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Education and Information Technologies

The Official Journal of the IFIP Technical Committee on Education

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Implementing theoretical approaches using ICT in teaching English as a foreign language

The purpose of this present study is to explore the effect of an instructional approach that utilizes Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) and is based on Van Hiele’s levels of geometric thought and Hoffer’s skills that describe them …


Voices of the students: Adolescent well-being and social interactions during the emergent shift to online learning environments

Health and safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic required many face-to-face United States schools to suddenly shut their doors, moving classes to virtual learning environments. Amidst concerns of technology overuse, adolescents across the …


Research on mobile learning in a teaching information service system based on a big data driven environment

Aiming at the challenges of mobile learning in the current big data environment and the current research status of teaching intelligent services(TIS), the article first explores the construction of mobile learning in the teaching intelligent …


Negative emotions, cognitive load, acceptance, and self-perceived learning outcome in emergency remote education during COVID-19

Learning related emotions (LREs) are determinant for students’ achievement both in face-to-face and online education. Research has also shown that LREs tend to affect technology acceptance which in turn affects learning outcomes as well. Today …


University students’ acceptance of mobile learning: A comparative study in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan

A key factor in the success of a technology is its use by target users. Therefore, the effectiveness of mobile learning depends on student acceptance. In this regard, the purpose of this study is to analyze the factors that influence university …

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This is the official journal of the IFIP Technical Committee on Education. It covers the complex relationships between information and communication technologies and education. The journal provides perspectives at all levels, from the micro of specific applications or instances of use in classrooms to macro concerns of national policies and major projects; from classes of five year olds to adults in tertiary institutions; from teachers and administrators, to researchers and designers; from institutions to open, distance and lifelong learning.

This breadth of coverage allows Education and Information Technologies to examine fundamental issues at all levels, discuss specific instances and cases, draw inference and probe theory. This journal is embedded in the research and practice of professionals.

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