozova, Galina Tsevtkova

Mergers and Acquisitions: Share Deal vs. Asset Deal – Risks and Impediments

A share deal contains the purchase of all company shares or the purchase of a certain rate of shares which empowers the buyer to exercise control over the company. Thereby all rights and obligations and with that, all assets and liabilities were transmitted to the buyer. Based on that fact, the corporate investment represents the legal object of purchase and meets the criteria of a legal purchase in accordance with § 433 (1) sentence 2 BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetz-Buch, German Civil Law Code) read in conjunction with article § 453 (1) BGB.
Vedran Alickovic, H.-Ch. Brauweiler

Modelling of traffic flow characteristics of traffic calmed roads

According to a definition by Institute of Transportation Engineers traffic calming is a set of measures, the purposes of which is to reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behaviour and improve conditions for nonmotorised street users. That includes reduction of traffic volume, thus noise and air pollution, improvement of road safety level, and the quality of life. The beginning of traffic calming reaches 1960s and 1970s in Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark and is connect ed with pedestrianisation – an idea to prioritise walking by closing the streets or to slow car speed down to walking pace.
Matthias Richter, Jan Paszkowski

Mathematic modeling for dynamics of transport flows

With the increase in the intensity of traffic, the existing street and road networks (UDS) fail to cope with traffic flows. On the roads, there are so-called traffic jams, resulting in the loss of both drivers’ working hours and the disruption of timely deliveries of goods to consumers, which leads to a loss of enterprise productivity. To solve the emerging problems, it is necessary to develop the entire transport and road infrastructure, in particular, the construction of high-speed, city-wide highways.
Hajymuhammet Geldiyev, R. Nepesov, A. Amanov, J. Geldiyev, M. Churiyev

Kostengünstige Produktionstechnologie für Verbund-Schwefel-Betonrohre auf der Grundlage lokaler Materialien

Derzeit sind große Brennstoff- und Energieländer wie Turkmenistan, Russland und andere Länder dabei - die Menge des produzierten technischen Schwefels übersteigt den Bedarf um ein Vielfaches. Auf dem internationalen Markt sind Nachfrage und Preis für technischen Schwefel extrem niedrig, und Länder, die Schwefel in ihren chemisch-technologischen Produktionsprozessen verwenden, importieren dieses Produkt nicht, da sie bereits über ausreichend große natürliche und industrielle Schwefelreserven verfügen.
Hajymuhammet Geldiyev, Patshakuli Atayev, Nuraly Hudaykuliyev, Durjahan Atayeva

Analysis of computer modeling tools for assessing the risk of flooding in the East Kazakhstan region

Throughout the history of mankind, the problem of forecasting natural disasters has occupied one of the most important places in planning, construction, agriculture and other aspects of life activity. One of these phenomena is undoubtedly river floods. For thousands of years, huge rivers carrying thousands of cubic meters of water were at the same time a source of well-being, and a sufficiently large danger for many large settlements. At this stage of development, mankind adapted and learned to some extent to cope with river plagues, by adjusting the flow of the most important rivers, observing changes in the water level in the river, etc.
Ruslan K. Chettykbayev, N. F. Denisova

Online-recruiting as an element of the development of Kazakhstan within the framework of the program “Kazakhstan 2050”

With the rapid development of Internet technologies and a comprehensive process of globalization, the Republic of Kazakhstan does not stand aside and follows global development trends. Thus, the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved in 2018, implies the most convenient taxation conditions for entrepreneurs, whose main activities can be attributed to electronic entrepreneurship. This step should have been expected from the government, since, firstly, an increasing number of Kazakhstanis have access to the Internet, about 74.6% of the country’s population, according to the World Economic Forum, and secondly, Kazakhstanis are showing increasing confidence in online shopping, which is manifested in the amounts spent and, as a result, the constant growth of the e-commerce market.
Ernest Sirotin, Adina Musrepova, Dauren T. Askarov

Development of energy efficiency accounting tools at subregional level in the Russian Federation (The case of the Volgograd region)

Digitalization and improvement of energy efficiency are among the global longterm trends of economic and social development. The global nature of these trends has got reflection in the special term megatrends introduced into scientific use by John Naisbitt. These two megatrends are closely interconnected. Indeed, such well-known energy efficiency technologies as smart electrical networks (Smart Grid), Building Information Modeling (BIM), smart city and smart housing and utilities sector – all of them are manifestations of digitalization.
Lyudmila Yu. Bogachkova, Yulia B. Zaytseva, Elena E. Zaytseva, Irina V. Usacheva



Data-driven marketing as a part of a business strategy of Kazakhstani franchise companies

The paper documents the basic concepts relating to importance of big data in contemporary data-driven marketing. In an attempt to better understand and provide more detailed insights to the phenomenon of big data in data-driven marketing. The authors consider experience of the global brands entering regional markets.
Aida T. Yerimpasheva, Zarema B. Balgabayeva

Modeling of the Value added Tax as a Budget-Forming Source

Modelling of the tax to the added cost during the period 2008-2018, also it revealed factors influencing receipt of the tax to the added cost in the budget of the Kyrgyz Republic. Modeling tax revenues in the budget of the value added tax, which can be carried out by different methods, including using regression models, which allow to take into account the influence of one or several signs-factors. The methods of correlation-regression analysis allow, to a certain extent, to assess the influence of one or another accounted indicator-factor on the resultant feature and include it in the model (or exclude it).
Ulanbek Moldokmatov

Features of the development of organizational structures of large Russian state-owned companies (based on the example of SC «Roskosmos», SC «Rostekhnologii», SC «Rosatom»)

State companies have a significant impact on the development of the Russian economy. Their activities are concentrated in strategically important and hightech industries, where private business does not see the prospects for profit or is simply unable to function and develop a particular production because of the need for large financial investments or the laboriousness of the production process. The state-owned companies (SC) contribute to the development of high-tech industries (SC «Rostekhnologii»), provide national security (SC «Rosatom»), contribute to the growth of innovative potential, attract investment and commercialization of scientific development.
Vladimir V. Kurchenkov, O. S. Makarenko, M. V. Kurchenkova, Hans-Christian Brauweiler

Analysis of Current Kyrgyz Higher Education Based on Lean Principles

The Kyrgyz higher education system failed to compete with the entire world, except a few undeveloped countries. According to Webometrics ranking system, the world rank of the best university of the country is 4799. Yet, there is no single university in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings database.
Hans-Christian Brauweiler, Zhyldyzbek Zhakshylykov

Mapping and Assessment of the Results on Radioecological Monitoring of the Territories in the Absheron Peninsula of Azerbaijan

The replacement of all paper-based data to multifunctional electron database is the demand of current time. The special software with a wide arsenal of possibilities are used for realization of this purpose, so huge flow of information coming from various sources, requires the development and implementation of innovative technologies for their operational processing.
Gudrat G. Mamedov, Mahamadali A. Ramazanov, Afet A. Mehdiyeva, Jalal A. Naghiyev

Trihalogenmethanes in Drinking Water And Non-Carcinogenic Health Risks

The disinfection by strong oxidants, carried out with the aim to inactivate pathogens and provide microbial safety of water, produces toxic substances, which may negatively affect consumers´ health. It is caused by the reaction of oxidation agent with organic precursors, which are naturally present in the form of microcontamination also in ground waters. At the same time, during the distribution of drinking water there is a deposition of particles of various origins with an organic part being a significant component in the areas of the distribution network with favourable hydraulic conditions.
František Božek, Adam Pawelczyk, Lenka Jesonkova-Pavlica, Jiří Konečný, Slavomíra Vargová

Applied possibilities of psychometry

The purpose of this research: to promote the development of science in the study of the possibility of a quantitative assessment of quantities, which, in the opinion of many, at first glance, cannot be assessed. In particular, such concepts as reproductive labor, risks and the quality of reproductive labor. However, measurement in the social sciences has a long history. So, Stanley Smith Stevens (1946) proposed a measurement - the assignment of numbers to objects or events according to some rule.
Tatiana Vnukovskaya

Qualitätsverbesserungen unter Einfluss von Ultraschall auf die Produkte der Glasindustrie und ihre Reflexion in den finanziellen Angelegenheiten der Produktion

Es ist bekannt, dass externe Effekte auf möglicherweise instabilen Systemen immer solche Effekte verursachen, die das System in einen stabileren Zustand führen. Zu diesen äußeren Einflüssen zählen die Auswirkungen von Wärmefluss, Strahlungsenergie, elektrische und magnetische Felder sowie die Auswirkungen von Ultraschall. Ihre Auswirkungen können je nach Situation einzeln oder gemeinsam organisiert werden.
Hajymuhammet Geldiyev, Patshakuli Atayev, Nuraly Hudaykuliyev, Durjahan Atayeva
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