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09.03.2020 | Electric Vehicles | News | Online-Artikel

Volkswagen Introduces its ID.4 Electric Compact SUV

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Volkswagen has unveiled its close-to-production ID.4 concept car, its latest model based on an electric modular drive system. The VW ID.4 electric SUV is scheduled to come on the market this year.

The VW ID.4 will initially be available at the end of 2020 with rear-wheel drive, before a version with electric all-wheel drive comes on the market. The electric SUV's design has been optimised with regard to air resistance. "The outstanding aerodynamics reduce the drag coefficient and will boost the ID.4's range by up to 500 kilometres, depending on the drive package," announced Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of the Volkswagen brand.

The VW ID.4's high-voltage battery is located in the underbody. The interior of the new ID model offers a fully digitalised cockpit with a number of touch surfaces and voice control. Volkswagen originally intended to present the close-to-production ID.4 concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, which has now been cancelled. The electric SUV is still scheduled to come on the market in 2020.


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