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06.05.2022 | Vorwort

Blitzforschung in Österreich

02.05.2022 | Originalarbeit

Occurrence characteristics of upward lightning at the Gaisberg tower

Measurements at the instrumented Gaisberg tower (GBT) along with data from the Austrian Lightning Detection and Information System (ALDIS) have played an important role in improving our understanding of upward lightning discharges. A current …

Open Access 29.04.2022 | Originalarbeit

Lightning climatology for the eastern Alpine region on the kilometer scale with daily resolution

Lightning flashes are potentially hazardous, albeit locally rare events. Despite this rareness, generalized additive models (GAMs) have succeeded in producing a climatology of lightning occurrence for the eastern Alps and surrounding lowlands with …

Open Access 29.04.2022 | Originalarbeit

Meteorological aspects of the atypical seasonal lightning distribution at the Gaisberg tower

The seasonal lightning distribution at the Gaisberg tower in Austria is very different from the distribution observed in a circular ring with a radius of 2 to 10 km around the tower. The distribution in the circular ring shows the typical peak …

22.04.2022 | Originalarbeit

A statistical method for determining external clearances on overhead lines

The EN 50341‑1 provides procedures for establishing internal and external clearances for overhead lines. Internal clearances are selected in a way that an acceptable outage performance is achieved, and the external clearances are then coordinated …

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Über diese Zeitschrift

Die Zeitschrift e&i behandelt Themen aus dem Gesamtgebiet der Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik. Die Bandbreite geht dabei von der Mikroelektronik, über die Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik, die Regelungstechnik und Automatisierung, den elektrischen Maschinenbau, die Energiegewinnung und -versorgung bis hin zum Umweltschutz. Ebenso berichtet die e&i über bedeutende technologische Entwicklungen, richtungsweisende Projekte sowie relevante Fachmessen. Im Journalteil informiert die e&i ihre Leserinnen und Leser über Aktuelles aus der Branche, wie neue Technologien und Produkte, die elektrotechnische Normung, Personalia und Veranstaltungen. Ihre Funktion als Organ des OVE Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik übt die e&i durch laufende Berichterstattung über den Verband, seine Bereiche, Gesellschaften und Mitglieder aus.

The journal e&i focuses on topics referring to the wide area of electrical and information engineering. They range from microelectronics to information and communication technology, control engineering and automation, electric drives and machines, energy generation and supply up to the protection of the environment. e&i also reports on significant technological developments, trend-setting projects as well as relevant trade fairs.
Additionally to original papers, e&i provides its readers with industry news like new technologies and products, electrotechnical standardization as well as conferences and events.
e&i is the official journal of the Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE) and thus also informs its readers about the association itself, its areas of operation, its societies as well as its members.

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