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04.06.2021 | Electric Engine | News | Onlineartikel

Mahle Unveils Magnet-free High-voltage Electric Motor

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Author: Thomas Schneider

Mahle has developed a new type of magnet-free electric motor that does not require rare earths. The externally excited synchronous machine is currently specified with a peak power of 140 kW. 

The central feature of the externally excited synchronous machine is the inductive and thus contactless power transmission via a rotating transformer, which allows the motor to operate wear-free and particularly efficiently at high speeds. According to Mahle, the efficiency in the most commonly used driving conditions is over 95 %. The new development is said to be easily scalable and can therefore be used from small to commercial vehicles.

"You can definitely call our magnet-free engine a breakthrough, because it combines several advantages at once that could not previously be brought together in a product of this type," says Dr. Martin Berger, Head of Mahle Group Research and Advance Engineering. "As a result, we offer our customers a product of the highest efficiency at comparatively low cost."

For more technical details on the electric motor, read the technical article Magnet-free HV Traction Drives with Contactless Power Transmission

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