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Über dieses Buch

This volume includes extended and revised versions of a set of selected papers from the 2011 2nd International Conference on Education and Educational Technology (EET 2011) held in Chengdu, China, October 1-2, 2011.

The mission of EET 2011 Volume 2 is to provide a forum for researchers, educators, engineers, and government officials involved in the general areas of education management, education theory and education application to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on the future research directions of these fields. 133 related topic papers were selected into this volume. All the papers were reviewed by 2 program committee members and selected by the volume editor Prof. Yuanzhi Wang, from Intelligent Information Technology Application Research Association, Hong Kong.

The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest. We hope every participant can have a good opportunity to exchange their research ideas and results and to discuss the state of the art in the areas of the education management, education theory and education application.



The Research on Supplement of Glutamine in Sports

By the method of documents and datum, This article describe the characteristics of metabolism of Glutamine and its physiological function. Its discuss the impact of exercise performance on Glutamine and the impact of exogenous Glutamine on improving exercise performance. The supplementary of Glutamine is very important in some area,such as antioxidant capacity for the body, immune function, measure the over-training, enhance hormone levels and other aspects. This article offers references for researching the application of Glutamine in sports.

Dunhai Wang, Yubo Han, Ancun Jiao

Innovative Practices of IC Design and Application Courses

The IC design and application undergraduate program is an inter-discipline emerging one with high technology integration. This paper presents innovative practices of the IC design and application undergraduate program at Ningbo University to meet strong demand for designers of ASIC chips and electronic engineers of home electronic products. The course system, teaching content, teaching methods, and practice teaching modes are explored for the undergraduate specialty, which are developed by referencing developing experiences of IC postgraduate students at Ningbo University and advanced teaching experiences of microelectronics. The study results have some value for IC design and application undergraduate professional construction of other similar universities.

Jianping Hu, Yinshui Xia, Haiyan Ni, Lunyao Wang

Relationship between the Academic Achievement and Social Responsibility for Teachers in University

The correlation and path analysis on relationship between the academic achievement and social responsibility for teachers were studied in university in Chongqing. The results showed that the social responsibility for teachers had significant positive correlations with the title of outstanding teachers, to upgrading diploma, paper, and revenue in last 3 years. And revenue had the most positive influence on the social responsibility for teachers with the direct path coefficient 0.7891, the average number of teaching hours had the most negative influence on the social responsibility for teachers with the direct path coefficient-0.0184. The influence order of other characters was the title of outstanding teachers (0.2438), paper (0.0535), to upgrading diploma (0.0329), and as academic leaders or key teachers (0.0301).

Junyi Chen, Li Xu, Haifeng Wu, Zhiguo Yang

Investigation for Occupational Interests of University Students

According to Holland’s Statistics for occupational interest, we compiled the Preliminary Questionnaire of the Undergraduates’ Occupational Interests. Then questionnaire of the Undergraduates’ Occupational Interests was formed by the confirmatory factor analysis and correct of the questionnaire. Finally, it has been used to conduct a poll among some students of Liao Cheng University, and the result has been analyzed by SPSS statistics software. The result shows that the situation of career interest development from high to low include: art type, no differentiation, enterprise type, research-based type, conventional type, reality type and social type. More importantly, it is good to improve the guidance for the orientation of undergraduates’ occupational interest.

Bing An, Hui Cao, Yun Zhai, YanGao

Chinese Olympic Education and Olympic Publicity

By means of literature, mathematical analysis and other methods, the paper analyzes the undertaking of Olympic education and Olympic publicity in China in detail. In Olympic education, the relevant work carried out for primary and middle school students during the organizing and the hosting periods of the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games is expounded. In the aspects of Olympic publicity, what is mainly discussed here is the relevant key priorities of the propaganda organs of government sports departments and mass media. The conclusion is that China’s Olympic education and the Olympic publicity have achieved initial results. Such education and publicity have enabled the Olympic spirit to spread in China, the Olympic movement and the Olympic culture to become popular and develop in China.

Hua Pan, Xiaowei Liu

Research on Evaluation of Laboratories in Independent Institutes Based on the Elman Neural Network

Through the research on the status of laboratory evaluation system in college, this paper drafts an evaluation system which is applicable to the characteristics of labs development. It also introduces the architecture of the Elman neural network and study process. Taking a certain Independent Institutes for example, it uses the Elman neural network to the evaluation of the labs’ assessment. The conclusion shows that the system is applicability and easy to operate. So we believe it should be used and popularizes in college.

Yangyong Jiang, Chaoyang He, Jianbo Ding

Risk and Prevention Mechanism of University Student Loans from the Public Administration Perspective

As an important component of social order, the students’ credit has become an important issue. The credit of college students is one of the most important credits, also, an important part of social trust. For the risk of loans for students, the paper proposed a novel loan risk prevention mechanism named “Six Components into One”, which not only needs the public administrators to standardize funding legislation, establish and improve the personal credit system, but more importantly, to strengthen the moral education such that it improves students credit level.

Bing An, Yun Zhai, YanGao

A Study of the Characteristics of Civil Engineering and Architecture Talents and the Way of Talents Training

The development of civil engineering and architecture talents plays a important role in the career of infrastructure construction. With the rapid development of construction trades of our country, there is a larger and larger demand of civil engineering and architecture talents in the society and the requirements are also increasing. Therefore, we should actively cultivate new ways to bring up civil engineering and architecture talents in order to foster more such talents who can meet the demands of construction trades. This article puts forwards the working thoughts of educating civil engineering and architecture talents by a deep research in the characteristics of civil engineering and architecture talents and comes to a main measure to cultivate civil engineering and architecture talents. It provides guidance and reference to to the education of civil Engineering and Architecture talents.

Peng Zhang, Changming Liu

Study on the Moral Internalization Mechanism for Young Teachers

This paper uses integrated research methods, the integration of pedagogy, psychology knowledge to discuss the internalization mechanism for young teachers’ professional ethics and puts forward that young teachers professional moral internalization of psychological mechanism mainly is the motive mechanism of point of view. Think psychological motive mechanism is divided into internal motivation mechanism and external dynamic mechanism, from dynamic mechanism in progressive mental mental psychological constraints, cultivates, obligations of catalysis, proud conscience baptism psychological motivation, psychological happiness, external dynamic mechanism mainly constraint mechanisms, evaluation and incentive mechanism. Conclusion : to promote the internalization of young teacher’s professional ethics must be comprehensive use of training strategies, it is necessary to instil professional ethics knowledge, establish a model of professional ethics, strengthen habits of professional ethics and incentives in a timely manner, activates the inherent power, a solid professional ethics emotion, of constructing a harmony of internal and external, psychological environment.

Changming Liu

Mediating Effects of Computer Self-efficacy between Learning Motivation and Learning Achievement

From the perspective of pedagogy, this study aims to recognize the influence of students’ learning motivations and computer self-efficacy when learning through online platforms, with learning achievement as the criterion for future instruction and related studies. By literature review, this study probes into related learning theories and actual operations as the base of research development, and elaborates on the students’ differences of learning achievements according to questionnaire and learning performance. The results show that: 1. Learning motivation positively influences computer self-efficacy. 2. Learning motivation positively influences learning effectiveness. 3. Computer self-efficacy positively influences learning effectiveness. 4. Computer self-efficacy reveals mediating effects between learning motivation and learning effectiveness.

I-Hui Hwang, Chi-Cheng Chang, Hsin-Ling Wang, Shang-Jiun Tsai, Tuo-Yu Chen

Research on Shipping Route Optimization Allocation

Dynamic response to emergencies requires real time information from transportation agencies, public safety agencies and hospitals as well as the many essential operational components. In emergency response operations, good vehicle dispatching strategies can result in more efficient service by reducing vehicles’ travel times and system preparation time and the coordination between these components directly influences the effectiveness of activities involved in emergency response. In this chapter, an integrated emergency response fleet deployment system is proposed which embeds an optimization approach to assiwww.lw20.comst the dispatch center operators in assigning emergency vehicles to emergency calls, while having the capability to look ahead for future demands. The mathematical model deals with the real time vehicle dispatching problem while accounting for the service requirements and coverage concerns for future demand by relocating and diverting the on-route vehicles and remaining vehicles among stations. A rolling-horizon approach is adopted in the model to reduce the relocation sites in order to save computation time. A simulation program is developed to validate the model and to compare various dispatching strategies.

Degang Fu

The Effectiveness of Social Networking Applications in E-Learning

This study aimed to see and explain the effectiveness of ICT social networking application in e-learning in the subject of History among Form 4 students. The objective was to identify methods of collaborative learning by applying the use of Facebook application in order to enhance student motivation and understanding on the topic of Greece and Roman Civilization. Samples of 60 Form 4 students are randomly selected from a rural school in Penang, Malaysia. The questionnaire has been used as an instrument and data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and the statistics of intervention. This study was carried out because most students are not interested in the subjects of history and consider it very boring to studying history. In addition, approaches and techniques less attractive version cause students to lose interest and not motivated to learn when it is a compulsory subject. Therefore, researchers conducted this study to in order this subject will became a subject of interest and thus provide a good impact on learning. Overall, the findings show that elearning method by applying the use of social networking application to increase student motivation and understanding on gender and class stream. The study also found that there was a significant difference in the improvement of gender and motivation on the students’ understanding based on the class stream. The overall mean was 3.81. However, the understanding of students in a elearning method by applying the use of social networking does not depend on students’ computer skills. The result showed that there were no significant differences in improvement based on student understanding of computer skills. Therefore, some suggestions and implications are discussed for effective learning is produced mainly in the subjects of history.

Rossafri Mohamad

The Application of Online Machine Translation System in Translation Teaching

Machine translation (MT) technology has developed for many decades and can provide high quality reference translation for certain fields. The main MT methods, on-line MT systems and their defects are introduced by analyzing the necessity of combing modern information technology with translation teaching. The application of the online MT systems in translation teaching is discussed in the aspect of the objectives and patterns. To apply computer-aided techniques into translation teaching will promote the reform of translation teaching and meet the social requirements for the training of translators.

Xiaowei Guan

Research on Sports Industry System in Germany

German sports industry, a new economic growth point, ranks among the best in the world and plays a proper role in its national economy. Then how is German sports industry system composed? How did Germany manage to build itself into such a grand sports power in the world? Depending on the research approaches of literature, mathematical analysis, etc., the author analyzes the vitals of Germany sports industry with the purpose of providing some beneficial references for the sound development of China’s sports industry.

Hua Pan

Review on Chinese Women Athletes’ Involvement in the Olympic Games

By means of documentary and logic analysis and other methods, the paper summaries and analyzes the four stages of Chinese female athletes’ in involvement in all the previous summer and winter Olympic Games and their excellent achievements, with the purpose of providing some beneficial enlightenment for Chinese women athletes’ further achievements in future Olympic Games.

Hua Pan, Xiaowei Liu

Study on Game Decision of BOT Financing Model of Public-Rent Housing

It is an important measure to construct public-rent housing for our housing security system. Nowadays it is explored to induce civil capital into public-rent housing construction through BOT in a number of areas. In this paper an investment decision model about Government and civil capital is set up by game theoretical method and the relations between public-rent housing and real estate market, concision period and rent as decision variables. It theoretically indicates that it is hard to induce civil capital into construction of public-rent housing owning to prosperity of real estate market and lower return of public-rent housing. We suggest that Government should design incentive mechanism to induce civil capital into public-rent housing.

Liming Wang, Fangqiang Liu, Jiansheng Dai

The Design and Development of Web-Based Examination System

With the rapid development of network technology, online test has become an important feature of the modern examination. This paper presents web-based test system architecture, design concept, and on this basis, the use of new web technologies: ASP.NET, SQLserver200 and ADO.NET as a development tool to achieve the examination system.

Jun Ma, Qinghua Liu

Institute-Industry Co-operation: A Comparison of Two Educational Modes of School of Software and Higher Vocational Education in China

With the development of engineering education, industry-institute co-operation has now become the value orientation for both the enterprises and the institutes in the new circumstances, and “strategic alliances” is becoming more and more important as the rational choice for both sides. From three major aspects: cultivating objective, educational policies and co-operation strategy, this article analyses the present situation and evaluates the intensity of the implementation of industry-institute co-operation in schools of software and higher vocational education. This work can provide reference to the reform of industry-institute co-operation in various educational patterns, and contribute to the development of engineering education in China as well.

Ziru Li, Yanqing Wang, Yangyang Han, Ligeng Guo, Yundi Zhang

The Practice of Talents Cultivation and Scientific Research Cooperation Scheme Based on Interdiscipline

This paper expounds the significance and role of interdisciplinary talents training and technological innovation, and analyzes its necessity and conditions. Through many years’ practice of graduate cultivation and cooperative research in computer science and astronomy, we present a feasible interdisciplinary operating scheme which results in ideal effect.

Jing-chang Pan, Xuemei Lin, Peng Wei, A-li Luo

How Can One Reflect upon the People’s Republic of China’s Totalitarian Political Economy from a Root Perspective of Moral Philosophy?

Regardless of Marshall’s and Jevon’s attempt to divorce economy from politics and hence morals in the 19th century, the ideals of socialism that rose at this time have similarly been steadfastly betrayed in practice and letter by the CCP. Neither is there any genuine prospect of public-choice in the sense of the Chicago School in terms of political economy in the PRC. There are merely factional and rent-collecting socialist party organ institutions that create distributional conflicts and eat up and misdirect precious resources. However, the PRC Party cadres need not concern themselves with newspapers questioning government policy as all newspapers are state-controlled, resulting in a “powerless public” oppressed by a totalitarian, socialist-come-mixed economy regime. Yet, usually, the largely rural Chinese populace remains complacent.

Yu Mao, Lijuan Hou

A Study on Chinese Culture Shortage in CELT and Countermeasure

College graduates’ incompetence of intercultural communication is arousing more and more interest and attention from experts and educators. Explanations for this phenomenon vary according to different people. However, the shortage of Chinese culture in college English teaching as a foreign language counts for one important reason and needs more and more studies. This essay aims to find out the truth and proposes some dependable solutions for this.

Quanzheng Zhang

To Discuss the Guiding Role of Examination Combining “Software Engineering” Course

For universities, the examinations have basically two roles, one is inspection role, and another is guiding role. The two kinds of role are all necessary. For a long time, inspection role of examination is focused on, and the attention of guiding role of the examinations is not enough. To consider training objective and teaching quality, people more should pay attention to guiding role of examination. To combine “software engineering” course, guiding role of examination is studied. Guiding role of examination form and examination content is discussed. The characteristics of “software engineering” were analyzed. On this basis, in order to play a guiding role of examination, several issues that teachers should pay attention were discussed.

Yu Gao, Zhen-bo Bi

Preliminary Study of Dialectical Relationship between the Credit System and Tutorial System in Our Higher Education

Credit System, a new type and student-centered education system, can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of students in our higher education. Tutorial system, an also novel type education system, can play a leading full role on decisive guidance to centered students. In our country, credit management in higher education is still at trial stage and mentoring is only applied in part of colleges and universities with better conditions so that without successful and mature experience can be copied. It will be face to new multiple challenges how to carry out the tutorial system under the condition of credit system of higher education. The dialectical relationship between the credit system and tutorial system in higher education will be explored on basis of higher education reform in our country in this paper.

Wang Jian, Sun Lin

On the Phenomenon of China English in Chinese-English Interpretation

China English is a noticeable phenomenon in Chinese-English interpretation; its two major manifestations can be seen in the use of “unnecessary/superfluous words” and in “Chinese syntax sentence structures”. Beginning with a definition of the difference between China English and Chinglish, the paper analyzes the causes for this phenomenon from various angles: linguistic causes; environmental causes; habitual thinking pattern causes and situational causes. The paper proposes a number of remedies to help fix this phenomenon, and while the suggestions offered may be practical and simple, but they are demanding. It also points out that it is impractical to eliminate the existence of China English and suggests viewing this phenomenon objectively and pragmatically; people should accept China English as one of the many types of English in the family of world Englishes. Hopefully this paper may serve as a guide and reference to those who are endeavoring to do in-depth research in this field.

Xiaoya Qin

The Application of Formative Evaluation in Integrated English Teaching

In China, summative evaluation has long been adopted in Integrated English for English majors, which has been proved to be a failure in practice. This paper introduces the concept of formative evaluation and presents a tentative research model of teaching in Integrated English. A one-year experimental project is designed and implemented in Integrated Course. Qualitative and quantitative results of the experiment show that formative evaluation can not only effectively monitor the implementation of every stage of learning, but also successfully cultivate learners’ autonomy in the control over their learning process. Besides, learners’ language ability also sees improvement during the span of experiment.

Tianshu Xu, Lei Zhu

Research on the Embedded Professional Talent Training Mode of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation Education

According to the current state of the domestic embedded professional status quo of chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, this paper makes in-depth exploration and research based on the aspects of introducing foreign advanced education concept, setting school operating mode, training goal as well as course systems; besides, it analyses the existing problems of current education mode and also provides some new optimization measures; further more, this paper proposes the innovation methods to embedded professional talent training mode of the chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.

Binbin Shi

Study on Cultivation Mode of Independent Innovative Talents

In the new historical era, constructing new cultivation mode of independent innovative talents in China’s colleges and universities will be conducive to the healthy development of our country’s economy and society. The situation of cultivating independent innovative talents in China’s colleges shows that to construct a new cultivation mode of independent innovative talents we must re-mould educational concepts and objectives, reform the process of talent cultivation and perfect talent cultivation system and mechanism.

Guihua Ma

Characteristics and Enlightenment of Faculty Building for Vocational Education in Developed Countries

Faculty is undoubtedly a key factor in the success of vocational education. The experience of faculty building for vocational education in developed countries enlightens the faculty building for vocational colleges in our country. Learning from their experience, training and hiring vocational teachers in various ways, improving faculty structure, making strict management of per-hiring qualification, and strengthening post-hiring professional training will be important ways to improve the level of vocational faculty in our country.

Zeying Zhang

Study on the Motivation for Saving Behavior of Chinese Urban Residents

This article uses data of Chinese urban residents in 1980-2007 to test three types of motivations of residents’ saving behavior which are life-cycle motivation, bequest motivation and the precautionary motivation. It turns out these three categories of savings motivations all have an impact on the saving behavior of Chinese urban residents. In addition, with China’s opening up and ensuing growing external risks, precautionary savings motivation of Chinese urban residents accordingly enhances. In this regard, this paper proposes recommendations on policies to promote consumption and reduces the savings.

Honghui Deng, Jirong Su

To Arouse the Passion of Teachers to Become Educators

In this paper, author carried out the objective analysis to the quality situation and the problems of undergraduate teaching, emphasizing the teaching quality awareness is one of the core of teaching quality. However, the current evaluation system for teachers severely restricted the role of stimulating teaching quality awareness. To establish scientific and reasonable teacher evaluation mechanism so that undergraduate teaching should reconsider the original objective, and to arouse the passion of teachers to become educators, it will be become the “intrinsic motivation” of teaching quality assurance.

Yong Ao

Studies on Graduate Innovation Training Mode and Interactive Education Platform Based on Internet Environment

The internet has expended the connotation and extension of early graduate training mode, training content, training tools and management methods. This paper analyzes the content, means and methods of graduate innovation training in internet environment and gives the design framework of graduate teaching and research platform under network. This paper provides a theoretical and methodological guidance and tool for the realization of the changing pattern of graduate education in internet environment and the implementation of innovative graduate education.

Ruzhi Xu, Heli Li, Peiguang Lin

Exploration and Practice of Training “Applied Talents” in Universities

Personnel training mode in universities is closely related with the development of enterprises. Based on the study of the relationship between coal mining engineering students and enterprises, which has conducted a thorough and meticulous investigation and research, collected and analyzed the training mode feedback from employers and previous graduates, this paper mainly discusses current higher education problems in training mode and proposes some countermeasures to be taken, establishing a new college’s type of applied talents training mode which takes “keeping pace with times, laying solid foundation, seamless connection” as the main module, which is helpful for the reform of higher education training mode of applied talents.

Yude Liu, Fang Wang, Qifeng Zhao, Jianhui Li, Lizi Liu, Yuanyuan Liu

The Exploration on Hierarchical and Progressive Bilingual Education Based on College Students’ English Skills

In bilingual education, foreign language is served as a tool or medium for transmitting information and knowledge. The main purpose of bilingual education is to enable students to acquire the ability of learning professional knowledge with foreign language. In this paper, several practices have been explored in our teaching process. The characteristics of hierarchical and progressing bilingual education have been analyzed. It has been found that above bilingual teaching practices in which different levels of foreign language skills of students have been taken into account will be helpful for the improvement of bilingual education.

Zhonghao Cheng, Yuchai Sun

Teaching Exploration on Software Outsourcing Talents Training

In construction of the state specialty computer science and technology, to train software outsourcing talents, we update teaching philosophy. Some teaching methods are implemented as follows: heuristic, discussion, inquiry, case and participation. With large professional platform and small orientation module, we optimize the combination of courses for personnel training in software outsourcing curriculum. Through cooperation between school and enterprise, from the overall, we emphasize the double qualified teacher. Establishing an open educational philosophy ensure that college teaching scientific research and enterprises production operation activities are seamless. The production, teaching and research are integrated to serve the outsourcing talents training.

Zhiyu Zhou, Yubo Jia

Effectiveness of an English Course with Motive Regulation Strategies on In-Service Adult Learners

This study aimed to design an English course with motive regulations strategies and to examine the effectiveness of the experimental course on adult English learners. 100 in-service adult learners participated in this study. The instruments utilized in this study were designed by the researcher included a motive regulation learning strategy scale, an English achievement test, and an experimental English course. MANCOVA was used to analyze the data. Based on the results and findings of this study, the researcher also made several suggestions for further research and implications for future EFL instruction.

Yu-Ping Chang

Application of RMI Thinking Method Based on Mathematical Optimization

Mr. Xu Lizhi, a well-known scholar of China, proposed a method of relationship mapping inversion in late 20th century, which is a common method of dealing with the problem, a working principle of a general scope of scientific method, which solves the problem of the relationship structure taking 2 steps, mapping and inversion. Therefore we name this method as relationship, mapping and inversion, referred to as the RMI method. This paper analyzes on the core problem of optimization thinking by RMI method, mapping the answer of aim problem in mapping relation construction, give us a certain science thinking method to study the real problems by applying mathematical optimization.

Wei Wang, Xiaohui Liu, Dawei Zhao

The Chance and Challenge of Economic Recovery in Tourism of Mianzhu after Earthquake Disaster

This paper make a research on the problems of economic recovery in tourism of Mianzhu after earthquake disaster through field survey, and it concludes that new Mianzhu after rebuilding offers new chances of development in its tourism with the process being more popular with world; the rebuilding of tourism attraction have made great progress in the guide of timely national instruction; the investment environment have become more attractive with the help of national policy. However it also has many problems need to be solved such as eliminating negative effects taken by earthquake, rebuilding the fame of scenic spot, improving tourism service system.

Shu Jianping, Zhang Linling, Wen Xiaoyuan

Information Systems: New Demands, New Proposals

The current social changes that result from the advent of new forms of relationship and communication strongly based in networks begin to collapse with the rigid and inflexible academic structures which respond slowly to the new demands. Considering the experience of implementing an undergraduate course in a public university in Brazil, this article raises and discusses innovations and difficulties in achieving an academical proposal whose main focus is to perceive Organizations, Enterprises and Institutions (OEI) not as technocratic model of management but as sociotechnical entities.

Rosângela Lopes Lima, Isabel Cafezeiro, Luiz Valter Brand Gomes

Electronic Technology Course Teaching Mode Based on Practice

Electronic technology involves many subjects (Electronics, information, communication), so it’s teaching effect directly influences students’ ability. The teaching mode based on practice can effectively improve teaching effect. This teaching mode is introduced in this paper. Many ways or measures are included in this mode, circuit simulation, laboratory experiments, course design,eg.

Dongli Jiao, Jinsheng Li, Yongqiang Zhao

Research and Implementation of “Project-Driven” Teaching Method in

This paper considers the characteristics and current teaching situation of <Web systems development and practice>, comes up with a practical teaching method which based on “project-driven”. By comparing the successes achieved in “project-driven” teaching methods with the traditional method, this paper proposes a relatively complete teaching proposal. Practice shows that the “project-driven” teaching model is much more propitious for improving the manipulative ability, communication skills, self-innovation, and teamwork spirit of students.

Ruxin Ma, Yu Liu, Xiao Wang

Auto-assessment System of Ship Craft Electrical Engineering Technology

In order to conquer the inconvenience and complexity in modifying existing paper card of auto-assessment system of ship craft electrical engineering technology, this paper proposes one auto-assessment system of ship craft electrical engineering technology based on web technology. The auto-assessment system of ship craft electrical engineering technology consists of four parts: generation of item bank, random elaboration of test questions, print service and performance accounting. With the adjustment of assessment outline, according to the characteristics of auto-assessment system of ship craft electrical engineering technology it is of high efficiency and success rate in generating test paper when constructing a flexible item bank and adopt local random generation of test paper based on types. After that it can print test cards of auto-assessment system and finally automatically print out the statistical output of scores.

Guangzheng Li, Huimin Lu

Construction of Practice Teaching System for Training Innovative Talents Based on the Idea of Large-Scale Engineering

This paper constructed the “three-dimensional practice” teaching system of experimental teaching, practical teaching and technological innovation activities based on idea of large-scale engineering, which combined with the practical experience for many years in major of Materials Science and Engineering in Shangdong Jianzhu University. The teaching system runs through the training innovative practice of undergraduates in every link of the curricular teaching, extracurricular education and talents training, which improved the talent training quality and enhanced the undergraduates’ technological innovation and practice abilities.

Aijun Tang, Hailong Ma, Deming Sun, Yuchao Niu, Mingdi Li

Study to the Development of Management Ideology of Physical Education Since Reform and Opening Up in the China

Using literature, logical analysis, expert interviews, take the development of management thinking in Physical Education in China since Reform and Opening up as object,the article summarized the progress in three stages. which is reform and opening up, the early period of the socialist market economy and the new period.

Liu Fusheng, Lu Chun, Ma Meiyu, Li Xiang

Exploration and Practice of Physics Teaching for Liberal Arts Undergraduate

According to the characteristics of liberal arts undergraduate and the reform and development needs of China higher education, we set up three physics courses as a platform, furthermore research and practice on how to infiltrate human spirit and science spirit into the teaching.

Lizhen Ma, Jun Ma, Shukuan Wang, Yurong Shi, Yongjian Gu

Talent-Cultivation Mode Research on Direction of Services and Outsourcing-Oriented Software Engineering

With the high development of software outsourcing industry, relevant majors in higher education institutions have become highly concerned about the issues regarding how to make computer teaching meet the current international market and to cultivate software outsourcing professionals for society. In this paper, we explore the talent-cultivation mode on outsourcing of services-oriented software engineering with the actual situation of our school.

Yubo Jia, Qi Sun, Na Zhang, Hongdan Fan

Case Teaching Based on the Network

Case Teaching is a kind of teaching methods to guide the students to discuss the special situation through describing a specific scene. It is a teaching activity that takes teaching cases as the carriers and selects certain teaching cases according to the teaching aims. Case teaching and network teaching should be combined to form a new type of teaching called Case Teaching Based on the Network which can play their roles better in teaching.

Yang Huansong, Liang Lu

On How to Efficiently Carry Out Multi-media Teaching

Multimedia replace traditional teaching has already been a trend in higher education in China. This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of multimedia teaching. Teachers should adhere to people-centered concept of modern education and make excellent coursewares, meanwhile, the multimedia teaching and traditional teaching methods should complement each other. Teachers should have abilities to have timely and appropriate, the principle of appropriate for people-centered teaching.

Xiaojing Wang

The Mode Analysis and Enlightenment of Cooperation of Production, Teaching and Research in Japanese Universities

The tremendous successes have been achieved in the past twenty years in our country universities cooperation of production, teaching and research, at the same time some questions are exposed. The status quo and shortcomings are set forth for cooperation of production, teaching and research in domestic universities, the success mode of Japanese universities are discussed in the paper, which include in extern environment, principal cooperation path and actual effects. Experiences are drew lessons from Japanese universities and countermeasures are given for resolution shortcoming of cooperation of production, teaching and research in our country universities.

Liping Han

Teaching Innovation and Course Practice in “Electrical Control Technology”

Aiming at the development tendency of modern industrial electrical control technology, and according to years of our teaching practice on “Electrical Control Technology” course, this paper analyzes the serious lag phenomenon existed in teaching contents of this course in detail. On the basis of the above, the idars of teaching innovation and course practice in “Electrical Control Technology” are put forward by adopting the latest knowledge of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and Numerical Control (NC). Finally, a diversified teaching method fusing task-driven ineterst teaching, heuristic teaching, and open teaching is introduced. The practice has proved that a good teaching effect has been obtained with experience accumulated for engineering education reform.

Xiaoqian Hu, Lian Zhang, Shan Li

The Function of the University Libraries in Constructing Lifelong Education System

To build a socialized lifelong learning system is the requirement of implementing the strategy that a nation thrives from science and education and sustainable development. This paper mainly explores the significance, feasibility and possible problems of the university libraries in constructing the lifelong learning system. Furthermore, it proposes the application strategies of solving these problems.

Tian Lizhong, Zhang Aichen, Sun Yongjie

Innovation and Talent Training Mechanism for the Law in the Mode of Production and Research Strategy

The production and research strategy have a major significance to the global personnel training plan. In traditional legal personnel training mode, the focus is the inculcation of theoretical knowledge. Because of the limitations of the practice of docking departments, they have little chance to practice the knowledge. It is difficult to adapt to the market and meet the needs of society on graduation. The production and research strategy will be used in the cultivation of creative talents, so that legal professionals not only have a solid theoretical foundation, but also have a wealth of practical experience, which could meet the complex requirements of professionals. This is our legal personnel training objectives to be achieved in a new era.

Hui Ma, WeiWei Yang

Thinking of High-Quality Courses Construction

This paper mainly introduces the thinking of the high quality course construction. First the specific purpose of the high quality course construction is introduced. Then the content of high quality course construction is provided. At last several issues on building high-quality curriculum are introduced.

Dongping Yang, Juanjuan Li, Zhengyan Li, Guoqiang Sun

Transformation of Education on the Course of Control Theory

According to the characteristics of the Control Theory, combined with the advantage of case method teaching itself and the actual situation of the students, cases teaching methods is proposed. But we should also note that the past decade year between teachers and students is dwindling communication space of ten years. So, how to fully arouse the enthusiasm of the students and use all kinds of teaching methods, in the completion of the teaching task and the training of the students’ self learning ability, innovation ability, become the focus of attention of the teachers. Based on the experience on the course, the paper aims at increasing the quality and effect through the analysis of student’s condition and developing the method correspondingly.

HaiSen Ke, Dong Wei, Min Xie, EnHui Zheng, XiuYing Zhou

The Study of Specialized Courses Using the PDCA Cycle

In order to improve the level of the university education, the focus of educational reform has been on the specialized courses in China’s universities and colleges. Now, the study model of specialized courses is discussed using the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle. It provides the feasibility and the concrete applications using the PDCA cycle, and indicates that it a good method to study the specialized cousese. Although it is a management approach being successfully applied in the quality improvement, it can strengthen the awareness and be interested of college students.

Chi BaoQuan, Huang ZhenHai, Zheng EnHui, Wang GuiRong

Discussion on Experiment Course of Signal and System Reform

Signal and system is a basic theoretical courses for communication majors, and experiment teaching, which play an increasingly important role in cultivating students’ creative spirit and training their practical ability, is the basic links and an important way for students to understanding and application this theory. This paper introduces the status and insufficient of our school on signal and system experiment, and put forward some thinking of experiment teaching reform.

Huang Xiaohui, Jia Zhenhong, Li Xingang

Survey on the Concept of Shaping Behavior and Cognition of Female Flight Attendants

The concept of shaping behavior and cognition of female flight attendants were investigated and analyzed, the results showed that professional female flight attendants, body mass index (BMI) in normal, 34.9% of the people in a slim state; 60.2% of respondents have been shaping, body sculpting is 21.1%; 85.6% body sculpting movements, regulate diet accounted for 67.1%, 56.8% body sculpting diet; in shaping reasons not of their own body satisfaction accounted for 72.8%, 51.4% love beautiful; 10.3% of regular exercise, 79% sometimes sports, 10.7% do not exercise; present and future options exercise shaping methods are in first place is yoga; control diet and exercise remain the first choice to prevent weight gain.

Song Faming, Shu Jianping, Wen Xiaoyuan

The Observable Characteristics of Effective Teaching in Professional Experimental Courses

The main problems in the experiment teaching of professional course were analyzed in the paper. And the basic idea of effective teaching was elaborated. Three aspects meanings of “effectiveness” were analyzed detailed, namely, teaching efficiency, teaching effect and teaching benefits. The view that the effectiveness of experiment teaching should be investigated in the teaching effect and long-term teaching benefits was put forward. According to the characteristics of the professional experimental courses, observable characteristics of effective experiment teaching in teaching objective, teaching resource, teaching preparation, classroom model and evaluation system were indicated clearly.

Hongmei Ai, Baomin Wang, Junying Bai, Puguang Lu

Optimal Design of High-Radix Router’s Switching Fabrics Based on Tile

In this paper, we first analyze the applications of low-radix router, put forward the need and possibility to design high-radix router, summarize advantages and disadvantages of various switching fabrics on the basis of low-radix router. Then in-depth we study the router’s internal traffic of interconnection network which uses fat-tree topology. A high-radix switching chip is implemented by a comparison on different port allocation policies of a 32-port switching chip, and that tile is appropriate to be used in the high-radix router design is pointed out.

Xian-Wen Wu, An-Hua Mo, Li-Quan Xiao

Forecast of Employment Situation and Countermeasure Research on Twelfth “Five-Year Plan” Period in Hebei Province of China

Hebei province is with a large amount of people and the labor resource is very rich, and the unemployment by corporations’ reforming and adjusting economy frame work is intertwined with farmers without arable land, resulting in serious providing and demanding contradiction. In this paper, prediction and analysis about the tendency of labor force supply and demand in Hebei Province during the twelfth “Five-Year Plan” period are implemented. Some relevant countermeasures and suggestions are presented to improve the employment situation.

Xiaomei Shang, Zheng Li, Shituan Zhou, Guilan Song

Analysis of Employment Situation of Shandong Province Based on Factor Analysis

Based on the analysis of the level of Shandong’s economic development, in this thesis, the factors that influence the employment are divided into six aspects such as the level of social and economic development, laborer quality, the level of urban and rural development, living standards of laborers, working environment and so on, having 30 indexes in total. Three major employment impact factors— social and economic development factor, industrial structure factor and laborer quality factor — are obtained from the factor analysis of the 30 indexes. And a linear regression model of employment impact factors to the employment rate of Shandong Province is set up by taking advantage of data of Shandong statistical yearbooks between 1978 and 2008.

Ma Jun, Han Xin

Research on the Discipline Construction of Medical Information Retrieval Based on the Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Evidence-based decision-making is the implementation of evidence-based medicine model. To conduct evidence-based decision-making, firstly, policy-makers must systematically collect and evaluate of existing research evidences, and based on the best available evidence, to take into account the amount of available resources and resource allocation values, finally make reasonable decisions. Therefore, the information retrieval is an essential component of evidence-based decision-making. If there is no access to medical information retrieval technology as protection of evidence, evidence-based decision-making is simply impossible to achieve, and the correctness of information retrieval determines the success or failure of evidence-based decision-making. In order to improve doctors’ awareness and ability of evidence-based medical decision-making, it should take medical information retrieval knowledge management theory and technology as guidance, and take measures to improve the academic level of the construction and service, providing evidence for the evidence-based decision support services.

Wei-Li Chen

The Development of Scientific Activities among University Students Majoring in Logistics

Contemporary college students are the future talents of the reserve army, whether they have the practical ability of science and technology is directly related to the development of China’s comprehensive national strength. Academic and technological activities are effective means to improve students’ academic and practical ability of innovation. To the prevailing lack of practical ability among university students for the current status quo, this paper represents the current situation of academic and scientific activities among university students majoring in logistics as well as the merits and demerits . Furthermore, it puts forward a feasible solution to the basis mechanism and cooperation to the development of logistics contest .

QiuHong Zhang, Lianying Cao, Yujian Lv, Qi Qian

The Review and Prospect of Physical Education under China’s Accession to the WTO within Last 10 Years

Since China joined the WTO 10 years ago, competition with different countries has been continued among different kinds of fields. Physical education, as a special area, has also got many opportunities and challenges at the same time. During the new period of history, we should think of the future movement of physical education, take precautions before it is too late, and come up with new plans positively to figure out a development model of physical education which is more suitable for China.

Jiasi Luo

Financial Incentive Mechanism Effects of Low-Renting Public Housing with BOT Mode

The reason why private capitals are unwilling to invest Low-renting Public Housing project is low return on investment. Therefore, in order to attract private capital into this project through BOT mode, investment incentives must be proposed. Because financial incentive is the most commonly used investment incentive method, this paper makes quantitative analysis on incentive effects with financial stimulation policies based on Low-renting Public Housing profit function, so as to propose corresponding policy recommendations for our Low-renting Public Housing construction.

Fangqiang Liu

Research on Psychological Health of Poor College Students

Due to the multiple reasons of economic, academic, lack of communication, poor college students more easily show some obvious psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. Besides to providing the economic assistance to poor students, university teachers should also guide them to a correct their view of poverty, open psychological lectures, systematically construct the mental health education. Through acceptance of the psychological explanations, universal mental health knowledge, and understanding of the characteristics of adolescent psychological development and the law, poor students will improve their self-awareness and self-improvement skills.

Qiuhong Zhang, Xiaoli Ni, Jian Liu, Junni Zhao

Reform and Practice of Talents Training Model of Electronic Information Engineering Majors

The Establishment of Personnel Training Model provide an important guarantee for the quality of personnel training, The domestic and international research status of electronic and information engineering teaching is analyzed. The reforms from different aspects and angles of personnel training have been carried out by many colleges and universities, but less involved in the testing area. Based on the specific situation in education of our school, several key issues of the process of cultivating talents who are equipped with the creativity and characteristics of electronic measurement is researched.

Xia Zhelei, Xiao Binggang, Wang Xiumin

The Exploration and Practice in the Training Model for Interdisciplinary Science Professionals

Cultivating versatile and innovative professionals is an important direction in the reform of higher education, and the training of interdisciplinary professionals is an important measure of creating versatile and innovative professionals. This paper discusses the training model for interdisciplinary science professionals, and taking the training of interdisciplinary science professionals at the Hubei University of Technology as an example, it expounds the mechanism and model of the training of interdisciplinary professionals.

Baohua Tan, Fei Yang, Chuyun Huang, Guowang Xu

Enabling Nursing Students’ Critical Thinking with Mindtools

This paper reports our implementation of a web-based learning support system to foster nursing students’ clinical reasoning skills. Computer-based mindtools were implemented in the system to help students engage in critical thinking within a nursing process framework. The findings showed that the majority of students considered the application tools helpful to them in doing clinical reasoning. However, a few students experienced difficulties in using the tools and suggested ways to simplify and unify the application tools.

Chin-Yuan Lai, Sheng-Mei Chen, Cheng-Chih Wu

Canonical Chinese Syntax Awareness Facilitated by an e–Learning Program

Being aware of syntactic structures is important in learning a new language. However, the syntactic concepts could be very elusive and vague and learning syntactic structures could be very dry and tedious.

In this study, based on our analysis of Chinese regulated verses in Tang Dynasty, we designed an e-learning program. The aim of the program is to make the language learners familiarized with the frequent grammatical structures of the language, alone with learning the vocabulary in the same semantic field.

The canonical Chinese syntactic patterns emerged from our corpus after delicate analysis, and a database which contained various word classes was created. Several steps were set up for helping the Chinese learners to make up one line in an antithetical couplet. First, the learner was asked to choose the topic, and then to choose the semantic frame and the canonical syntactic tablet. Second, one line in an antithetical couplet selected from our database was shown on the screen, and the learner’s task is to make up another line by choosing words from a fixed set offered by the program. Matched with the screening criteria coded in our program, several candidates were suggested for each slot of the couplet. The learner was asked to choose the words for his own preference and finished the poem. After that, the learner could start another new trial.

In order to examine the learning effect, a syntactic awareness test was constructed and given to the Chinese learners before and after the training session. In addition, some testing items were presented to the learners during the training session and their responses were recorded and graded, in order to assess their formative learning effect in using this e-learning program.

C. C. Lu, C. H. Lu, M. M. Lu, C. H. Hue, W. L. Hsu

Multilayer Fundamental Physics Curriculum-Group-Construction with Opening and Mutual Learning in Selective Instruction and Discussion

In common polytechnic universities of China, the curriculum-group-construction of fundamental physics has many difficulties, such as few teaching hours, less interaction between teachers and students, and bad effect etc. A high effective curriculum construction mode was proposed, which core was development of excellent physics course. Based on the excellent course, multilayer fundamental physics curriculum-group-construction mode with opening and mutual learning in selective instruction and discussion was established. In the four-level-course practices in common polytechnic university, we set up a multidimensional physical teaching materials system, an online interactive learning system, a selective instruction mode in class, a discussion-teaching mode, a comprehensive examination pattern, a multi-role demonstration experiment system, and an optimization of modern education technology and multiple teaching resources and means. The multilayer fundamental physics curriculum-group-construction mode has improved learning interest, learning ability and innovation ability for most students. Because of many distinct characters and remarkable achievements, this mode should be popular with other majors or courses.

Shi-jun Xu, Xiao-ling Ren, Jia-qing Cui

Research on Automation Specialty Application Talents Training

With the social production and continuous improvement in the degree of automation, the demand for application talents in automation major areas is also growing, at the same time the demand on the comprehensive ability and innovative ability of application talents higher and higher, which gives automatic professional education and the training of talents to a higher standard. Automation, as a characteristic major which reflects the close combination of information and industrialization, is not only faced with the “information technology to stimulate industrialization”, “take the road of new industrialization,” the historical development opportunities, but also faces the huge impact of competitions between majors. How to cultivate the application talents with strong innovation ability to fit the needs of social development is an important issue for the education and research of automation major, which should be seriously considered. Based on University of Illinois at Chicago of the United States(UIC) visit, UIC and our school automation professional education plans were compared, the United States application talents training is worth learning.

Rongmin Cao, Denghua Li, Zhong Su, Yingnian Wu

On the Developmental Stages and Cultivation of Academic Awareness for Graduate Students in China

Graduate students’ awareness of academic norms is analyzed in terms of its composition and developmental stages. The features in the formation of students’ academic consciousness are also summarized. As to how to cultivate and shape their academic decency, suggestions and discussions are put forward in such aspects as educational philosophy, training patterns and ways of teaching.

Kaige Ren, Guonian Wang

Exploration on Construction of Scientific Research Network Platform in Colleges and Universities

The rapid development of internet has exerted a profound influence on education and scientific research. In recent years, in order to excavate excellent teacher’s recessiveness knowledge and share them together, enhance the ability of teaching and reaching, the developments of research platform for teaching based on internet is gained more and more attention. Now, there are many such platforms for teaching, almost every educational department has their research and teaching platform about every disciplines and fields. As shown by the investigation, they are somewhat alike and quite tedious in the style of design. Especially, the content about one disciplines are not comprehensive enough, at the same time, there are lack of innovation. This thesis is aim at how to work out these problems and how to construct the research and teaching platform for special disciplines. The special scientific research platform for teaching of Chinese have been designed and constructed in this paper.

Fanmei Liu, Yunxiang Liu

The Entrepreneurial Motivations and Barriers for Technical University Students in Taiwan

This study aims to investigate perceptions of entrepreneurial motivation and barriers for technical university students in Taiwan. Questionnaire survey was conducted in this research. A total of 1360 questionnaires were distributed to 34 technical universities in Taiwan. After eliminating the questionnaires with incomplete answers and invalid ones, there were 847 effective samples from 22 technical universities, with a valid return rate of 64.16%. The results indicated that the top three motivation of start a business for technical students (in descending order of mean scores) is “creating something of my own”, “the chance to implement my own ideas” and “personal independence”. The top three barriers of start a business for technical students (in descending order of mean scores) is “lack of initial capital”, “lack of knowledge of the business world and the market”, and “lack of a high level of entrepreneurial competence”. The motivations of start a new business for Taiwan’s technical students are similar with the US students. But in entrepreneurial barriers is little difference.

Su-Chang Chen, Hsi-Chi Hsiao, Chin-Pin Chen, Chun-Mei Chou, Jen-Chia Chang, Chien-Hua Shen

The Development of Architectural Design Management System Based on Petri Nets

Petri nets is a kind of graphical modeling tools, its intuitive and preciseness can describe system and process between the logic relation of the complex activities, so are widely used in the software development process. In this paper, by using Colored Petri Net on the software development process modeling and software demand in the detailed design and realize the detailed modeling, design model and the C# program code the automatic conversion, and to improve the efficiency of software development.

Wen Ding

Inquiry-Based Education and Its Implication to Education in China

As scientific literacy becomes an important goal in education nowadays. Inquiry-based teaching has also become more and more important method in education process. In this article we analysis the nature and character of inquiry-based teaching method, then we compare the characteristics of inquiry-based teaching to traditional teaching method, after these, we further explain inquiry-based teaching from the view of constructivism theory. At last, the paper proposed a few suggestions for education in China.

Tu Huiwen, Xie Feng

Study on Construction and Management of Innovational GIS Laboratory

GIS is a technological and comprehensive interdisciplinary. With vigorous development of education on GIS specialty in China, construction of innovational GIS laboratory has become necessary road when multiattribute GIS people with special skills are trained for market demand. This paper take Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications for a case study, surrounding a objective of talent training of our school and GIS specialty feature, putting forward a way of construction thinking with taking “four platforms” as main body of innovational GIS laboratory , and expatiating on its contents, and including objective and principle of construction, and professional laboratory construction, teaching team construction, innovation platform construction and laboratory management construction.

Lifeng Yuan, Xingfei Liu

Analysis of Professional Skill and the Teaching of Effective Interface Ordnance N.C.O.

August 2010, the PLA units associated together human resources and social security men made a “People’s Liberation Army soldiers on active service professional skill requirements”, marks the professional skill army soldiers entered a new stage of development. Soldiers for the full implementation of professional skill, this combination of armaments to protect the professional soldiers of the actual situation of professional skill, Analysis of the professional skill and armaments to protect the professional noncommissioned officer education and teaching of articulation.

Zhu Tian-yu, Jiang Zhong-bao, Liu Yun, Duan Shao-li

Research on the Construction of the Clothing Video Database

Donghua University is a national key university specializing in textile and clothing. The Clothing Video Database developed by the library of Donghua University has largely enriched the digital resources of the university and improved the library’s capacity and level of service. This article describes the methods and procedures of establishing the Database, introduces the idea of presenting the videos and their explanation documents on the same interface, and elaborates the feasibility and importance of providing users with a multi-angle combination of resources. We also discuss problems appeared in the development of the Database, their corresponding solutions, and our future plans. The Clothing Video Database can serve as a reference in establishing video databases, particularly for other university libraries.

Jianping Liu, Lu Chang, Huilan Chen

Strengthening Cooperation with IT Enterprise, Promote the Practical Teaching of Information Specialty

This paper deeply analyzed the main training problem of the current applied practical talents in information specialty and discussed strengthening cooperation with IT enterprise can promote information specialty’s practical teaching reformation. Cooperation with IT enterprise also can improve the effectiveness of practical teaching and college student’s professional standards. It explored a new way to improve the innovation capability and overall professional quality of the information specialty college students.

Wang Liejun, Jia Zhenhong

A Laboratory Measurement Method of Antenna Radiation Pattern

The radiation pattern is the most demanding in measurement steps and most difficult to interpret of all antenna measurements. This paper introduced a laboratory measurement method of antenna radiation pattern, and demonstrated this experiment in detailed steps such as connection of the laboratory measurement devices, tuning at a correct frequency, points for attention, etc. A quarter-wave omnidirectional antenna was shown as a model, and the measurement result is fully consistent with theoretical value.

Hui Xie, Yujun Liang, Qin Wang

On the Model of Postgraduate Student’s Self-management from the Perspective of Self-organization Theory

The research on the postgraduate student’s self-management is an important topic and this paper analyzes the current situation of the postgraduate student’s educational management in Dalian University in order to display the postgraduate’s student’s subjectivity thoroughly and improve the postgraduate student’s comprehensive quality. This paper explores and realizes a new training model of the postgraduate student’s self-management and helps to educate and manage the postgraduate student in Dalian University.

Wang Jijun, Zhao Long

An Fast Max-Min Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Static Combinational Optimization Problems

Response to the MMAS’s characteristic of solving Static combinatorial optimization, we was studying the update rule of pheromone of solving Static combinatorial optimization problems. The new rules will run on the total information, avoiding the MMAS operation to calculate the total information and check whether the pheromone cross-border operation in each iteration step. The experimental results on the traveling salesman problem show that using this technology can significantly speed up the MMAS algorithm to reduce consumption of time.

Zeng Lingguo

Practice Study on Integrating Teaching and Research in a Graduate Course

The relationship between teaching and research in the modern university is of international concern. A strong teaching and research nexus will enhance the quality of university teaching and research, enhance the quality of research by allowing the cross fertilisation of ideas and learning between academics, and deliver potential benefits to students and staff. In this study, we tried to integrate teaching and research through a graduate course teaching practice in terms of course content design and pedagogy. The course profile was completed, including of objectives, content, class activities and assessment. In each aspect, research was integrated to cultivate students’ various abilities and skills. Through practice, the course was improved and commented positively.

Xiao-Qun Dai

The Development and Application of Virtual Instrument Technology in the Experimental Teaching

Virtual instrument is a new type of testing instruments and a great breakthrough of the traditional instrument. Now it is a hotspot of the test system research. This paper reviews the application of virtual instrument technology in experimental teaching, introduces the concept and basic structure of virtual instrument, analyzes its developing status and trend, and then, take the development of virtual oscilloscope for example to introduce how to use the Lab VIEW to develop experimental platform.

Jianqiang Liu, Xingqi Fu, Xingcheng Zhang, Jianye Song

Changes and Characteristics of Vocational Curriculum in Taiwan: 1964-2010

Although vocational education in Taiwan began more than 150 years ago, no solid foundation has been established to ensure its further development. It is because it was simply designed to fulfill the need for production human resources (HR) of businesses in the absence of a curriculum. Also, despite a set of regulations announced in 1902 (the 28


year of Emperor Guangsui’s Regime, Qing Dynast), they were simple rules without specifying the contents of any curriculum.

The light of vocational education eventually rose until the restoration of Taiwan along with the participation of the US Advisory Group. With the concerted efforts of the government, schools and industries, the first official curriculum tailored for vocational education was announced in 1964 to put vocational education on the right track and ensure its stable future development.

Whether it is the unit trade training curriculum, cluster-based ladder curriculum and course group curriculum, the efforts in curriculum planning for vocational education are witnessed. This also allows the localization of the vocational curriculum in industrialized countries, such as Europe, the USA, and Japan, in Taiwan and paves way for the healthy development of vocational education in Taiwan.

Chuan-Yuan Shin, Kung-Huang Lin, Hung-Min Lin

Development Analysis of Featured Industrial Base in Shijiazhuang Based on SWOT Analysis

As a form of economic organization, featured industrial base is an effective vehicle for regional innovation. It also has played a crucial role on the local economic development. In order to grasp the development of featured industrial base in Shijiazhuang, and to enhance the competitive strenge of the base, the SWOT analysis is used to analyze the internal strengthes and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. Based on the analysis, the decision-making basis on formulating the development strategies will be provided to improve the efficiency of technological innovation in Shijiazhuang featured industrial base.

Wei-li Shi

Coordination Development Prospects of Rural Education and Community in China

The city-oriented rural education in China now, both guiding ideology and teaching content, has not well adapted the development of national social economic, and can’t meet the needs to build a harmonious society. Using the theory and methods of the coordinated development of systems science, combining with the policy guidance of China’s economic social development, and education conditions, this paper proposes a diversification development idea of rural education to help the rural population achieve more development path, which is local advantages resources should be integrated into the rural education system. This study provides a coordination development picture of education and community; it is a useful supplement of rural education theory in the process of urban-rural integration.

Jing Tian, Ling Wang, Zongling Zheng

The Three Basic Working Attitudes That College Teachers Should Highly Emphasize

Nowadays, college teachers, especially the teachers with little educational experience, should try to constraint themselves before they could teach students. The three basic working attitudes that the college teachers should highly emphasize are being steady, being seriously and being responsible. The main character of the modern young students is being blundering. How could they can changed by education? This is the duty of the college teachers should bear.

Shouhui Chen, Zheng Guo, Yanjie Zhang

Application of Project Teaching Method in Higher Project Business Website Development

In teaching practice of business website development course, application of project teaching method combining theory teaching and practice teaching together closely, makes the best of creativity potentiality of students, improves the capability of students on analyzing and solving the practical problems. Introducing project teaching method, asking students to make a site plan with the value before studying during the teaching process, setting up a site designing project team under the teacher’s guidance, learning while producing, to enable students put the knowledge they learned in use of the practical problems with value around directly, completing the designing production and publish. Teaching building on the site, the main use of the project method, according to website building process, the formation of project teams to carry out site planning, design, programming, etc. The project teaching method in business website development, divides the teaching content into a number of operational project, and the implementation of the project in which students operate mainly, training the students’ vocational ability, in order to make full preparations for the students’ employment.

Songjie Gong

Exploration and Practice on Project Curriculum of Business Website Development

In vocational education, project-based curriculum reform climax has come. Although in the process of curriculum reform, there are many sub-squeaks, and there are many difficulties, but most of the vocational educators recognize that the traditional mode of teaching in the discipline system of vocational education on the road to nowhere. The project of curriculum reform is the only way to improve the quality of vocational education and project curriculum is currently the major reform trend of higher education courses. The paper analyses the current process of teaching and existing problems, points out using project curriculum as carrier. Then it puts forward to the curriculum development ideas from these aspects of project features, implementation procedures, work process and the situation of the teaching of design.

Songjie Gong

On the Training Mode of Professional Printing Talents Based on the Social Demand and Employment-Orientation

Regarding the market demand and employment-orientation as the breakthrough point, we analyzed the current demand of printing industry as well as the present situation of personnel training, and put forward the standpoint that the personal training demand should be adapted to social needs in order to make the professional training conform to the market development and actual requirements of personnel training, thus training the compound talents with practical ability, employability, entrepreneurship, innovative capability.

Hong He, Haiyan Wang, Yulong Yu, Jieyue Yu

Think in Higher Education Administration Based on Quality Project

Educational administration is of great importance in university management. This work studies the quality project used in higher education administration, and classifies the main stakeholders into two roles in experience: one is to supervise the teaching system, and the other is to promote the basic construction of teaching. In order to carry out the construction of quality project and gain more achievements and advance the college, administrators should seize the opportunity and combine the infrastructure and long-term goals with the implementation of quality project.

Hou Xianjun, Peng Wuliang

Comparison of Statistical Clustering Techniques for Correction Analysis of Achievements of the College Entrance Examination

In this study, three different statistical clustering methods: a hierarchical, k-means and an artificial neural network (Self-Organizing Maps, SOM) technique were applied to analyze the achievements of the college entrance examination. A comparison of the methods for correction analysis was attempted. The research results indicate that distance function has an important effect on the correction among the courses, and that the performance of SOM was similar to the cluster result obtained by other two clustering algorithms. The empirical results also show that there is a better correction between Chinese, Science basis and Selective course.

Hu Xifeng

Literature Review on Research of Real Estate Taxation in China

Taxation on real estate has become a more and more important question in China. Although a great deal of literature on taxation of real estate have been published, consensuses need to be made in many aspects. This paper sorted literature in this area from three aspects, namely position, function and affection of real estate taxation. At last, the paper discussed the influence of real estate taxation to China.

Xie Feng

The Time Effect of DNA Damage and Oxidative Stress on Mice Liver Cells Induced by Exercise Fatigue

To discuss the effect of DNA damage and its mechanism on liver cells induced by exercise fatigue. 24 male Kunming mice were randomized into four groups: Control group (CG) and exercise group (EG) was subdivided to three subgroups respectively indicating as 0EG, 24EG, 48EG(N=6/group). We built up the exercise fatigue model for mice through the protocol of repeated exhaustive treadmill running and use the single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE) to detect the DNA damage of liver cells in different groups. We also measured the changes of SOD, GSH and MDA on liver tissue. Our studies showed that DNA damage of 0EG and 24EG were significantly higher than CG (P<0.001). DNA damage reached the highest at 24h and dropped to the pre-exercise level at 48h (P>0.05). The activity of SOD and the content of MDA on liver tissue of 0EG and 24EG significantly increased compared with CG (P<0.001). Those changes in 24EG significantly decreased compared with 0EG (P>0.05). GSH concentration in 0EG reduced significantly compared with the control group (P<0.001). Either the 24EG or 48EG of GSH did not change obviously compared with CG (P > 0.05). Those results lead to conclusions that exercise fatigue induces the oxidative injury and DNA damage on liver cells which exists some characters in different time after exercise. Exercise induced oxidative stress is one of the mechanism of DNA damage on liver cells.

Su Meihua

The Application of “Functional Equivalence” in Trade Mark Translation

Trade mark translation, an intercultural communication, involves linguistic and cultural factors in both SL and TL. On the basis of the functional equivalence theory, the translated trade marks should attempt to achieve an ideal unity in terms of sound, meaning and culture, and the readers of the translated trade marks should be able to comprehend the translated trade mark to the point that the original readers of the trade marks must have understood and appreciated the original trade mark. This paper introduces the definition and characteristic of the trade marks, applies the principle of functional equivalence and discusses five approaches to the translation of trade mark in order to arrive at the functional equivalence.

Zhuo Wang

A Probe into Image Shift in Translation

An article is linked with a line of images. Thus images should be paid enough attention to in translation. English and Chinese are two different languages in many aspects, so it is very important to deal with the problems of image shift. In order to prove the quality of translation, this thesis focuses on the image shift in three aspects: total image substitution, image substitution with image of the target language and image deleting. The thesis has three parts. Part one makes a brief introduction to the whole article. Part two analyses the factors affecting the meaning of image in English and Chinese. Part three focuses on the three ways of image shift in translation and other relative things.

Zhuo Wang

The Construction of Management System for Combination of Sports and Education

This paper finds that construction and development of college sports teams is facing difficult to combine with the school management system and irrational allocation of resources and related other issues with the continuous reform of education system through analyzing the current situation of combination of education with sport. This study suggests that university should establish management system of combination of education with sport matched with market services and education management under the guidance of combination of education with sport. And it is a main way to culture high-level athletes in college.

Shu Gang Li, Peng Feng Huo, Hai Jun Wang

Reflection on Golf Education Development in China under Leisure Sports Perspective

The purpose of this thesis is to discuss the practical issues of golf education, and come up with solutions to these problems through literature searching, interviewing and logical analyzing methods. In the backdrop of leisure sports education, golf education is exposed to problems such as shortage of professional golf educators and teaching materials, high tuition which provides high threshold to learners and lacking of education concepts. This thesis thinks deeply about the future of golf from theoretical side and put forwards solutions to the above problems such as combining golf materials and leisure sport materials, inserting golf education in the leisure sport education, adopting simple equipped practice range, cultivate golf professionals with leisure sport concept and developing indoor simulating golf.

Xueyun Shao, Zhenming Mao, Xiaorong Chen

On the Intellectual Property Right Protection Issue of Digitized Resources in a University Library

The problem of intellectual property in various aspects during the constructing and applying of digitized resources in a university library is analyzed. The influences of relational law rules of china government in intellectual property protection to the digitizing process of a modern library are discussed. Some reasonable operating techniques are also put up for the digitized resources operation in the library administration.

Tingrong Liu

Research and Exploration of Light Chemical Engineering Specialty Excellent Engineers School-Enterprise Cooperative Education

“Excellent engineers education training plan” is the major project for China’s higher engineering education reform, and the stage of enterprise learning is the key to the success of it. This paper introduces the ideas and implementing measures for training light chemcal engineering specialty excellent engineers through school-enterprise cooperative education in Zhejiang University Science & Technology. The key of school-enterprise cooperative education is to establish a workable engineering knowledge and engineering ability standard and to make a study plan which throughout four stages and five practice projects, thereby cultivating students’ engineering awareness, engineering quality and engineering practice ability. Establishment of “order” educational mode can arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in talent training, and assures the success of school-enterprise cooperative education.

Lizheng Sha, Huifang Zhao

The Application of Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm in WiMAX Communications System

We have proposed a memory based recursive FFT design which has much less gate counts, lower power consumption and higher speed. The proposed architecture has three main advantages (1) fewer butterfly iteration to reduce power consumption, (2) pipeline of radix-2


butterfly to speed up clock frequency, (3) even distribution of memory access to make utilization efficiency in SRAM ports. In summary, the speed performance of our design easily satisfies most application requirements of Fixed 802.16d and Mobile 802.16e WiMAX, which uses OFDMA modulated wireless communication system. Our design also occupies lesser area, hence lower cost and power consumption.

Zhiling Tang

The Study on Voltage Controlled Oscillator in Electronic Applications

A low power and low phase-noise CMOS VCO Based on biasing of oversized MOS transistors is demonstrated. The LC-VCO used here dissipates 0.1114 mW power under 1.8 V supply voltage. The VCO frequency can be tuned from 11.6 to 12.5 GHz with a measured phase noise of 106 dBc/Hz at 400 kHz offset from 12.5 GHz oscillation frequency. Common figures of merit are 185.

Wu Wen

Optimization Design Method of Mountain Tunnel Lining Based on Stress Mapping Return Arithmetic

Due to the construction of mountain tunnels which take the drilling and blasting method of construction, the lining structure parameter optimization is an important problem to be solved. The paper proposed an optimization design method of mountain tunnel lining based on stress mapping return arithmetic, can calculate the lining safety factor with nonlinear finite element method and D-P criterion. After the method theory is introduced, it is applied in Hei shansi lining of tunnel structure’s analysis of Chang an lining of China. The numerical simulation experiment was conducted to study the typical cross-section of Chang an l tunnel lining thickness change on the stability of the tunnel states to discuss the correlation between the thickness of the lining of the tunnel structure and deformation and the internal forces. The result states the method is feasible and has guiding meaning for the tunnel construction.

Zelin Niu, Zhanping Song

Pareto Analysis of Learning Needs about Adult Courses

To improve classroom teaching quality of adult education, teachers are supposed to teach for learning needs of students. In this paper, simple and intuitive Pareto statistical methods is employed for the analysis of courses and learning needs of adult learners with questionnaire and classification. The study puts forward some key factors for teaching contents and presents some analyses of balancing teaching contents, which is significant to flexible teaching and meaningful for teaching effectiveness.

Shuang Li, Ling Zhang

Virtual Experimental Platform in the Network Database Application Development ,

To develop the network virtual experiments education, is to adapt to the modern trend in education to improve the higher education level of the urgent need of modernization. This articles combination with the schools situation to analysis and research, realized virtual experimental platform in the network database application development. Virtual experimental platform, can make the client in do not need to install any database management system of cases, students and teachers can complete database application series of experiments in lesson and various auxiliary functions. In this respect this paper made many try, obtained the certain effect.

Xiaoyu Wu, Wei Dong, Guowei Tang, Huyong Yan, Liquan Yang

An Empirical Analysis on the Interdependence Relation between Higher Education Tuition Expenditure and Urban Residents’ Income—Based on ECM Model

Higher education is a quasi-public product, and the form of tuition standard of higher education should base on social benefits and market benefit. Our public college tuition standard is the embodiment of social benefit and market benefit. But, there also exist theoretic defect and practical difficulties in formulating college tuition standard, such as higher education tuition be high, people burden getting worse and not consider the economic bear ability of residents, etc. On account of the above-mentioned existing problems, in this paper, we firstly introduced the research background and research meaning of higher education tuition; Then, we carried out an empirical analysis on the relationship between Chinese higher education tuition and urban residents’ income with error correction model of econometrics; Finally, we made analysis and explanation on the above-mentioned operation result.

Renjing Xu

Outdoor Sports and Teenagers’ Moral Education

The socio-economic development and growth in the living standard in our country not only creates the wonderful condition for the development of teenagers but also multiplies laziness. What’s more, the negative impact brought by the examination-oriented education system fails to improve the teenagers’ health and psychological quality. So, it is significant for us to try to use “tribulation” or “frustration” to exert an influence on the moral cultivation of the teenagers and the best way to do so is the outdoor sports. This article uses the method of comparative analysis and deductive reasoning to analyze the moral function and effect of the outdoor activity. The conclusions we arrive at are as follows: the outdoor activities can promote the healthy development of the teenagers both physically and mentally. It is suggested that the teachers adopt the flexible and various educational method in order to give the teenagers the moral education in entertaining activities.

Tao Yuping

Language, Culture and Thought from a Perspective of English Teaching

Language is indispensable to any culture and the impact of culture upon a given language is something intrinsic. As far as English teaching is concerned, what we should keep in mind is that language is deeply embedded in culture. Since the mode of thinking, among all elements of culture, decides to the largest degree the linguistic forms in expressing concrete objects or abstract ideas language, differences in thought between cultures should receive the most attention if we want to enhance the students’ awareness of culture so as to prompt their learning of the English language.

Yingbo Liu

Cultural Differences at the Discourse Level in TEFL in Chinese Class

The internal cohesion of the text poses less difficulty than the cultural coherence of the discourse. For most Chinese students, the difficulty in understanding an English discourse mainly comes from three aspects: differences in values and attitudes, differences in customs and differences in thinking patterns for arranging one’s ideas. Teaching of English as a Foreign Language should pay attention to these factors so that the teaching result can be improved.

Yingbo Liu

The SWOT Analysis of New Practical English

SWOT analysis (sometimes referred to as TOWS analysis) is an important strategic planning method adopted to evaluate strength, weakness, opportunity and threat in business organization and its environment. By means of SWOT analysis, strength, weakness, opportunity and threat in New Practical English (NPE), one teaching material for higher vocational colleges, will be analyzed in a systematic way with the hope of providing some reference for textbook reform and the improvement of teaching quality.

Jin-jing Zheng, Xue-shen Liu

Research on New Mode of University Study Style Construction Based on Party Construction Blog

Holding the student-oriented work idea, by analyzing the features and developing trend of university study style construction, and effectively relying on the internet information technical platform, the paper has made a probe theoretically and practically on the combining site of university study style and students Party construction. And it has also built a new mode of communication between teachers and students on the circumstances of network Party construction blog in order to let a hand on the university study style construction and personal training.

Chunlin Li, Shuhong Ge

The Application of CVAVR, AVRstudio, Proteus in MCU Teaching

MCU courses of C51 and AVR have opened in major colleges and universities Most of the current teaching methods are teaching the theory and experimental chamber exercise. The downside is lack of Intermediate links. In this paper, the software AVRstudio and Proteus, can achieve visual classroom teaching, and can single-step debugging AVR microcontroller program. Proteus simulation discussed in the actual feasibility and necessity of teaching.

Lee Xingang, Jia Zhenhong, Wang Liejun, Huang Xiaohui

The Balanced ScoreCard and Educational Technology Management -— Take Research on the Hangzhou College Student Probation Quality Assessment as the Example

Educational technology management has been playing an important role in Hangzhou college student probation quality assessment management. The theoretical part of this article has explored the features and connections between the educational technologies and the Balanced ScoreCard, and has proposed the assessment model according to the four dimensions of the balanced scorecard and then analyzes investigation results based on the four dimensions. At last, based on the results, the paper proposes some valuable advice to the management of college student probation quality assessment.

Xiao-jun Chen, Xiao-yun Yan

Fully Understanding Vocabulary in Five Steps

Based on teaching experience of Chinese as a Foreign Language and personal exploration in the past decade, it is to be found that the lacking and misunderstanding of vocabulary are the main challenges to foreign students when learning the target language(s). However, this problem can be effectively solved by learning vocabulary systematically. So this paper presents a novel method to systematically learn vocabulary, the process of which can be summarized in five steps. On the basis of contrast between teaching practice of 328 foreign students and that of past 206 foreign students, the case indicated that the novel method can improve using Chinese capacity of foreign students greatly.

Zhao-jun Liu

Study and Practice in Major Diversity of Undergraduates Program

With the change of higher education from the Elite to popular personnel training, the explore and practice in educational reform are done to realize the different levels of education and individualized training, to increase the students’ practical hands-on capacity and self-learning ability, to make and implement the major diversity personnel training program.

Ge Baojun, Wang Junming, Li Shanqiang

Analysis of Comparing Mulan-Boxing with Other Aerobic Exercises to Impact Physically on the Old and Middle-Aged Women

Comparing Mulan-Boxing with other aerobic exercises to improve body constitution and the blood lipids composition for the old and middle-aged women. Experimental Methods: Three groups are randomly selected for testing their body mass index (BMI), blood lipid composition to make research on the influence of the indicators, such as their shapes, functions, physical fitness of the old and middle-aged women on which aerobic exercises impacted. It shows the recovery of the fitness function to popularize practice like Mulan-boxing exercises.

Xu Cai-yan

A Study of the Application of English Listening Strategies by College Students

Based on the previous research on learning strategies at home and abroad, this thesis will mainly focus on listening strategy use and listening strategy training in web-based self-access environment,comparing them with traditional environment. The author selected 215 non-English majors from four classes in Nanyang Institute of Technology for this stud. The findings of the present study affirm the value of strategy training. On the one hand, it shows strategy training is valid and feasible. On the other hand, it will benefit both language teachers and students in that it not only helps students become more successful to learn a foreign language but also provides teachers a meaningful way to focus their efforts.

Hong Dang

Practice and Reflection of Computer-Aided Chemical Analysis Experiment

By applying modern multimedia teaching technology to chemistry experiment, it can improve the teaching quality of chemistry experiment. Combining with the practice, Effects of multimedia virtual in experiment was studied in this paper and application of Excel software makes data processing more convenient and accurate.

Li Liu, Jianzhong Guo, Bing Li, Yanlong Feng

Research on the Design of Function Module of Petroleum Engineering Practice Base

Under the new situation of higher education development and reform in our country, deepening the campus practice teaching base construction is the important direction of institutions of higher learning to improve managerial condition, the important guarantee to improve the teaching quality. Petroleum engineering practice base can achieve professional theory study, engineering technology application, the scientific research. According to the scientific development plan, the construction module design of petroleum engineering practice base includes five modules: well engineering module, the crude oil picking and transmission engineering module, natural gas transmission engineering module, indoor simulation practice teaching function module, tools display module. Through the petroleum engineering practice base function module design, it makes the idea, mode of management in practice teaching run on a new breakthrough and forms a batch of high level and higher the practice of influence teaching research results, brings up with “engineer basic skill training senior applied talents”, providing better service to the society.

Fengxia Li, Wenhua Li, Wang Li, Zhengku Wang

Research on Constructing the Practical Teaching Base of Petroleum Engineering

The construction of practical teaching base is an important measure to strengthen practical teaching, and it is also an important content to improve the quality of education. This paper studied the support conditions as well as the necessity and the goal of the construction of practical teaching base, leading the practical teaching base to be a shared platform for teaching practice, which contents the subjects of exploration, petroleum engineering, petroleum storage and transportation, safety engineering, petroleum exploration, petroleum processing and mechanical control. The main function of practical teaching base is for education (teaching and training for undergraduates and junior college students), research and development of applied technology, engineering training and the display of petroleum enterprise culture, and the way to carry out the construction is to combine the school inputs, site allocation and teacher exploitation.

Fengxia Li, Wenhua Li, Wang Li, Zhengku Wang

Study on Constructing the Practice Teaching Base of Petroleum Engineering

The practice teaching base in schools whose construction is close to the production front line of oil field production, is one important condition in training highly-skilled talents with the application ability in the petroleum engineering specialty. Combining the requirement which is the construction of the petroleum engineering specialty with the practice teaching base, this paper summarizes the construction objective of the practice teaching base in petroleum engineering, puts forward the ideas and principles of construction of the practice teaching base, analyses the functions which the practice teaching base of petroleum engineering should meet and discusses the construction pattern of the practice teaching base.

Zhengku Wang, Wenhua Li, Wang Li, Fengxia Li

A Development Method of Resources for the E-Learning Based on VRML

The learning resources play an importance role in the e-learning, which refers to any learning and training method that mainly uses the internet or intranet as a method of diffusion. The VRML can provide a standardized, portable and platform-independent way to render dynamic, interactive 3D scenes across the Internet. In this paper, it is introduced a practical method of developing the virtual learning resources for the E-Learning system based on VRML, which is useful for teacher who want to develop and design the virtual learning resources according to the actual situation of learners.

Xin Huang, Yuxing Peng

Comparative Study on Training Patterns of Entrepreneurial Talents both at Home and Abroad

At present, the inevitable problem that exists in higher education in China is employment after graduation. Comparative study of entrepreneurial education patterns both at home and abroad shows their own features. In Europe and America, entrepreneurial education starts earlier than that of China and their training patterns are comparatively perfect. In China, entrepreneurial education starts later than that of Europe and America, and its entrepreneurial education patterns are formed through learning the other countries’ successful experiences. Some universal methods are summarized by comparatively studying the training patterns of entrepreneurial talents. The training of entrepreneurial talents provides an effective way of solving the problem of employment.

Shufeng Sun, Xiaoman Chen, Pingping Wang

Analysis of Current Strategic Modes of Chinese Higher Education Internationalization

With the integration and globalization of world economy, China’s higher education as an important part of service trade, has been more and more internationalized as well. This paper discusses the strategic modes of China’s higher educational institutions’ internationalization, such as the strategies of “sending and joining, and receiving”, etc. and proposes some corresponding countermeasures for the existing problems, such as “over-commercialization, insufficient government fund support, evil culture eroding, and not blindly copying”, etc. in order to provide some references for the cultivation of more internationalized talents for our country and the whole world.

Wenzhong Zhu, Dan Liu, Yi Wang, Ming Zhang

The Reform and Practice of Automation Excellent Engineers Training Program

According to the training standard and the demands of knowledge ability for the automation, the thought of ladder training for professional abi1ity is employed. The kernel professional knowledge modules, theoretical teaching curriculum system, practice teaching system, cultural and professional quality training system, the curriculum and the corresponding credit requirements are constructed. Then the training plan of the fourth-grade in the enterprise workshop and the graduation project are described in detail. Finally, the effective organization. method of teaching team acting as teacher and engineer is analyzed .Senior engineering and technical personnel of advanced manufacturing technology with engineering consciousness, innovation consciousness, and teamwork consciousness are trained through the implementation of the proposed work program

Haizhu Yang, Jie Liu

Development of the DSP Experiment System Based on the Emulator of XDS510

DSP control and relative technologies have attracted the attention of multi-disciplines engineering researchers and educators, and are becoming a new and active field. DSP control-classes is one of important specialized courses for automation. According to the characteristic of DSP course teaching, this article developed the DSP experimental system based on the emulator of XDS510. The experimental system mainly consists of a CY7C68013A chip, a SN74ACT8990 chip, a XC9536XL chip, a TMS320LF2407 chip, and peripherals on board, signal collection and disposal circuit and so on. The development process of DSP software was introduced in detail and part of experiment waveforms was supplied. The experimental results showed the DSP experimental system had perfect function and run stably.

Jie Liu, Haizhu Yang

Research on Golf Education in China: Its Significance, Characteristics and Future

Golf has entered the educational field for sometime in China. It is not only reflected in the golf specialized education development, but also reflected in the golf sports courses which conduct in Universities, Middle and Primary School. However there is certain blindness and has appeared a few problems in practice due to lack of theoretical guidance. The paper attempts to make some theoretical analysis by discussing the unique educational significance of golf sports at first, then finding the characteristics of golf education, especially the golf higher education. Finally, the author explores some deep thoughts on future development of golf education in China.

Xueyun Shao, Xiaochun Zhang, Xiaorong Chen

The Prediction of Publishing Scale of Literature Books in China—Based on GM (1, 1) Model

In recent years, Chinese publishing industry has got rapid development. The literature books belong to book publishing also increased quickly, which main reasons are as follows: one is our country has rich and long literary treasure, such as the Tang poem, the Song Ci or the Yuan Qu etc. Since the ancient times, they become a kind of way masses pastime and studying, which edified sentiment, improved Nationals overall quality; The other is, in recent years, with the rapid development of our economy, people’s living standards increasing quickly, and ordinary people realized the importance of supplying spiritual nourishment and increased spending on literature books, etc. In this paper, firstly, we introduced the present situation and research significance of publishing scale of literature book; Secondly, we used the grey forecast method and the data of publishing scale of literature book in the recent two decades made a prediction; Finally, we made a summary on the empirical analysis results obtained.

Renjing Xu

The Preference of Computers over Books and Anxiety among Iranian College Students: The Moderating Role of Demographic Factors

With the advent of computers and an increasing tendency toward the common use of new technologies such as computers, the preference between computers and books has remained as a controversial subject. Moreover, lack of equivalence between computers and books is attributed to different levels of Computer Anxiety Rating Scale (CARS) and Computer Attribute Scale (CAS). This study survey tries to consider different reasons of preference between books and computers as well as to delve into the demographic factors effective in their selection among 127 Iranian college students (85 males, 42 females). It is clearly shown that more respondents expected to learn more from books than from computers and one of the reasons behind it is they believe that books are more reliable than computers. Furthermore, the moderating role of factors such as gender, age, and parents’ education is discussed.

Sima Sharifirad, Mohammad Sadegh Sharifirad

Aligning COBIT and ITIL with an IT Academic Courses

In this paper a COBIT framework was discussed as a part of IT academic courses at the MIT University in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. MIT Faculty of Information Technologies develops unique and professional standards into the higher education. It offers modern faculty premises and facilities with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, research and academic collaboration with Universities around the globe and affiliation with many industry partners. Aligning COBIT courses with academic subjects, will make COBIT framework understandable to students and can prepare them to successfully attend professional COBIT courses and take the COBIT Certificates.

Vanco Cabukovski, Vase Tusevski

Investigation and Analysis of Current Situations of Participation in Traditional Sports Activities of Ethnic Minorities by Urban and Rural Kazak, Kyergyz, Mongol and Tajik Residents in Xinjiang

With questionnaire investigation and interview investigation, investigation and analysis of current situations of participation in traditional sports activities of ethnic minorities by urban and rural Kazak, Kyergyz, Mongol and Tajik residents in Xinjiang (“4 ethnic groups in Xinjiang”) were made. The results show that : the 4 ethnic groups report most residents participating in traditional sports activities of ethnic minorities by 1-3 times a year and basically for more than one hour for each of the activities, with horseback sport events leading. Most of the sports activities are organized by the peoples themselves, and held on holidays and festival days of their own groups respectively. Shortage of sports field and no enough time for exercises are the main reasons influencing and restraining the residents’ participation in the sports activities. Changing living idea, living environment and economic conditions and popularization of modern refreshment and entertainment mode and competitive sport events have made big impact on carry-on and development of traditional sports activities of the ethnic monitories.

EnLi Han


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