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06.05.2021 | Original Paper

A single phase five-level inverter with single and multiple switch fault tolerance capabilities

The reliability of multilevel inverters (MLIs) is of great importance, when they are employed for applications such as aircrafts, electric vehicles, standalone, and grid connected photovoltaic (PV) system. To achieve required output voltage during …

06.05.2021 | Original Paper

Multi-objective visual design method of control system for synchronous motor drives

Design of current controller for synchronous motor drive system can hardly achieve the desired time- and frequency-domain specifications simultaneously, therefore a multi-objective visual design method is proposed. D-partition technique, which is …

05.05.2021 | Original Paper

Overhead transmission lines impacts on neighboring buried metallic gas pipelines

Buried metallic pipelines are used to transmit the services such as natural gas and petroleum products to the citizens. Sometimes these pipelines are constructed in the same pathway of the overhead transmission lines to save the additional …

03.05.2021 | Original Paper

Average value of the DC-link output voltage in multi-phase uncontrolled bridge rectifiers under supply voltage balance and unbalance conditions

Average value of the DC-link output voltage is a variable of interest in multi-phase uncontrolled bridge rectifiers. The aim of this paper is to present a new, effort-saving procedure capable of providing an accurate value of this variable, a …

03.05.2021 | Original Paper

Simulation of the effect of segmented axial direction magnets on the efficiency of in-wheel permanent magnet brushless DC motors used in light electric vehicles based on finite element method

Energy efficiency is primary target for electric motor designers. The Eddy current losses can cause deterioration of permanent magnet machines magnetic properties and increase rotor temperature. Therefore the rotor eddy current loses can decrease …

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