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25.08.2017 | Drivetrain | News | Online-Artikel

GKN Combines Twinster Technology with Two-Speed Powershift Transmission

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GKN has developed its Twinster technology further. The eAxle in the new eTwinsterX system has been equipped with a two-speed powershift transmission. 

GKN has developed a new drive system called eTwinsterX. GKN’s new design offers an optional all-electric drive in addition to the hybrid drive. The simple integration of the E-axis is intended to enable low-cost hybridisation without major modifications to the main drive, explains GKN. The eTwinsterX can be used in front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles. GKN will also showcase this design at the IAA in Frankfurt, Germany.

Two-speed powershift transmission

GKN’s new eTwinsterX combines conventional Twinster technology with a two-speed powershift transmission, creating a drive unit that supports the current trend towards smaller electric motors that can rev faster, offer greater power density, as well as advantages in terms of efficiency and weight. According to GKN, precise control of the Twinster clutches limits the transmission load so that all the components could be designed for nominal torque, thereby saving weight and costs. 

VP of Advanced Engineering at GKN, Theo Gassmann, says when commenting on the new system: "GKN’s eTwinsterX has the potential to be the universal eDrive of the future. Furthermore, its modular design allows a wide variety of combinations of individual functions. The two functional blocks of the two-speed transmission, as well as the Twinster system, can also be used separately. Each individual element can itself revolutionise the development of a customised drive for hybrid or battery-electric vehicles, but both systems together produce the all-round talent called eTwinsterX."


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