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30.03.2023 | Electric Vehicles | News | Online-Artikel

Schaeffler Develops Chainless Drive for E-cargo Bikes

verfasst von: Christiane Köllner

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Schaeffler and Heinzmann have developed a drive without a bicycle chain for e-cargo bikes. The first fleet customers are now being supplied with the electric cargo bike drive. 

Schaeffler and Heinzmann, a specialist for two-wheel e-drives, have developed the "Free Drive" chainless drive system for electric cargo bikes. The partners presented the drive system in the summer of 2021 and have been continuously developing it ever since. Following successful field tests last year, production for the first vehicle fleets is now to start. Schaeffler is also continuously expanding its production capacities. The first customer for the drive is CIP Mobility GmbH.

The Free Drive is a drive system consisting of a pedal generator, drive motor, customer-specific battery solution and human-machine interface (HMI), which is marketed by Heinzmann. Core component of the system is Schaeffler's pedal generator. It produces constant pedal resistance and provides electricity for the motor in the rear-wheel hub. It is designed in such a way that pushing the pedals requires significantly less muscle power than with conventional e-bike drives, Schaeffler explains. Surplus electrical energy is stored in the bike’s battery for later use. In this way, the Free Drive can deliver a total drive output of 250 W.


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