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27.05.2020 | Original Paper

Efficient two-stage offline driver for extra-high-current COB LED applications

This work proposes a reliable and efficient two-stage driver solution for extra-high-current (EHC) chip-on-board (COB) light-emitting diode (LED) applications. An ac–dc boost converter operating in continuous conduction mode is employed to provide …

26.05.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of accumulated surface charges on DC flashover of SiR insulators under pollution and aging conditions

In this paper, the measurements and modeling of the DC flashover behaviors of silicone rubber (SiR) insulators under pollution and aging conditions in the presence of surface charges have been presented. For this purpose, four different types of …

25.05.2020 | Original Paper

Estimation of horizontal multilayer soil parameters using Newton interpolation polynomial and h-DETLBO method

Soil parameters estimation is an essential step to design an electrical substation. In this article, a new approach to evaluate the parameters of unknown multilayer soil model is presented. Methodology based on Newton polynomial interpolation and …

25.05.2020 | Original Paper

Statistical analysis of induced magnetic fields on oil-impregnated insulation pressboards

Electrical insulation materials are highly exposed to electrical network-based electric and magnetic fields in power systems. In electrical fields, electrical insulation materials are prone to breakdown and cause failure. A transformer failure …

23.05.2020 | Original Paper

A novel approach for basic insulation-level (BIL) enhancement of vacuum interrupters

This article introduces a newly developed design method that may be utilized in modern high-voltage vacuum interrupter (VI) design. At first, a typical 24 kV vacuum chamber is modeled using finite-element method. Potential and electric field …

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