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16.04.2021 Open Access

The effects of China’s cross-border e-commerce on its exports: a comparative analysis of goods and services trade

This study examines the effects of China’s cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) on its goods and services exports to ‘Belt and Road’ (B&R) countries for the period 2000–2018 using a gravity model. We find that CBEC has a greater positive impact on trade …


Linear feedback shift register and integer theory: a state-of-art approach in security issues over e-commerce

Electronic commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the funds transfer between independent organizations and/or persons over an electronic wireless network, primarily the Internet. It focuses on the use of ICT to enable the …


A service recommendation approach based on trusted user profiles and an enhanced similarity measure

Numerous services issued from the emergence of web technologies drive research on how to provide users with trusted and credible services aligned with their needs. To tackle the service targeting problem, recommender systems have been developed.


A reliable location design of unmanned vending machines based on customer satisfaction

The location problem of unmanned vending machine is challenging due to the variety of customer preferences and random breakdown in service. In this paper, we present an optimization model for reliable location design of unmanned vending machines …


Box-office forecasting in Korea using search trend data: a modified generalized Bass diffusion model

This study aimed to develop a new diffusion model for box-office forecasting by modifying the generalized Bass diffusion model with incorporation of search trend data and historical movie-audience data. To that end, first, movie-audience data …

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Electronic Commerce Research serves as a catalyst for new research and a forum for disseminating the latest findings in all facets of electronic commerce. The journal’s broad scope encompasses core enabling technologies as well as the implications of these technologies for societies, economies, businesses, and individuals. Readers will find a host of important theoretical and empirical research findings that are leading the way to a better understanding of electronic commerce and its impact.

A sampling of topics as they relate to the internet and electronic commerce include intelligent agents technologies and their impact; economics of electronic commerce; virtual electronic commerce systems; service creation and provisioning; supply chain management through the internet; collaborative learning, gaming, and work; and workflow for electronic commerce applications.

In addition to its regular issues, the journal publishes periodic issues devoted to a single subject area.

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