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17.05.2022 | Original Paper

A modified indirect vector control strategy for 3-phase wye-connected induction motor drives under open-phase fault

In this paper, a modified indirect vector control (IVC) strategy is proposed for 3-phase wye-connected induction motor (WCIM) drives under the open-phase fault (OPF). It is shown that the 3-phase WCIM equations during the OPF consist of two …

16.05.2022 | Original Paper

Three-phase triple-gain switched-capacitor inverter with reduced component count

A cost-effective three-phase triple-gain switched-capacitor (SC) inverter topology is proposed in this paper. The proposed topology structural design comprises a single source and can generate a seven-level line-to-line output voltage waveform …

16.05.2022 | Original Paper

Investigation of the thermal aging of the natural monoester/paper mixed insulation

Palm kernel and castor oils are two vegetable oils available in tropical climates which have been proposed as an alternative to mineral oils, and their methyl esters, also called monoesters, have been previously elaborated. As the insulation …

14.05.2022 | Original Paper

Multi-criterion fuzzy model for power transformer insulation monitoring

In the present paper, a new multi-criterion-based fuzzy logic (FL) model has been proposed to determine the health index and health status of power transformers. To facilitate an effective decision-making environment, the proposed model …

11.05.2022 | Original Paper

Microgrid state and frequency estimation using Kalman filter: an approach considering an augmented measurement Jacobian matrix

A novel state estimation methodology is proposed in this paper for microgrids monitoring using synchronized and non-synchronized measurements. A Kalman filter model is proposed to track both system states and frequency along the time considering …

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Published in agreement with Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), Electrical Engineering-Archiv für Elektrotechnik features original research papers across the broad spectrum of topics in electrical and electronic engineering, including its intersection with physics. Exploring both theoretical and experimental work, the journal focuses on contributions that are fundamental to the development of electrical engineering and its applications. In addition to research articles, readers will find insightful reviews and letters to the editors.

Electrical Engineering
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