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Modelling and prioritizing the factors for online apparel return using BWM approach

Online apparel industry is suffering from a major issue of return, with a high rate of return for apparels that are sold online it becomes necessary to investigate the probable reasons of return in online apparel industry. The objective of the …


The impact of place-of-origin on price premium for agricultural products: empirical evidence from

The impact of place-of-origin on price premium for agricultural products in the online marketplace has received limited attention in the existing literature. This study draws from the elaboration likelihood model and investigates whether …


A study on cross-border e-commerce partner selection in B2B mode

The emergence of cross-border e-commerce has brought new opportunities to traditional enterprises. This paper discusses the partner selection of cross-border e-commerce companies in the B2B mode. It constructs a theoretical model of partner …


Targeted reminders of electronic coupons: using predictive analytics to facilitate coupon marketing

Electronic coupon (e-coupon) is one of the most important marketing tools in B2C e-commerce. To improve the e-coupon redemption rate and reduce marketing costs, it is crucial to retarget customers who have received e-coupons and have higher …


New approach based on proximity/remoteness measurement for customer classification

Customer recognition provides an opportunity to the customers to think about services in service companies. Classifying customers into different categories based on their satisfaction helps these insurance companies to better manage their capital …

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Electronic Commerce Research serves as a catalyst for new research and a forum for disseminating the latest findings in all facets of electronic commerce. The journal’s broad scope encompasses core enabling technologies as well as the implications of these technologies for societies, economies, businesses, and individuals. Readers will find a host of important theoretical and empirical research findings that are leading the way to a better understanding of electronic commerce and its impact.

A sampling of topics as they relate to the internet and electronic commerce include intelligent agents technologies and their impact; economics of electronic commerce; virtual electronic commerce systems; service creation and provisioning; supply chain management through the internet; collaborative learning, gaming, and work; and workflow for electronic commerce applications.

In addition to its regular issues, the journal publishes periodic issues devoted to a single subject area.

Officially cited as: Electron Commer Res

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