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16.02.2024 | Drivetrain | Editor´s Pick | Nachrichten

Magna Presents New 800 V eDrive

verfasst von: Patrick Schäfer

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The next-generation eDrive solution was presented at CES 2024. The drive delivers up to 250 kW of power and can also be installed rotated by 90°.

Magna presented the fourth generation of its eDrive at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The new eDrive is once again a drop-in solution. The weight of the compact electric drive is now 75 kg, and the height has been reduced by 20 % compared to the previous generation. To enable better system integration in the front and rear vehicle space, the new eDrive can be rotated by 90° around the drive axle. The new eDrive delivers a peak output of 250 kW and a maximum torque at the axle of 5,000 Nm. It can be applied as a primary or complementary secondary drive solution with an optional eDecoupling unit for compact, mid-size and luxury class vehicles.

Thanks to the efficient transmission, the efficiency is said to be up to 93 % in real driving conditions including WLTC and highway. Efficiency is also improved by Magna's next-generation high-voltage embedding SiC power module and the reversible electric pump unit Active Fluid Control System (AFC). In conjunction with the Magna Thermal Operational Strategy, the latter ensures that cooling and lubricating oil is distributed to the drive components as required. Magna was able to reduce its dependence on aluminum and heavy rare earths. Compared to the previous eDrive generation, CO2 emissions during production are to be reduced by around 20 %.

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