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13.09.2018 | Driver Assistance Systems | News | Onlineartikel

The Cadillac CT6's Steering Wheel Monitors the Driver

Christiane Köllner

Osram and Joyson Safety Systems have unveiled a new monitoring system for semi-autonomous driving. The "Super Cruise" system will be used in the new Cadillac CT6. 

Osram Opto Semiconductors and Joyson Safety Systems are equipping the new Cadillac CT6 with a system for semi-autonomous driving. "Super Cruise" is designed to allow hands-free driving on the motorway. The onboard computer monitors the driver's attentiveness using Osram's infrared and LED components, which are embedded in the Cadillac CT6's steering wheel. The system tracks the driver's head position to ensure that the driver is watching the road ahead.

The Oslon Black SFH 4715S scans the driver's face

According to both companies, "Super Cruise" is the next stage in the development of adaptive cruise control since it can take the wheel as long as the driver pays close attention to what is happening on the road. Joyson Safety Systems and Osram jointly developed the steering wheel. Using an infrared camera embedded in the steering wheel, the driver's head position and viewing direction are tracked. If the driver takes his eyes off the road for too long, the system sends a series of visual alerts in order to draw the driver's attention back to the traffic situation. For example, if the driver were to become completely unresponsive in an emergency, the Cadillac CT6 would use the full range of onboard driver assistance technologies to bring the car to a controlled halt.

The Oslon Black SFH 4715S, which is embedded in Joyson Safety Systems' steering wheel, scans the driver's face with invisible infrared light to track both eye movement and viewing direction using a camera. An RGB Multiled shows the driver whether the "Super Cruise" system is operating and which function it is currently performing. The LEDs turn green when the system is active, blue when the system senses that the driver may not be paying attention, and red when the system is turned off. The LEDs blink when the IREDs are blocked from scanning the driver's eyes.

About Joyson Safety Systems

KSS acquired Takata Corporation to form Joyson Safety Systems (formerly Key Safety Systems), a developer and producer of automotive safety systems.

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