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21.06.2022 | E-Commerce | Im Fokus | Online-Artikel

Online-Marktplätze entwickeln sich rasant weiter

Während Shopping-Plattformen für Privatkunden hinreichend bekannt sind, laufen vergleichbare Angebote im Geschäftssegment noch eher unter dem Radar. In beiden Bereichen ist das Potenzial enorm. Die wichtigsten Trends im Überblick.

Online Banking Kunde Digitalisierung

15.06.2022 | Kundenzufriedenheit | Im Fokus | Online-Artikel

Loyalere Bankkunden dank individuellem Cross Selling

Ein Großteil der klassischen Geldgeschäfte bei Hausbanken läuft über Online oder Mobile Banking. Doch ihr Erfolg beim digitalen Cross-Selling-Geschäft ist ausbaufähig, zeigt eine aktuelle Studie. Geht es um zusätzliche Finanzprodukte, greifen Verbraucher auch gerne bei Wettbewerbern zu.

Fachpack 2022 mit Transition als Leitthema

23.05.2022 | Kleb- und Dichttechnik | Nachricht | Online-Artikel

Fachpack 2022 mit Transition als Leitthema

Vom 27. bis 29. September 2022 trifft sich die Verpackungsbranche in Nürnberg auf der Fachpack, der europäischen Fachmesse für Verpackung, Technik und Prozesse. Das Leitthema der Messe lautet "Transition in Packaging".

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Open Access 01.12.2022 | Research

The analysis of financial market risk based on machine learning and particle swarm optimization algorithm

The financial industry is a key to promoting the development of the national economy, and the risk it takes is also the largest hidden risk in the financial market. Therefore, the risk existing in the current financial market should be deeply …

Open Access 01.12.2022 | Research

Unsung voices of technology in school education-findings using the constructivist grounded theory approach

Technology adoption for school education further gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the challenges and strategies of children belonging to the less privileged (we use ‘privileged’ in the article to identify those enjoying a …

Open Access 01.12.2022 | Case study

Evaluation of the trends in jobs and skill-sets using data analytics: a case study

Emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and robotics have accelerated the march towards widespread automation in many industries and domains. This trend has become increasingly apparent over the past …

01.12.2022 | Original Article

Budgeted influence and earned benefit maximization with tags in social networks

Influence Maximization Problem aims at identifying a limited number of highly influential users who will be working for diffusion agents to maximize the influence. In case of Budgeted Influence Maximization (BIM), the users of the network have a …

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2021 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

How Fair Is IS Research?

While both information systems and machine learning are not neutral, the identification of discrimination is more difficult if a system learns from data and discrimination can be introduced at several stages. Therefore, this article investigates …

2021 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

On Model-Based Coordination of Change in Organizations

Change seems to be an inherent property of organizations and the enterprises they undertake. During such changes, coordination among the different actors involved is key, in particular when there is a need to consider the longer term impact of …

2021 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Management of Artificial Intelligence: Feasibility, Desirability and Viability

Artificial Intelligence is evolving and being used in more and more products and applications in business and society. Research in artificial intelligence is dominated by computer science. The focus is on the development of innovative algorithms …

2023 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Ka Band Satellite Communication Adaptive Coding and Modulation Technology Based on Artificial Intelligence LDPC Code

Due to the rapid development of broadband satellite communication technology, the previous C band and Ku band can no longer meet the full range of needs in the communication field. Ka frequency band has outstanding performance with large bandwidth …

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