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09.09.2021 | Electric Vehicles | News | Onlineartikel

Audi Shows Electric Roadster Study Skysphere Concept

Patrick Schäfer
1:30 Min. Lesedauer

With the Skysphere Concept, Audi is presenting a number of innovations: for example, an interior as an "experience space" or a chassis with an adjustable wheelbase that provides two different driving experiences.

The Audi Skysphere is the first of three concept cars designed to provide a glimpse of Audi’s future design as well as innovations related to automated driving. An electric roadster, the Skysphere Concept still features the single-frame grille, which now serves as a stage for visual elements such as coming-home scenes or indicates the vehicle's transformation. At the rear is a digitally controlled LED area.

Under the long front hood of the 1.23 m flat Skysphere Concept, the charger, DC/DC converter and actuators, electronics and mechanics for the adaptive wheelbase are located next to the trunk. The electric motor is located on the rear axle and produces 465 kW (632 PS), with maximum torque of 750 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is said to be possible in 4.0 s. The battery modules have been placed between the seats in the center tunnel and behind the cabin. The capacity of more than 80 kWh is to provide a WLTP range of over 500 km.

Two vehicles in one

The study offers two so-called driving experiences: a "Grand Touring Experience" and a "Sports Experience." Electric motors and a mechanism with interlocking body and frame components vary the wheelbase and exterior length by 250 mm. With the wheelbase reduced, the e-roadster, which has been shortened to 4.94 m, is steered in "Sports" mode with 10 mm lowering.

In automated "Grand Touring" driving mode, the 5.19 m long GT picks up the occupants. While driving, footage of the interior and surroundings can be shared via social media. In addition, the fully autonomous vehicle provides information on the current destination, parks itself and takes care of the charging process. The adaptive chassis uses a double-wishbone axle at the front and rear. Steer-by-wire steering allows the steering to be adjusted from direct to comfortable at the touch of a button. The interior of the luxurious two-seater features sustainably produced materials such as eucalyptus wood or imitation leather. The controls such as the steering wheel and pedals swivel out of sight in GT mode, and the large touch-monitor surfaces can then be used for entertainment.

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