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Über dieses Buch

The 2012 International Conference on Emerging Computation and Information teChnologies for Education (ECICE 2012) was held on Jan. 15-16, 2012, Hangzhou, China. The main results of the conference are presented in this proceedings book of carefully reviewed and accepted paper addressing the hottest issues in emerging computation and information technologies used for education. The volume covers a wide series of topics in the area, including Computer-Assisted Education, Educational Information Systems, Web-based Learning, etc.



Student Performances Prediction Based on Improved C4.5 Decision Tree Algorithm

Data mining is a new technology and has successfully applied on a lot of fields. In this paper we applied a decision tree for mining the information that hides inside the student scores. In this paper, the C4.5 decision tree algorithm is improved. Using this improved algorithm, the decision tree model is produced and the classification rules are extracted. Finally, student performances are predicted. This technology helps a lot in middle school teaching improvement, and the quality of teaching becomes better.

Ping Gu, Qi Zhou

Practical Teaching Reform for Digital Image Processing Based on Project-Driven

Practical teaching during undergraduate level is important in higher education. A practical teaching method based on project-driven, which is including four parts such as designing project components, organizing teaching continents, practicing after class and evaluating students. The project components for practical teaching are from teachers’ projects related to digital image processing. Teaching contents are organized by considering project components and teaching syllabus. Different degree of difficulty objects can be chosen by students to satisfy with different students. Finally, practicing score is an important part of evaluating students. The performing result for 4 years shows that the proposed method is an efficient for practical teaching of

Digital Image Processing


Yigang Wang, Shengli Fan, Jialin Cui, Zhuoyuan Wang, Lingong Li

Application and Practice of Multimedia in Water Project Construction Teaching

The paper analyzes the problems in water project construction Teaching and point out multimedia teaching can resolve the problems. According to the characteristic of water project construction, the paper analyzes how to use multimedia teaching method to improve teaching results and cultivate more and more high caliber personnel for society.

Jianhui Wang, Zijie Zhao, Xiaoyu Zhang, Hai Lu, Xiaolin Yu

Computer Assisted Instruction: Free Software Constructing the Procedural Knowledge of People with Moderate and Severe Mental Retardation

In order to reduce the use of illegal software, Free Software Steering Committee was established in 2002, in Taiwan, and in 2003 was actively promoted and integrated into the computer teaching at schools at all levels including special education. The characteristics of free software was to reduce the economic burden of teachers. Also, the free learning activities promoted by the Ministry of Education reduced the cost of teacher learning. In this article, through the hands-on experience of a special teacher, it is found that using free software to make up educational materials is free from time and economic constraints. Teachers can easily follow needs of the student and curriculum at any time to design multimedia teaching materials by themselves; students can simultaneously use teaching media, reducing costs on teaching tools. Self-designed interactive game teaching software can not only effectively enhance the concentration, memory and procedural knowledge of students with moderate and severe mental retardation, but also improve the classroom learning atmosphere. What is worthy of consideration in the future for teachers who are engaged in special education should be how to apply free software to teaching and how to act on its effect.

Shu Chuan Yu, Chih Hong Huang

Technical Design and Realization of Concrete Experimental Teaching in Distance Education

This article discusses the common distance education experimental mode in and out of China, and combines with the development needs of modern distance education of Dalian University of Technology, aim at reinforced concrete beams to study the virtual demonstration experiment. On the basis of its completion conclusion, through the experimental comparison, experimental analysis, data collection, the feasibility means of achieving are proposed, which provide effective reference for experimental teaching mode.

Gangjun Zhai, Ping Dai, Jianxun Zhong, Xiaodong Dai

Motor Velocity Detection Laboratory System Design Oriented to Engineering Education

Aim to overcome the existing weakness of technical education, take motor velocity detection system design as an example, this paper addresses the necessity of engineering education adoption in higher vocational education, and it also detailed describes how it can be achieved by properly designing laboratory training system.

Liheng Ying

Higher Normal College Students’ Social Ability Training of Sports

On the cultivation of college students in the process of sports talents, combined with social demand, put forward the students physical education should be based on the needs of society, the training target is positioned in the field of social sports in mass sports skill instruction of senior personnel, in order to better serve the national fitness service, achieve high students sports ability can, to lay the foundation for lifelong sports.

Pan Shiyi

Research on Identification for a Class of Dynamic System

Because nonlinear dynamic systems are various, they are still not well solved via the traditional identification methods. This paper supposes that an original dynamic system is described by Hammerstein model initially. Its transfer function can then be changed into a simple form via expansion, thus generating an intermediate model and its parameters are obtained by an impoved particle swarm optimization. Finally, the parameters are gotten by the corresponding parameters’ relationships. Accordingly, the original system is identified. To demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed method, illustrative examples are included.

Xiaoping Xu, Yuan Yin, Feng Wang, Fucai Qian

Spatial Configuration Ability Training in Engineering Graphics Course Using CAD Software

A new engineering graphics course teaching mode which aims for training spatial configuration ability using 3-D CAD software is presented in this paper. Through this teaching mode, the student’s spatial orientation and spatial visualization are enhanced and extended, and the ability for innovative design can be cultivated. The training for spatial configuration ability consists of three main methods: basic solid body design, extension model design and special topic design. The basic solid body design can help the students to understand various basic geometric elements and their positions directly on a virtual solid body. The extension model design is useful for divergent thinking training. The special topic design is helpful for creative and innovative thinking. After training for a semester in engineering graphics course, the spatial configuration ability for mechanical engineering student is enhanced obviously, and this ability make them more creative for subsequent professional curriculum and actual production manufacture.

Liang Chen, Ruiqiu Zhang, Jinchang Chen, Jin Xu

Selection and Satisfaction of Customers Attitude to Restaurants in Taoyuan International Airport of Taiwan

The research targets were customers who dine in Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. The research findings on the restaurants in Taoyuan International Airport can serve as references to the Taiwan government and related companies. The results reveal that consumers’ dining motives influence dining preference selection and those arrive at the airport with different purposes would select different types of airport restaurants. The findings indicate that the some factors of consumers’ dining motives and airport dining preference selection would influence their satisfaction.

Cheng-Wen Liao

The Research on Collision Detection in Virtual Reality

Whether collision detection tests interference occurred between objects, it is the key technique in virtual reality. According to different objects, we should choose different ways. Author introduces the collision detection algorithm and research status in detail, analyses the various algorithm and offers the basis theory for the deeper development of collision detection in virtual reality.

Huang Aiqing

WFFS: A SaaS-Based Multi-tenant Workflow Engine

As a new form to access software services by users, SaaS has become an increasingly important service delivery model. Meanwhile, as part of computer supported cooperative work, workflow greatly simplifies the use of workload and improve work efficiency. We propose a workflow engine architecture to support multi-tenant, multi-tenant and introduce the design and implementation of the workflow engine. Multi-tenant workflow engine can identify tenant context based on the current tenants, in this way achieve isolation of workflow data for every tenants, ensure the operation of every tenant’ corresponding workflow. Multi-tenant Workflow engine enables multi-tenant feature in transparent way, so developers do not need to focus on the characteristics of multi-tenant, hence the difficulty of development is reduced. The isolation of workflow data is achieved in the middleware layer, no mater ensures the safety of tenants data, but also reduce the development effort and development costs for service providers.

Bingcai Lv, Shidong Zhang, Zhengzheng Liu, Lanju Kong

A Study of Multi-factor Driven Software Outsourcing Talents Training System

At present, software outsourcing is a new hot spot in industry development, so that how to train talents qualified for this industry becomes the urgent topic needing solving. Combined with practices, this paper analyzed the object and request of software outsourcing talents training, designed the demand-driven curriculum system, came up with a practical teaching system focusing on improving application capacity, and also discussed the cooperative mechanisms between schools and enterprises. Consequently a systematic training system was formed for software outsourcing practical talents to cultivate and improve their comprehensive specialty ability, and enhance competitive ability in this industry.

Yong Zhang, Qifan Yang

Constructing the Web Platform for the Fundamental-Computing Teaching of a Fused of Professional Application

The fundamental-computing teaching of a fused of professional application is a new reform ideas, it includes teaching method reform, teaching content and so on, and the construction of the Web platform plays an important role in the teaching reform. The Web platform of Fundamental-computing courses contains learning resources for the course, answering& exchange ideas between the teacher and students, job submission system, examination system and assessment of learning effect. Relying on this platform, the three-dimensional teaching mode has been formed, and it received good effects in the teaching.

Bing Fu

A Development and Evaluation of Web-Based Annotation and Virtual Composing System for Video of Stream Type

Video of stream type has been widespread used for various educational applications. Nevertheless, the teachers encounter many difficulties when integrating it into instruction, above all, in blended learning. Especially, video composing and annotation are essential and tedious tasks for the teachers before conducting their video-based teaching. In order to avoid the previous dilemma, the main purpose of this study was to develop a web-based annotation and virtual composing system for stream type video materials. The system was named after “etTube (Easy Teaching Tube)”. The etTube system provides divergent kinds of annotation including text-based annotation, voice annotation drawing annotation, static and dynamic overlay image annotation. Specified by the users in this system, the virtual video composition will be easily formed and shared. After conducting a field testing in elementary schools, the participants give a high appraisal on the educational applications of this system.

Ah-Fur Lai, Jon-Shane Lee

The Design and Implementation of Shooting Training and Intelligent Evaluation System

In order to solve the problem that the present shooting training systems can only simply evaluate the shooting results, rather than analyze the shooting technical level in a comprehensive way[1], this paper designs and implements a shooting training and intelligent evaluation system by image acquisition and processing technique, data mining technique, intelligent evaluation technique, database management technique, etc. By recording the trace of the aiming point in a shooting session, the system accomplishes automatic target-scoring and the intelligent evaluation of the shooter’s technique level. It can diagnose the holding stability, hitting stability, aiming accuracy and other technical standards. This system has been successfully applied in the shooting training with 95 military-style rifles in a field unit, and some sports including air rifle shooting can also employ this system.

Zhong Lin, Shunxiang Wu

Study and Simulation of Scheduling Strategies on Vehicle Operating Safety State Monitoring System

Since Vehicle Operation Safety State Monitoring System (VOSMS) requires high level of real-time, task execution time should be minimized through scheduling strategy optimization. In this paper, according to the analysis on functional requirement and system architecture, we present four real-time performance evaluation indexes including system average update rate, system worst update rate, data gain response time and parameter calculation response time. As well, three optimized scheduling strategies from different aspects are put forward. They are update rules, hierarchical scheduling and collateral execution. Numerical results are yielded in Uppaal. The simulation shows that, by use of optimized scheduling policies, system average update rate is increased by 68.35%; system worst update rate is increased by 21.71%; the performance of data gain response time is increased by28.85%; the performance of parameter calculation response time is increased by25%.

Guixiong Liu, Yi Gao, Jianlong Xu

Study of Course System Adjustment Mechanism Based on the Employment Needs

How to train students to adapt the needs of modern social is the reality problem in front of the various colleges. Due to the lack of understanding and mechanism, the social employment needs can not reflect in the school teaching course system, which making the school education is difficult to meet the social needs. In this paper, it proposes the course system adjustment mechanism based on the employment needs. Through the investigation of the demand, the needs of the employer are mapped to the existing course. It can help to find the problems in the course and to given the proposal of the course system adjustment. The results can achieve harmony between the school education and the social needs.

Kuanzhang Tong, Zhanwei Liu, Wei Wang

A Information Steganography System Based on Channel Encoding

Researches on communication security not only include study of cryptography, but also include that on channel security, the essence of which is to hide existence of information. Information steganography is important branch in information hiding field and technical approach to achieve steganography communication. Based on thoroughly analysis and research on information hiding and steganography techniques, the paper gave the model of information steganography system and designed a steganography system based on channel encoding. The system achieves embedment and extraction of steganography with bit replacement method based on pseudo-random sequence, so as to improve the security of system.

Xuan-dong Sun, Xiao-jing Wang

A Data Rights Control Model for a SaaS Application Delivery Platform

Data customization of SaaS application gives tenants the abilities not only to add custom fields for existing tables but also to configure the users’ data rights. However, during the development of applications, ISV has no custom fields information or users’ data rights information. So it is difficult for ISV to control users’ data rights in the application level. This paper proposes a flexible approach which is providing data rights configuration and access control in a SaaS delivery platform. Our approaches can be summarized as follows. First, we build a data rights model. Second, we do data access control by capturing the query requests and add to it the data rights control information based on our data rights model. We conduct experiments on a SaaS application delivery platform, and the results demonstrate that the execution overhead of our data access control scheme is very small.

Jinchai Li, Shidong Zhang, Zhengzheng Liu, Lanju Kong

Structure Analysis of Logistics and Transport Information Platform Based on GPS/GIS

Transport is the main bearer of the logistics function, in the whole logistics system, its main function is to transport goods to achieve spatial displacement, namely, the achievement of goods “space-efficient.” GPS/GIS technology in the logistics industry is mainly reflected in the transport sectors, with the GPS/GIS technology, can provide location-based services to logistics and transport related information, logistics and transportation for the rational and efficient management to provide strong technical support. This point of focus from the system analysis and elaboration based on GPS/GIS logistics information platform to build the framework, system design and implementation issues.

Yuan Shiyu

A Cloud Laboratory Framework Model for Teaching

This paper summarizes 3 essential characteristics of cloud computing and analyzes the common problem of the experimental teaching of computer network course in China’s universities. It then puts forward a cloud laboratory framework model for teaching which bears the essential qualities of cloud computing and then describes 3 service modes of the laboratory and discusses those crucial problems to be solved in cloud course laboratory.

Xiangyang Xu, Huafu Liu

Individual’s Performance Evaluation Model of High-Tech Firms in Science Parks of Taiwan

Performance evaluation aims to probe into individuals’ job performance and progress in order to discover the employees’ potential of being promoted and construct employees’ individual career planning. Therefore, performance evaluation is a kind of systematic approach to acquire, analyze and record individuals’ job performance. By the evaluation, the supervisors can improve the employees’ performance, plan their career, enhance their self-growth and enhance the outcome of business operation. Main purposes of performance evaluation in most of firms are summarized as wage adjustment, promotion, employment and discharge, bonus 5, job guidance, potential development, career planning in addition to manpower planning. The first four purposes refer to assessment, reward and punishment of “reaction” and the last four are “development” approaches. In order to meet the purposes of evaluation, by questionnaires, the researcher probes into the cognition and current implementation of performance evaluation on small and medium traditional enterprises in Taiwan.

Tina C. Chiao

Aspect-Oriented Weaving Framework for Learning Activity in the E-Learning Web System

Web-based solution is the emerged technology for e-learing system. However, due to the nature of web-based interface, each web page couples many bussiness concerns and results in difficult mangement problem. Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) just provides the way to provide separation of concerns. Based on the advantage of AOP concept, we proposed an Aspect-Oriented Learning Activity Weaving framework (AOLAW) to overcome dynamic change problem in the learning activity planning. The renew framework for learning activity design provides (1) three-types weaving feature; (2) AOP features extension; (3) xml-based change configuration. Since our aspect-oriented weaving framework combined with the injection of crosscutting concerns in the dynamic learning activity, the next generation of e-learning system can be realized.

Yuan-Chih Yu, Shing-chern D. You

The Exploration on Practice Teaching Model to Cultivate Innovative Talents Case Study of “Database Technology and Application” Course

The university students in the information age need to grasp the basic thinking methodology to analyze and solve the problem, applying the computer technology into special fields. The key point of cultivating innovative talents is the implementation of practice teaching. Taking the course of “database technology and application” as an example, this paper proposes the reform idea for computer basic courses in university by the exploration of parallel task-driven practice teaching model. With the rapid development of social informationization, teaching notion for college computer basic course is gradually being developed into “for the purpose of application and emphasis on practice” and cultivation of innovative talents has become an important goal for college teaching reform. One major point in the reform of college basic computer course teaching is to strengthen the management of practice teaching in the whole teaching process. The course of “database technology and application”, as the core course in college basic computer course teaching, must be faced with a significant reform in teaching practice.

Liu Minhua

Several Proposals to Improve the Teaching Effect of Fluid Mechanics

This paper discussed the importance of the fluid mechanics teaching in college of engineering and the current problems in the teaching process, and proposed practical solutions. It specifically addressed to the detailed solution on the undefined location of the course, the inappropriate teaching methods, the low interest of students, and the weakness of the practice link, which has a certain reference value for fluid mechanics teaching of the college of engineering.

Hai Lu, Xiaoyu Zhang, Di Jiang, Zijie Zhao, Jianhui Wang, Jianing Liu

Engineering Graphics Teaching Based on Interactive Fusion Mode

This paper analyses the typical problems existing in engineering graphics teaching, structures the interactive fusion teaching mode and puts forwards the detailed execute solution. This mode, more intuitive than common teaching modes, closely combines the engineering softwares and theories and helps people better experience the engineering contact between these two. At the same time, this mode conquers the problem of ‘learning the software for the software’ by adding AUTOCAD into classroom teaching to assist the corresponding chapters and integrate the relatively dispersive chapters into a whole systems engineering with internal logical relation.

Qi Qiu, Heping Wen

Several Reflections on Material Forming Specialized English Teaching

The paper analyses the subsistent disadvantages in material forming specialized English at the present stage. Incorporated with personal teaching practices, this paper puts forward the improving measures in aspects of content, methodology and evaluation methods of material forming specialized English teaching.

He Zhi, Xu Xueli, Zhou Haobin, Peng Tao, Liu Yanming

Study on Factors for Teaching Quality of Higher Education

With the rapid development of information technology, the growing demand for knowledge and talents of the information society and the knowledge economy, people’s aspirations for continuing education and lifelong learning grows as well. In order to meet the needs of learning, China has been expanding higher education, and the development is in the ascendant. This paper, in perspective of the practice of distance higher education, with the method of combining of literature study, questionnaire and practical application, applies evaluation theory and analytic hierarchy process and some mathematical model and tools, analyzes the effect in important factors and key link of distance higher education teaching quality evaluation, and establishes level 3 index system of distance higher education teaching quality evaluation, including 6 1-level indexes, 30 2-level indexes, 95 3-level indexes, and gives the comprehensive evaluation model.

Lingcui Hu, Ping Xu

Knowledge-Chip Supported Content Recommendation in the e-Learning Context

Content recommendation is one of important learning supports in e-learning environments, which is often based on the recognition of the knowledge content itself that have been preset according to knowledge hierarchy. A knowledge-chip is a functional unit of knowledge and encompasses ontological, context and functional dimensions. With a case study analysis, this paper proposes the use of knowledge-chips in supporting content recommendation in the e-learning context.

Luyi Li, Yanlin Zheng

On Teaching C-E Translation to Chinese Advanced EFL Learners

In teaching translation to Chinese advanced EFL learners, the directionality of translation should be considered as an important parameter. More efforts should be made to foster their abilities of applying English for practical purposes in translating and to train them in the C-E translation skills mainly through conducting the syntactic approach to C-E translation. The learners’ competence in inverse C-E translation may be well developed by adopting a constructivism-based two-tiered strategy integrating teaching and learning programs and activities consciously designed to enhance their bilingual proficiency, sharpening their bi-cultural sensitivity, expanding their encyclopedic knowledge, and intensifying their training in applying translation technology involving such internet resources as parallel texts, corpus, etc.

Xiaonong Wang

Combining College English Teaching with ESP Teaching to Meet the Need of Developing Inter-disciplinary Talent

The teaching mode of combining college English teaching with ESP (English for Special Purpose) teaching is put forward to combine college English courses with the majors that students study. It involves the following issues: 1. Setting different teaching objectives for different majors’ students; 2. Carefully designing syllabus; 3. Joint-teaching between college English teacher and professional teacher. The contribution of this paper is that the teaching mode, if it is put into practice, is useful to develop inter-disciplinary talents with “profession + foreign language”.

Chongguo Chen, Gang Chen, Shigui Li

Indexing and Abstracting on the e-Resources: An Evaluation of Web Databases

Web databases or web directories commonly known as search engines, are currently the most effective way to search academic information through the internet. In this paper, the author developed a series of criteria that can be used to evaluate these web searching tools. Two popular web databases are analyzed using this method. By using this analysis, the author compared these two databases in a measureable way. It explores the strong points and weak points of each database when performing appropriate searches. The paper also concludes with a proposal selection of the ideal web database based on the evaluation results. The result of evaluation is beneficial for e-learning.

Liheng Ying

Use SVM to Diagnose Beginner’s Programming Misconceptions – Loop Concept as an Example

The purpose of this study is to develop a web-based diagnostic test system of computer programming concepts utilizing support vector machine and fuzzy theory. The system consists of diagnostic test item management module, expert-based diagnosis module, on-line test module, and account management module. This study developed a series of diagnostic test items of the loop concepts, and used SVM and fuzzy Delphi method to analyze eight kinds of loop misconceptions for the beginners. In order to investigate the accuracy of this system, this study conducted an experiment. In this experiment, the participants take the on-line test, and then complete an inventory of frequent mistakes in their programming. Finally, the result of system diagnosis and the inventory are analyzed by means of Person correlation method. The statistical result indicates that system diagnosis is consistent with the novices’ self perception about their frequent mistake of loop concepts significantly.

Ah-Fur Lai, Cheng-Yu Yang

Application of GA-BP Neural Network in MMS Index Prediction

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) index prediction plays an important role to the development of MMS business. Currently, MMS index prediction model based on back propagation (BP) neural network easily falls into local minimum because of the randomness of weights selection. So the genetic algorithm which is good at global search optimizes weights of BP neural network. Firstly, the genetic algorithm searches weights in the global scope and then BP algorithm further optimizes weights. Finally, the optimized algorithm achieves better prediction accuracy.

Wang Huaibin, Wang Li, Wang Chundong, Zhou Haiyun

Energy Bands Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis and Application for Pattern Discovery Cycle

In the analysis of time series data telecommunications, the subject of MatLab as a tool to introduce the algorithm of wavelet analysis, in the application of Pattern Discovery in Time Series Data Cycle, introduce the use of frequency analysis algorithms to determine the energy cycle approach, and proposed the approach of calculate the local energy by Time, the algorithm can be found in different time periods of different models, gives examples of remote communication.

Li Xiaoping, Cui Huijie, Song Ye, Jiang Zhixiang, Jing Yuhuan, Wu Xiaobing, Xu Qiong, Liang Chunhui, Wang Zhenghong, Liu Xiaohong

Algorithm Analysis and Application Based on Mutation Points Found in Quadratic Wavelet Transformation

This paper, directs at data analysis of remote network business, introduces the algorithm of wavelet analysis in the analysis of users and business (namely the time series data analysis of users’ business). In the application of finding mutation points of time series data, put forward the method of determining data mutation points with the algorithm of quadratic wavelet transformation, to resolve that the sequences with noise are difficult to determine mutation points.

Li Xiaoping, Liang Chunhui, Li Yinxiang, Chen Si, Sun Zhentian, Wu Xiaobing, Xu Qiong, Shi Yan, Li Lishan, Jing Yuhuan

Residents’ Veggies and Fruits Behavior around Remote Areas in Taiwan

The results analyzed by structured equation modeling (SEM) revealed that residents’ attitudes towards veggies and fruits have no influence on behavior. It is concluded from the research results that residents’ scores in attitudes in Guanyin township account for 43.4% composition of total and scores in behavior constitute 30.0% of total. It is thus advised that futuristic research concerning changing personal diet attitude and behavior shall take longer period of time.

Cheng-Wen Liao

Numerical Simulation of Interfacial Effect on Natural Convection in a Partially Porous Cavity

Natural convective flow and heat transfer in a cavity is studied numerically, in which a vertical porous layer along the left wall. Two-domain approach is applied to founded the model in the cavity. Brinkman-Forchheimer-Darcy equation was set for the flow in the porous medium and Navier-Stokes equation for the clear fluid region. 2D stress jump effect including tangential and normal stress was considered at the interface between the porous medium and clear fluid region. The results showed that the stream function maximum and average Nusselt number increases with the increase of tangential stress jump coefficient. For normal stress jump coefficient, similar change could be found except for Darcy number being 10

− 3

. However compared with the tangential stress jump, the influence of normal stress jump was small on flow and heat transfer.

Baoming Chen, Fang Liu, Xiang Ji

The Integrated Model Based on Rough Set and DEA for the Innovation Performance of the High-Tech Industry in Henan Province

By using the method of rough set, we discretized the performance index of technological innovation of the High-Tech industry in Henan province, designed decision-making table and established the method of heuristic attribute reduction, so the performance index system was optimized. Afterwards, the innovation performance of the High-Tech industry was analyzed from 1995 to 2009 based on the DEA (BCC) model. The results show that the efficiency of input-output continues to increase, but there are some fluctuations, the management information of adjusting input-output is brought forward.

Jian Wen, Lijuan Lei, Yawei Wang

A Dynamic Computing Research for Value at Risk (VaR) of Shanghai Stock Market Based on the GARCH Model

This paper selects the Shanghai index of 2006 listed companies after share-trading reform, to analyze the VaR of Shanghai stock market based on GARCH model under different distribution assumptions. The results show that the difference of distribution hypothesis has a great impact on the VaR based on GRACH model. The VaR of Shanghai stock market after share-trading reform can be better calculated after using GRACH model; the VaR got under T-distribution assumptions is too conservative, which a bit overstated risk; the VaR estimations under normal distribution, generalized error distribution (GED) have no big difference and both underestimated risk.

Shi Xia

A Nonlinear Multiregression Model Based on the Choquet Integral for Analyzing the Course Records

The score of the final examination of a student has some relation to the previous records, such as the average score of quizzes, the scores of tests, the number of incomplete homework, and the number of absent class meetings. The relation is usually nonlinear since there are some interactions among the inherent but covert contributions from these previous records towards the final examination. Regarding the score of the final examination as the objective attribute and the previous records as the predictive attributes, the nonlinear multiregression based on the Choquet integral with respect to a nonadditive measure is a proper tool to catch the interaction and, therefore, describe above-mentioned relation well. In this paper, a 2-interactive measure is used as the nonadditive measure to reduce the computational complexity.

Zhenyuan Wang, Yan Nian, Jing Chu, Yong Shi

The Research on the Psychological Quality for University Sports Development Training

The expansion of training in recent years more and more known to everyone, it gradually began to enter the lives of many businesses and individuals. At the same time, college students in all aspects of physical and mental there are many problems to be solved; these problems seriously affect their healthy growth. Students participate in quality development on the effectiveness of training were compared in order to further improve and enhance the overall quality of college students provide information reference material.

Wei Wei

Development of Orthodontics Computer-Assisted Instruction System

Since orthodontic treatments often requires several years, the aim of the paper is to provide a communication vehicle between patients and dentists prior to the treatment. The paper describes the development of a 3D animation CAI (computer assisted instruction) system, which collects many past orthodontic cases and creates a 3D animation for each case. When an orthodontist encounters a new case, a most-similar past case is selected based on the distance between the new and past cases. The 3D animation of this most similar case, which simulates the procedures like moving and morphing from pre- to post-treatment, is shown to patients. A questionnaire was performed. The results showed that most dentists and patients were satisfied with the method, the precision of the similar cases, and the systems usefulness.

Shu-Li Wang, Yung-Yen Chiang, Shih-Yi Yeh

Application Research of Blending Learning in Course Study

Due to the growth within Internet-based technologies as well as human competencies in the use of these technologies, E-learning as a learning system is very popular. But it lacks of interactivity, and it can not mobilize the enthusiasm of the students. This paper presents a Blending Learning method for study of courses, whose structures and application are introduced. Teachers can adjust the progress and teaching content according to the situation students grasped in timely. And it provides some help to the development of Blending Learning in courses.

Xiaojing Liu, Weitong Huang, Xiaoying Wang, Xiaoqing Wang

Teaching Reform and Practice of Pumps and Pumping Stations Course

In view of the pumps and pumping stations teaching characteristics and the situation of China’s higher education reform, specific opinions about the reforms of pumps and pumping stations course are proposed combining with the teaching content, diverse forms of teaching, advanced teaching methods, individualized education, curriculum design and graduate design. At the same time, some of the experience of teaching practice is discussed combining with years of teaching pumps and pumping stations.

Hai Lu, Di Jiang, Zijie Zhao, Jianhui Wang, Junxiang Qiao

Teaching Reform and Practice on the Course of Building Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering

Combination of building water supply and sewerage engineering practice teaching situation analysis, that in the practical aspects of teaching, should strengthen the theory with practice, reform the traditional teaching system, strengthen the practice of teaching and other measures to guide the construction of teachers, train the engineering practice of students.

Jianhui Wang, Zijie Zhao, Xiaoyu Zhang, Hai Lu, Xiaolin Yu

Design and Implementation of Human Resources Management System

Human resources management being a new growth point of university development, its information system has become the key project of university informationization. The new system covers the whole life cycle including faculty recruitment, admittance, training, promotion, dispatch, and retirement. This essay focuses on introducing business and technical framework of human resources management system, describes UniEAP development platform based on SOA, and introduces comprehensive security measures adopted by this system.

Li Ran, Zhenlin Shen

Control Engineering Training System Based QET DC Motor Control Trainer

A novel portable laptop control experiment System was proposed in this paper. The system does not require the space and expense typically required for undergraduate control laboratories and it can be signed out and taken anywhere the student wishes to perform experiments. A set of interactive experiments are designed to cover all the topics required for an introductory course in controls.

Ling Ouyang, Dongyun Wang, Kai Wang

Vehicle Operating Safe State Monitoring System Modeling Method Based on Automata

This paper aims to clarify the information flow for the vehicles operating safety states monitoring (VOSM) system and optimize VOSM system performance. Based on analyzing VOSM system structure and information sequence, the information model for VOSM system is built by automata theory. The relationship among three key parameters including vehicle’s motion attitude parameter (MAP), dynamic load parameter (DLP) and braking performance parameter (BPP) is analyzed and described in this paper. The results indicate that VOSM system model based on automata can effectively describe VOSM system information sequence, and reflects the process of the system state change. Through the model, it will be able to achieve intelligent scheduling in VOSM system, and provide theory basis and reference model for future development and optimization work.

Jianlong Xu, Guixiong Liu, Yi Gao

Design and Achievement on Building Material Virtual Demonstrate Experiment

This article states the research team accomplishes the design and achievement on building material virtual demonstrates experiment by using multimedia, web and field experiment technology. After earnestly study on some domestic references, building material virtual demonstrate experiment system with engineering feature is accomplished, with the view of providing reference to the construction of online experiment teaching resource.

Gangjun Zhai, Liyan Zhao, Weimin Ma, Xi Wang

The Design and Implementation of Pear Pruning Simulation System

Pear tree pruning is very important in production management, but the pear tree pruning management is chaotic. The system will be virtual reality technology into the pear tree pruning management, the use of flash technology to develop common pear tree (trunk-shaped sparse layer, sparse layer of small crown-shaped, natural fun-shaped, the level of scaffolding-shaped, spindle-shaped) and pear tree cultivars pruning process, and the corresponding flash animation into Web pages, allowing users to watch the master as long as the network can be regulated pear pruning methods.

Liu Li, Jia Bin, Ye Zhenfeng, Heng Wei, Zhu Liwu

A Study of the Mobile Technology Literacy Indicators in Taiwan

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has proposed several information literacy competency standards on how to evaluate whether or not an individual has good information literacy. However, due to the popularity of smart phones and Tablet PCs, information technology has shown a significant change, and information literacy indicators have then seemed to be inadequate. The purpose of the study is to add indicators related to mobile devices focusing on the information literacy proposed by ACRL. The study has invited various mobile device experts to be the Delphi group member of the study, and the information technology literacy indicators will be amended to meet the mobile technology concept through the online Delphi questionnaire survey. The study has constructed mobile literacy indicators through 3 online Delphi questionnaire surveys, which are roughly similar to the information literacy indicators, they can, however, meet the mobile technology concept. The study result can be provided as a reference for the self-evaluation of relevant organizations and individuals.

Lin Peng-Chun, Cheng Hsu-Chen, Liao Wen-Wei, Yen Yung-Chin

The Research on Evolution Schema Theorem on Gene Expression Programming

Gene Expression Programming (GEP) from the proposed date, no complete theoretical system, a serious impediment to the development of GEP. To solve this problem, first studied in depth from a theoretical calculation model GEP: GEP gene model is defined and related concepts, the use of probabilistic methods detailed analysis of the single-gene GEP application examples in the evolution of the role of each operator, based on an analysis the results derived GEP schema theorem, proved by experiment GEP schema theorem is correct. GEP model theorem proposed improvements for the GEP algorithm provides quantitative assessment basis.

Huifang Cheng, Jingshun Xue

Deformation Decision Knowledge Extraction of FWP Processing Based on RS and Entropy

Deformation decisions knowledge extraction based on RS and entropy reduction is proposed for FWP processing which processing deformation factors is complex and difficult to extract. Decision table of processing deformation which takes FWP processing deformation factors as conditional attribute and processing deformation level as decision attribute. Changes in the level of mutual information as a condition attribute importance to the decision attribute evaluation, when the greater the change in the conditions the more important attribute for decision attribute. In Application examples, there are 13 conditional attribute in decision table, in accordance with Pawlak reduction methods and genetic reduction algorithm to extract 5 highest impact factors, 4 highest impact factors for FWP processing deformation decision are extracted using entropy reduction method. Prediction error of Entropy Reduction Method is 32.58% less than Pawlak’s reduction method, and 21.45% less than Genetic reduction algorithm.

Yaohua Deng, Guixiong Liu, Liming Wu

Study on Co-allocation Algorithm of Educational Grid Resource

Under grid environment, it is much more difficult to realize resource sharing for educational resources is widely distributed, heterogeneous and dynamic. Meanwhile, several resources together are often allocated to one single task so as to meet its performance demands. This paper advances a co-allocation algorithm of educational grid resources which combines reservation mechanism and backfill technology and takes QoS requirements of users into consideration, and describes the algorithm.

He Yongqiang, Zhang Shunli

Problems and Countermeasures of Network Curriculum in Distance Education

Network curriculum is one of important factors that affect network education quality, which plays a vital role for success of distance education. So the development of high quality network curriculum has become a very important and urgent task in distance education. The network curriculum now has many problems that may affect and restrict its development as single teaching content forms, emphasize one teaching content while lack learning environment design, shortage of self-study resources, weak navigation, lack of evaluation and feedback and lack of teaching activities design. To solve these problems, the paper proposes corresponding solutions, such as enhance the instructional design from learner perspective and guided with advanced educational theory, increased application curriculum and other aspects, so as to meet the needs of distance education courses.

Lian-duo Yan, Hui Jiang, Yan-li Chen

Improved Collaborative Filtering Method Applied in Movie Recommender System

Due to the rapid growth of internet, a useful technology named recommender system (RS) become an effective application to make recommendations to users, nowadays, many collaborative recommender systems (CRS) have succeeded in some fields like movies and music web applications; however, there are also some ways for them to be a more effective RS. This paper introduces a new item-based collaborative filtering method which uses mixed similarity, and it also can solve the cold start problem. A series of experiments are accomplished to indicate that the new method can make a better recommendation than the pure item-based collaborative filtering method.

Tian Liang, Shunxiang Wu, Da Cao

Research of Camera Calibration Based on BP Neural Network

Camera calibration is key technologies of three-dimensional image reconstruction, the traditional binocular camera calibration algorithm needs to create complex mathematical models, while the neural network can effectively handle non-linear mapping problem. In this paper, a method of camera calibration based on BP neural network is proposed, which well describe the non-linear relationship between the characteristics in the three-dimensional point coordinates and the corresponding pixel camera among binocular vision. The experimental results show that neural network-based calibration method for binocular vision can get a higher calibration accuracy.

Yongning Guo, Lihua Huang

Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm Based on Non-ferrous Metals Warehouse Routing Problem Stacker

Automated Warehouse System for non-ferrous metals is the establishment of its physical model. Through the improved adaptive genetic algorithm, overcome the traditional problem of premature convergence of genetic algorithms. through picking stacker established mathematical model, using the improved genetic algorithm to improve on the initial path, the optimal solution, and using Matlab Genetic Algorithms Box conduct a simulation experiment results show that this method converges faster and can get global optimal solution, the stacking machine path planning more quickly and efficiently.

Genglie Zhou, Bo Chen, Chibing Hu, Wuyang Feng

Study on the Performance Analysis of GSM

GSM mobile communication network system is currently the most extensive coverage, highest reliability, and maximum capacity, confidentiality and strong public wireless digital transmission system. GSM transmits data among vehicle units and the monitoring center. The performance of GSM plays a very important role in positioning systems. Real-time UML state machine is intuitive, platform-independent. LSPN is capable of theoretical analysis. Preliminary exploration with examples using real-time UML state machine and LSPN is presented to study the work mode of GSM communication module and analyze the performance of mobile communication network.

Jing Sha, Shanchen Pang

The Application of Ant Colony in Maintenance Combinatorial Analysis

Maintenance disassembly sequence planning is an important part of maintainability design. To tackle disassembly sequence planning problem efficiently, based on the product’s basic information and constraint relations between parts, disassembly Petri net reachable graph is presented. The problem of disassembly sequence planning is transformed into that of searching optimal paths in the graph. At the same time an ant colony optimization algorithm is presented to search the optimal solutions. Through examples verify the effectiveness of the method.

Xia Jian

Study on Fluid Flow Characteristics in Channels by Using Lattice-Boltzmann Method

Lattice-Boltzmann method can be used to simulate macroscopic fluid flow in mesoscopic scale with discretization of time and space. The average behavior derived by LBM for fluid flow could be in accordance with the results by Navier-Stokes equations. The numerical results by using of Lattice-Boltzmann method has been contrasted to CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) numerical simulation results.

Baoming Chen, Sheng’an Li, Dong Wang, Heming Yun, Xiang Ji

The Research on Model of Group Behavior Based on Mobile Network Mining and High-Speed Data Streams

High-speed data stream is a data flow velocity exceeds the processing power of integrated classifier; integrated classifier training can not reach all the most recent data to update the classification model. To this end, this chapter introduces the optimal Bayesian classification theory, and its integration on the basis of analysis of the expected classification error of the bias variance decomposition, and finally presents a sampling bias based on an integrated high-speed data stream classification algorithm (Ensemble Classifiers Algorithm for Classify High Speed Data Stream based of Biased Sample, CDSBS), theoretical analysis is the experimental verification show that the algorithm can effectively reduce the integrated classifier training update at the same time, the classification remains a high classification performance.

Gu JianPing

VGL: Variable Granularity Lock Mechanism in the Shared Storage Multi-tenant Database

Lock technology is important to ensure transaction isolation, but if multi-tenant database continues to use traditional fixed granularity database lock, it will bear a very high burden. In this paper, to satisfy requirements in the shared storage multi-tenant database, we propose variable granularity lock (VGL) mechanism. It provides a lock of one granularity for each tenant who uses the shared storage multi-tenant database. In addition, we give experiments indicating that the performance of VGL is excellent.

Chengliang Sang, Qingzhong Li, Zhengzheng Liu, Lanju Kong

The Research on the Deviant Behavior and Parent-Child Relationship of Juvenile Crime

Adolescence is the transition of children into the adult stage. Young children in physical or physiological changes, sometimes causing young parents in the parent-child interactive communication of distress; In addition, young children in the psychological changes (such as: interest on the popular thing, you need friends with same age, eager to independence, against the authority of the opposite sex interested in seeking self-image, etc.), the same, sometimes it makes young people have difficulty adapting to their parents. Complex causes of juvenile delinquency, many papers discuss various aspects, including physical, psychological factors, family factors, school factors, social factors and diversity into account; including family structure and family relationships interact with youth of deviant behavior.

Wang Qiang

The Functional Design of Learning Resources System with the View of Web2.0 for College English Instruction

Based on the analysis of the main functions of learning resources system for college English instruction, this article firstly points out the weakness of lacking interactivity in the web1.0-based learning resources system. Then, it provides functional designs of web 2.0-based learning resources system for college English instruction. With the supporting of the techniques of SNS, Blog, RSS, Tag and Wiki, the designs attempts to facilitate the communications between students, to stimulate and maintain their motivations, and to increase their participation in learning English.

Chen Jie

The Application of Electric Machine and Drive Experimental Teaching of Web-Based Virtual Laboratory

Virtual laboratory is a combination product of computer technology and multimedia technology. The application of virtual experiment in distance education has reformed traditional teaching models, which has effectively enhanced the effect of the experimental teaching. Based on dealing with the virtual experiments and virtual laboratories, this paper focused on the functional design of web-based virtual laboratory and teaching application in the course of Electric Machine and Drive Experiment.

Gangjun Zhai, Fengli Liu, Lin Liu, Yu Liu

Network Course Construction and Teaching Web-Based Practice of Reinforced Concrete Structural Fundamentals for Adult Education

The modern distance network education based on computer and network technology is a necessary supplement for adult education. It is a new teaching mode established on modern information platform including digital technology, network communication technique, and computer multimedia technology. According to teaching objectives of engineering oriented personnel for adult education, the study and practice on development principle, web-based resource repository, course design and network instruction interaction for network course based on characteristic course of adult higher education- reinforced concrete structural fundamentals are introduced in this paper. The successful experience for promoting adult education development and course teaching demonstration has been gained.

Wenfeng Liu, Jieying Sui, Yangbo Wu

Using Microblogging for the PKM in the Web2.0 Environment

In the era of knowledge-oriented economy, the PKM has become one of the essential factors to an individual’s development and success.Based on the fact that Microblogging has been widely spread nowadays, and based on the introducing and analysis of some features and functions of both Microblogging and PKM, this paper has mainly discussed the potential role of Microblogging in supporting the knowledge classification, knowledge access, knowledge sharing, knowledge innovation, knowledge storage and knowledge transfer, which are absolutely the core of the PKM.

Tingjun Li

Study on Educational Resources Management System Based on Grid Technology

According to the problem of educational resource built repeatedly and dispersedly, this paper analyzed the requirement of educational resource management model. Combined with standard architecture of the grid, analyzed architecture of educational resource management model based on grid, and discussed its key technology. This may provide a new clue for educational resource management.

He Yongqiang, Wang Xuerui

An Embedded Voice Inquiry Experimental Platform for Temperature and Humidity Measurement on the Internet of Things

The paper puts forward an embedded voice inquiry experimental platform which is practiced on the Internet of things. With the high-performance chip STM32 as its main control chip and together with wireless communication module Q2687, the platform controls the module of measurement and utilizes GSM network to realize the function of sending measurement data by playing voice in specific telephone. It doesn’t need background system to realize functions of alarming and remote temperature and humidity inquiring with voice. It is characterized with its small volume, low cost, low-power dissipation and easy utilization. The result of the test shows that the platform is stable and has good compatibility and practicality. As an experimental and educational platform for IOT technology and embedded technology, it has high application value.

Songbin Zhou, Guixiong Liu, Chuanglu Lin

Design of Aeronautic Expertise Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing expands a novel learning space for education field and creates a new environment for resource sharing, information cooperation and learning. On the basis of analysis on distance learning based on cloud computing and its characteristics and to address the problem that aeronautic expertise centered but service objects scattered, a kind of Aeronautic Expertise Service Platform (AESP) based on cloud computing was designed. The functions of platform were given and architecture of AESP based on Google Apps was also presented. The teaching service example of flight principle on the platform illustrates that it can achieve good effect.

Yun Teng

Research on Quality Control System Construction of Distance Network Education

Computer-based distance education network provides new approach for service learning and real-time learning, which also accelerates practice of lifelong education and lifelong learning. However, the quality of distance network education has been a focus of attention by people. Based on problem analysis on network education status as well as standard management and quality control problems faced by distance network education, the paper revealed existing quality problem of network education and proposed relative measures to construct complete network education quality control system, namely aims at Total Quality Management (TQM) of distance education based on building complete distance network education quality monitor system as well as quality evaluation system, so as to improve education quality.

Wen Qin, Hai-ying Li, Wu Qin

An Internet Video Monitoring System Using Embedded Linux

This paper describes a novel Internet video monitoring system. It adopts Embedded Linux technology. The system architecture was analyzed. The hardware and the software were developed. The system already achieved and the USB webcam connecting with the system can be visited and configured by the terminal web browser.

Chunxia Lu, Shaokang Li

Inclusive Design of Computer Aided Learning Facilities for Children with Motion Disabilities

Computer aided learning has become increasingly popular for children. However, children with motion disabilities face a lot of difficulties in computer aided learning due to the poor design quality of the computer aided learning facilities and the devices within them. A case study was carried out in Hong Kong to review the designs of computer aided learning facilities for children with motion disabilities. The findings show that many current facilities are not user-friendly for children with motion disabilities. This paper identifies the deficiencies of current computer aided learning facilities. By considering the degree of inclusiveness, the paper discusses and proposes some design directions of computer aided learning for the children with motion disabilities.

Kin Wai Michael Siu, Mei Seung Lam

Application Study for Simulation Technology in Experimental Teaching of Computer Network Course

In computer networks, the router’s management and maintenance usually have two kinds of methods: one is Web mode, the other is super terminal mode. The former suit to small network, easy learned and used, the latter suit to large and medium enterprises, its management is usually by command mode, so the study is very important tache in computer network teaching for the high value. But the kind of router’s prices is higher, the colleges and universities can’t meet the requirements of the students in China at present. The article is about how to manage and maintain the router by means of simulation technology. Firstly we find out the need of the customers, design the simulation process and mode, do some research connected to the database technology and .net programming technology, and then analysis the efficiency the research result. By applying this simulation mode into experiment teaching computer network course, this attempt may help the teaching or researching fields related to us to reach a higher stage of development.

Wang Tie

An Intelligent Instructing Mechanism for Stream-Media-Based Video/Audio Education System in SME

Through studying worldwide existing stream-media-based video/audio educational systems for SME (small and medium enterprises), it was found that most of software mainly delivers video courses to learners in terms of the sequence of chapters, without providing the functions to implement effective direction for each learning stage of students. It means that most systems can not support individualized and intelligentized mechanisms of instruction, which is disadvantageous for improving learning efficiency. In order to solve this problem, an intelligentized instructional mechanism including an individualized video learning approach was implemented through statically building models of employees’ capabilities based on the analysis of learning styles of employees in SME. This mechanism provides the functions to record learning actions of employees, such as different learning speeds, levels of mastering knowledge, and learning efficiencies. Furthermore, the models of employees’ capability can be optimized according to recording data, which aims to provide a more effective learning scheme with personalized character for learners. The stream-media-based video/audio educational environment based on instructing mechanism enhances the learning interests of employees in video courses and improves their learning effects and efficiencies.

Xiaoying Huang, Xiao Li

Teaching Reform Practice of Course of Routing and Switching Technology

The course of Routing & Switching Technology is a course with strong practicality. This paper proposes the course reforming measures like reforming the experiment part, the teaching methods and means, and the examination forms under the premise of taking the construction of teaching materials as the core, insists that the case teaching method is the dominant ideas for this course and the on-line classes are the powerful supplement for the classroom teaching, and forms a teaching system including theory teaching, experiment teaching in class, comprehensive design and on-line classes. This paper emphasizes not only the theory but also the practice, and it proposes to improve students’ skills through practice.

Considering students’ characteristics and the tough job market, the course reform is imperative. In order to improve the teaching effect of the course of Routing & Switching Technology and students’ interests, to perfect students’ knowledge and ability structure and to shorten the distance between the school and society, according to the teaching purposes and the content architecture of the course of Routing & Switching Technology and combining the features of the professional courses for network engineering, we will carry out a full teaching reform of this course which has a high requirement for practice.

Yujun Zhang, Jiansheng Wu, Liangxu Sun, Hang Yin

Innovation of Software Engineering Graduate Designbased on Life Cycle of Software Development

According to the software engineering graduate design problem that exists in the process, in the analysis of software engineering characteristics and training objectives on the basis of this paper, based on the life cycle of software development methods of graduation design whole process set into four phases, submit seven document, the software engineering thinking into the graduation design process effectively solved the existing problem.

Dandan Li, Liqin Hu, Xuemei Liu

Mobile Data Management Frame of Internet of Things

Internet of things is just like a huge sensor and actuator network, collects, stores, and organizes those data as the content for people and machines to search. A large amount of nodes are recording, transferring and storing these data, and there are many other nodes, through the transformation of intermediate node, integrating the data into the information which is used for searching, analyzing and employing. The paper, based on the new generation of Internet Protocol IPv6, puts forward a model of mobile data management of internet of things and analyzes the fundamental function and workflow of this model.

Wang Jianmin, Fan Tongrang, Hu Yingxin

Novel Technology of Wheel Braking Performance Accessing Based on WEIS

Aiming to the problems of traditional wheel braking performance measurement of wheel Anti-lock braking system(ABS)wheel speed measuring method Limited to slip rate, can not fully measure the parameters of the wheel brake, and is an indirect measurement method, can not true reflection wheel braking parameters. A novel technology of wheel braking performance accessing based on WEIS is promoted. By installing a intelligent three dimensional acceleration unit on hub for vehicle wheel, The slip rate, the braking force originated from the braking system and balance parameters of wheel I of wheel BPP can be obtained from calculating the wheel BPP monitoring model with the direct help of the MAP information and DLP information of the wheel, correspondingly the whole braking force ΣFbi can also be calculated. The experiments show that the braking force originated from the braking system and balance parameters of wheel direct monitoring entirely, truly and dynamically under the experimental conditions, which can detect 4 of all 27 of state monitoring parameters to reach the desired effect.

Mengyao Pan, Guixiong Liu

The Research of Fast File Destruction Based on NTFS

NTFS has become the main file system of Windows. Computer users access data by file system. While deleting a file, the file system only makes some marks but not erase the MFT record and data field, it leaves many traces on the disk. Through certain data recovery means, the deleted file still can be reconstruction. Therefore, file destruction is crucial importance to some secret files. This paper, not only do we introduce the basal principle of NTFS, but also propose an efficient method to destroy file or directory by analyzing the change of file system while deleting a file. This research has significant value in computer privacy protection, classified protection of security information and anti-forensics


Jun Huang, Shunxiang Wu

The Invasion-Tolerant System Design for the COTS Products Based on the Median Voting Mechanism

Tolerance invasion as a kind of new technology provides new methods and implications for protecting network system, and what it pays attention to is the ability of the system to survive under the unavoidable attack. Improved on the basis of analysing and researching the invasion-tolerant model of the general service. This paper proposed a reliable median voting algorithm, which can make more right voting responses and which is more reliable and securable according with the demand of the mechanism.

Chen Jiandi

Design of Networked Intelligent Sensor Module Based on IEEE1451.5

IEEE1451.5 standard standardizes wireless communication modes and data formats of intelligent sensor such as Blue Tooth, WiFi, Zigbee. Networked Intelligent Sensor is designed based on IEEE 1451.5, using low power consumption MSP430F2410 as the core of the signal data acquisition and processing and TEDS data storage, ZigBee-based chip CC2530 realize wireless data communication between STIM to NCAP, and implement plug and play function of network intelligent sensor finally by the LabVIEW. Using it for gas flow measurement and which have been achieved satisfying test results.

Jiang Shifen, Liu Guixiong

Investigation on Electronic Network Information Security Assurance

The development of computer technology is reshaping the world we live. The safety of network information becomes very important for individuals, enterprises and governments. After analyzing the information security problems, the author of this paper puts forward the following measures to keep the information safe: Establishing and improving related laws and regulations; setting up an efficient information safety emergency response mechanism and information protection organizations; drafting and issuing more policies to ensure information safety.

Lan Shourong, Li Xiaojin

Rotary Face Recognition Based on Pseudo-Zernike Moment

With regard to the catastrophe problem of the face image misalignment from random angle for rotating, this paper proposes a feature extraction method of the images based on pseudo-Zernike moment. First transform the image into polar coordinates, and then calculate the multi-stage pseudo-Zernike moment of the image. Next come normalization to remove the gray effect and selection of appropriate order of the moment. Finally the invariant image rotation feature vector can be obtained and the dimensionality, by LDA, can be reduced. Experiments prove that, on the ORL image database with rotation change from a random angle, the recognition rate of alignment is 89%, which, at the same time, has a strong robustness on the white noise.

Zhan Shi, Guixiong Liu, Minghui Du

The Research on Outdoor Video Recovery System Based on GUI

Weather conditions directly affect the quality of the video image, the same scene under different weather conditions, the difference spectrum of the video image can be regarded as only the transfer function caused by the atmosphere. The image degradation caused by bad weather as a result of the impact of air transport system, from bad weather to get to extract still frames of video as a training sequence, it should be on the atmospheric transport inverse weather system model, whereby the video processing, to eliminate the impact of weather on image quality, the video in the GUI to achieve recovery. To achieve better portability and versatility, we made the GUI into the final executable program.

Wang Jing, Chen Dan, Chen Yangmei

Simulation of Large-Scale Isolated Aqueduct Structure under Earthquake Exaction

In isolated aqueduct control calculation, it is difficult to solve complex model by using conventional optimal methods. According to such problem, based on the MATLAB/SIMULINK platform, the finite element model of isolated aqueduct is established, a dynamic program is designed, and the lead rubber bearing is used to control the seismic response. The result indicates the solution method based on the SIMULINK block is simple, precise, and facile, with intuitional and believable results. Setting LRB can efficiently reduce the aqueduct responses. The results from the present study may serve as a reference base for seismic analysis of large-scale aqueducts.

Liang Huang, Yaxin Xie, Bo Wang

A Modified Doppler Diversity Receiver for OFDM

A Doppler diversity receiver for OFDM is proposed by Kim B C [4]. The received signal is first frequency shifted to generate various signal branches. After FFT transformation in each branch, branches output of the same subcarrier are weighted and added together to get the signal which is used to make demodulating decisions. In the conventional Doppler diversity receiver, only the correlations of interferences of two branches less correlated are taken into account when choosing the frequency shift ,so choose the branches with



 = 0.75/


. Different from it, we find that when



 = 0.8/


, the correlations of interferences of three branches are less correlated to each other. Experiment results show that the modified receiver can achieve better BER performance than the conventional Doppler diversity receiver.

Yufeng Ma, Xueyan Chen, Hongyuan Wang, Baixin Mu, Yao Fu

Preliminary Exploration of the Chinese Herbal Medicine Safety Inspection Clouds Information Service Platform

At present, over 90% of the medicinal materials in the Taiwan medicinal material market are imported from the mainland. So the topic of how to make sure the medicinal materials from different areas are harmless to people’s health is worthy of exploration and it is also a challenge in the safety evaluation of the medicinal materials in the future. This research proposes the planning concept of realizing the electrification of the medicinal value chain to make the information public. In this way, not only the needed time for customs clearance will be shortened, but also the domestic medicinal material buyers will know the testing results and the delivery conditions of the medicinal materials at any time. Only the safe raw materials can make people feel ease at using the imported medicinal materials. This research applies the production records to the medicinal value chain to effectively provide clear and traceable message mars. The consumers can buy the guaranteed medicinal materials and avoid buying the unsafe medicinal materials. How to construct a medicinal material security inspection information platform and to ensure its benefits is a very important topic. This research wants to plan a medicinal material security inspection information platform, by which the quality can be guaranteed and the delivery time will be reduced, to make the consumers buy and eat the medicines securely and further build the brand of Taiwan excellent medicinal materials.

Jrjung Lyu, Yintsuo Huang, Jiawen Chen

Geometrical Analysis on End-Face Grinding for Hot Roller with Cup-Shaped Wheel

The technology of On-line hot roll grinding (ORG, for short) is one of new technologies of hot strip mill appearing in recent years. It is distinctly for on-line roll grinding technology to increase quality of production and efficiency of producing, and save energy. Therefore, studying and applying ORG technologies is paid more attention to by iron and steel corporations. Many ORG technologies adopt the type of end-face grinding to rehabilitate hot rolls online. However, few studies have been done on the grinding mechanism for this grinding mode. In this paper, some grinding mechanisms of end-face cylindrical grinding with cup-shaped CBN resin wheel are studied from the point of grinding geometry. The equation is deduced to calculate the contact length. The characters of contact length are studied.

Y. G. Liu, B. F. Feng, G. Q. Cai

Empirical Study on Firm Credit Risk Prediction Based on Default Distance

It’s of great significance that effective recognition and prediction of corporate default risk, improving the resistances to commercial bank’s credit risk and investors’ risk. By KMV model the option pricing theory derived from Black-Scholes and Melton is applied to the risk loans and securities investments. Based on literature review and the reality of Chinese capital market where KMV model to be applied, this article evaluated the shares of limited sales and corrected parameters in KMV model. Then, matching 25 newly default companies in 2010 with 25 normal companies as a sample, the authors calculated the risk of default, using the data of three years before sample companies’ financial deterioration with quantitative indicators for credit risk of the default distance. The results showed that the modified KMV model can accurately distinguish in advance the credit risk difference between default companies and normal companies, leading to a better grasp on changing tendency of firm credit quality.

Hong Zhou, Jingyi Wang, Yilin Qiu

Research of the Formation Mechanism of Widmanstatten Ferrite in 30Mn2 Steel

In this paper, 30Mn2 steel has been chosen as the research object to study the influence of austenitizing temperature on widmanstatten ferrite. The study concluded that: 1) The microstructure obtained under the condition of 1300 °C as the full austenitizing temperature followed by air cooling is somewhat equivalent to equilibrium microstructure; if the sample is austenized at 1200 °C followed by air cooling, the microstructure is composed of massive ferrite and Widmanstatten ferrite; however, the characteristic of Widmanstatten ferrite obtained under the condition of 1000°C autenized temperature followed by air cooling is not evident. 2)There are significant differences in the microstructures obtained under the condition of different austenitizing temperature, which is followed by the same air-cooled cooling. The relative high austenitizing temperature (1300 °C, 1200 °C) and/or low temperature austenite (1000 °C) followed by same air cooling result in the microstructure with weak Widmanstatten charactericstic; but the autstenizing temperature 1000°C followed by air cooling result in the evident Widmanstatten ferrite and in some places it even penetrate across the original Austenite grain boundary.

Yugao Liu

Dendritic Crystal Growth Evolution of Al-2.6Cu Alloy under Different Supersaturation Conditions

In this paper, dendritic crystal growth evolution of Al-2.6Cu (at.%) alloy are investigated by using the phase-field model coupling concentration field equations under different supersaturation conditions. The calculated results indicate that the supersaturation, which is larger in lower initial temperature, plays a very important role in dendritic crystal growth and microsegregation. With the initial temperature decreasing and supersaturation increasing, secondary branches change from sparseness, thickness, and disappearing. The larger supersaturation causes higher faster dendrite growth velocity and solid phase ratio. The change of microsegregation degree is correspondingly complicated. When initial temperature is higher than 829K, the microsegregation degree increases. When the initial temperature lower than 829K, the microsegregation degree reduces rapidly. The simulated results agree well with the solidification theory.

Mingan Zhou

Directional Solidification Microstructure Evolvement of Al-4.5Cu Alloy under Different Pulling Velocity Conditions

Directional solidification microstructure of Bridgman system was simulated using phase-field method, and different pulling velocity calculated results were obtained. When the pulling velocity is 0.08 cm/s, the columnar crystals competitively grow. The space between columnar crystals is the biggest. When the pulling velocity is 0.90 cm/s, the columnar crystals become thinner and competitively grow all the time, and the microsegregation is bigger. When the pulling velocity is 1.60 cm/s, planar interface comes back, and solute trapping takes place. The columnar crystals become much thinner, and microsegregation decreases. When the pulling velocity is 1.80 cm/s, the grain boundary of columnar crystals becomes unconspicuous, and the degree of microsegregation approaches 1. At the same time, the transverse solute profiles is also studied in this paper.

Chunhua Tang, Cui Liang, Jinjun Tang, Meng Xu, Guangming Zhang

Individual’s Performance Evaluation Model of Traditional Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan

Performance evaluation aims to probe into individuals’ job performance and progress in order to discover the employees’ potential of being promoted and construct employees’ individual career planning. Therefore, performance evaluation is a kind of systematic approach to acquire, analyze and record individuals’ job performance. By the evaluation, the supervisors can improve the employees’ performance, plan their career, enhance their self-growth and enhance the outcome of business operation. In order to meet the purposes of evaluation by questionnaires, the researcher probes into the cognition and current implementation of performance evaluation on small and medium traditional enterprises in Taiwan.

Tina C. Chiao

Comparative Analysis of Performance Evaluation Models between High-Tech and Traditional Firms of Taiwan

This research conducted an empirical study by treating the employees in firms or plants as subjects for analysis through the views and recognition toward performance evaluation. The results showed that ⌈ difference analysis of performance evaluation of traditional and technology industries


does not reveal significant difference. However, regarding some aspects, traditional and technology industries indicate different views. That is, comparing the views of employees in traditional and technology industries toward performance evaluation system in this study, in addition to exploring and analyzing the system difference and similarity between traditional and technology industries regarding the implementation of performance evaluation in this study.

Tina C. Chiao

Impacts of Derivatives on Firms’ Value Empirical Results from Chinese Companies

There is no common understanding for the realm of theory and practice to understand correctly whether financial derivatives are used effectively in China today and how the derivatives influence firm value. This paper sorts out literatures of related derivatives and company value, takes 119 listed resource-type companies as the research samples with the data of 2007-2010, and tests empirically the impacts of derivatives upon the firm value. The research results show that the application of derivatives improves the company’s Tobin’s Q, but has negative effect on ROA and is not significant to EPS and cash flow. This means that though the use of derivatives produces negative effect to the profit margin, but at the same time it is conducive for the company to enhance its value, illustrating the use of derivatives is generally effective. This conclusion provides valuable reference for the derivatives of the decision and management of enterprises, investors and creditors, and is also beneficial to supervision of government and to make related policy.

Hong Zhou, Luzhuang Wang, Jiamin Wu

Studying on the Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Biological Tissues

Thermal parameters of biological tissue are important indicators to reveal the capacity of thermal heat transport and heat-carrying and further study of bio-heat transfer mechanisms, and thermal conductivity is one of the basic thermal parameters of biological tissue. This paper achieved a real-time reigning measurement and analysis of thermal conductivity of lean pork, fat, and liver using isothermal heating method: at first, we selected three kinds of biological tissue, each piece of the selection, and put the heat source in the middle position; then, we set five temperature observations which had different distances from the center point, and measured the system power-time curve and the temperature of each point; finally, thermal conductivity data of each point were obtained by the MATLAB processing. The results show that different tissues have different thermal conductivity, and thermal conductivity of lean pork is the largest, followed by liver, and fat minimum; thermal conductivity at different positions within the same tissue are similar. This measurement method and the results have an important significance for developing a deeper study of bio-heat transfer mechanism, the non- destructive temperature reconstruction on tissue, and tumor hyperthermia and so on.

Sheng Zhang, Jie Gao

The Research on Simulation of Vehicle Braking Performance and Definition of Risk Thresholds

Based on the analysis of the theory and structure of truck brake system, main influence factors were found and the model of factors with braking distance was established. Apply the simulation software the paper used Tesis_Vedyna to simulate the vehicle braking performance. By changing the brake pressure, brake friction coefficient and time constant for pressure build-up parameters, to analyze the influence of braking performance. At last the risk thresholds of vehicle status were predicted. The risk thresholds can be used in vehicle safety monitoring system.

Lu Hongping

The Simulation of Plane Measurement Points

In assessing a flatness error evaluation algorithm, the measurement data is always actual measurement of which the true flatness value is unknown, so that it is hard to directly give the accuracy of the algorithm. In order to judge the quantitative assessment of algorithm performance, this paper presents a simulation method of plane measurement points. First, according to analyze flatness definition and determination methods, the necessary and sufficient conditions for extreme points were proposed. Then error composition for measurement points was analyzed and the mathematical simulation model for measurement points was established .Finally, two sets of simulation measurement points were cited to specify the simulation method for plane measurement points.

Yanming Jiang, Guixiong Liu

Identity-Based SIP Authentication and Key Agreement

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is designed by taking the establishment of IP telephone network on Internet as the starting point, which has brought new vitality for the IP telephone services. SIP has faced a lot of security threats due to its own characteristics and the application environment. The vulnerability of SIP has been firstly analyzed in this paper. At the same time, based on the theory of identity authentication public key system, a scheme of SIP authentication and key agreement based on identity authentication has been also proposed in this paper. The structure is simple and the application is easy, which has greatly simplified the certificate management and maintenance as well as effectively improved the safety performance of SIP.

Wu ShaoBo, Li ChengShu

The Research on Influence of Secure Authentication Mechanism for Quality of Service in Heterogeneous Wireless Network

In communication networks, in order to achieve secure communication, security authentication is essential, heterogeneous network security certification study has important theoretical and practical significance. Taking into account a large number of authentication protocols signaling possible existence of end to end delay and communication cost, and thus would undermine the system’s overall performance. This paper summarizes the authentication mechanism and its effect on Qos proposed an analytical model, quantitative analysis, obtain security authentication mechanism can greatly affect the system performance of the conclusions.

Wu ShaoBo, Li ChengShu

Research of Induction Motor Mathematical Frequency Speed Regulation

This design which is based on the theorem of three-phase induction motor mathematical model, builds the three-phase induction motor model through the MATLAB / Simulink, uses the PWM pulse generator to control the inverter thyristors conduction in order to establish a different from the traditional open-loop speed control system of current or the speed double-loop frequency control system, and makes the closed system obtain a better control performance of speed by having changes of the parameters.

Hang Zhang, Delin Luo, Zhengyuan Zhang


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