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Economic Change and Restructuring

Empirical and Policy Research on the Transitional and Emerging Economies

Economic Change and Restructuring OnlineFirst articles


International reserves, external debt maturity and exchange rate volatility in Ghana

This study investigates the effect of build-up of international reserves on external debt maturity structure and exchange rate volatility in Ghana. It tests the hypotheses that the build-up of international reserves changes the maturity structure …


Impact of external debt shocks on economic growth in Nigeria: a SVAR analysis

This paper uses a structural vector autoregression generalized economic growth model augmented with a debt variable to characterize the dynamic impact of innovations to external public debt-to-GDP ratio on per capita GDP growth, investment, trade …


Education and democracy in the Arab world

This paper analyzes the relationship between education and democracy with a focus on the recent political events of the Arab Spring. In this regard, we examine the effect of five different measures of education on democracy using a dynamic panel …


Health gap between developed and developing countries: Does globalization matter?

Whilst there is a rich body of literature linking globalization with economic disparities between rich and poor nations, there is very little situated understanding of causal links, if any, between globalization and health gaps between nations.


Bankruptcy profile of the Islamic and conventional banks in Malaysia: a post-crisis period analysis

This study identified that accounting for endogeneity in bankruptcy forecasting models have been widely over-sighted. This study used Altman’s bankruptcy forecasting model to examine bankruptcy rates of the Islamic and conventional banks in …

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Economic Change and Restructuring (formerly "Economics of Planning") publishes cutting-edge research, both theoretical and empirical, on all economic and policy aspects of transitional and emerging economies. In addition to high quality contributions on economic modeling, the journal discusses innovative approaches for economic analysis and policymaking for the development and integration of economies under transition. A partial list of topics includes macroeconomic analysis, fiscal issues, finance and banking, industrial and trade development, and regional and local development issues. The journal aspires to serve as a forum for economists and policymakers working in these fields.

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