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1. Fundamental Principles of Particle Separation in Fabric Filters

Fibrous filter media have acquired a firm place in todays separation technology. They are the medium and technique of choice when efficient separation is required.
Friedrich Löffler

2. Filter Media

Without vanity or exaggeration we may surely say that the filter medium is the most important member of the dust collector plant. Without doubt it is the nucleus of the installation, because it alone fulfills the purpose for which the plant has been built: to separate solid matter from gas. It is therefore the focus of the extractor. The filter medium is like a lung, equipped with millions of pores, like the bronchia in the breathing apparatus of living organisms.
Hans Dietrich

3. Filtration Plants

Over the past years it has become more and more accepted that filtration plants can fulfil a useful function in many areas of industry. Environmental protection laws make their use mandatory at times. Heat exchangers or sound absorbing elements often tolerate only cleaned gas. The recovery of products is also a large application area for dust collectors of all types, work places must be kept free of dust and smoke, and dust explosions must be prevented.
Werner Flatt


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