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2013 | Buch

Effectiveness of Online Marketing Campaigns

An Investigation into Online Multichannel and Search Engine Advertising

verfasst von: Sebastian Klapdor

Verlag: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden


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​Internet advertising has come off age; yet little is known in research and practice about how digital channel advertising really works. The empirical research in this thesis intends to fill this gap and shed light on the effectiveness of online advertising. Two studies are conducted that focus on multichannel online advertising and search engine advertising, the single-most important online ad channel. In an interdisciplinary approach, both studies first develop comprehensive theoretical models based on existing work in related research fields—for example, marketing and information retrieval. This approach pays off and leads to new and insightful findings: - There are synergies in multichannel online advertising: purchase propensity increases when consumers receive advertising messages through multiple channels. - The channel order can influence the conversion probability. - Click-through rates in search engine advertising are influenced through various keyword criteria on semantic and syntactic level The results of this thesis constitute an important starting point for future research in online advertising. Furthermore, the results enable practitioners to improve the effectiveness of online advertising through a more differentiated campaign management approach. Based on its findings, the thesis outlines how a future integrated approach to online advertising could look like.


1. Introduction
The Internet has revolutionized how advertising works: while with traditional mass media, such as TV or newspapers, half the advertising spend is wasted on the wrong audience, advertising messages on digital channels can be tailored to individual consumers at low cost (Economist, 2006; Lewis, 2007).
Sebastian Klapdor
2. Overview on Online Advertising
This section provides an overview on online advertising, which is important for the course of the thesis. Key definitions for online marketing and advertising are first provided to differentiate between the individual concepts.
Sebastian Klapdor
3. Existing Research and Conceptual Foundations
This chapter comprises the theoretical foundation of the thesis. As the overarching theme of the dissertation is the effectiveness of online advertising, the chapter begins with a review of current knowledge in this field.
Sebastian Klapdor
4. Study I: Effectiveness of Multichannel Online Advertising
Chapter 2 shows that consumers increasingly use the Internet to purchase goods and services. To benefit from this growth, firms increasingly invest in digital advertising, and budgets have climbed steadily over the past several years.
Sebastian Klapdor
5. Study II: Effectiveness of Search Engine Advertising
As the first two chapters indicate, paid search advertising is an important, if not the singlemost important, form of online advertising. However, the literature review from Chapter 3 shows that little is known about search engine advertising (SEA), particularly about keywords and matching options.12
Sebastian Klapdor
6. Conclusion, Implications, and Outlook
The relevance of online advertising has substantially increased in the past several years (Section 2.2). However, both research and practice have not been able to keep pace and develop a structured body of knowledge in this area.
Sebastian Klapdor
Effectiveness of Online Marketing Campaigns
verfasst von
Sebastian Klapdor
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
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