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Emission Control Science and Technology

Emission Control Science and Technology 3/2017

Ausgabe 3/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

04.08.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2017

Impact of Rapid Cycling Strategy on Reductant Effectiveness During NO x Storage and Reduction

Mengmeng Li, Yang Zheng, Dan Luss, Michael P. Harold

01.06.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2017

Catalytic Conversion of CO2 to CH4 with a Ru Catalyst: Application at Vehicle Exhaust

F. Murena, M. V. Prati

09.06.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2017

Anthropogenic Carbon Nanotubes and Air Pollution

Jelena Kolosnjaj-Tabi, Fathi Moussa

04.09.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2017

Selective Non-catalytic Reduction (SNCR) of CO2 and NO Emissions from a Single-Cylinder CI Engine Using Chemical Absorbents

S. Thiyagarajan, V. Edwin Geo, Leenus Jesu Martin, B. Nagalingam

16.08.2017 | LETTERS AND RAPID COMMUNICATION | Ausgabe 3/2017

World Medical Association’s Concern Regarding Effects of Ultrafine Particles and Vehicular Emissions: Report from 65th General Assembly in Durban, South Africa

Heinz Fuchsig, Manfred Neuberger

01.06.2017 | Erratum | Ausgabe 3/2017

Erratum to: Impact of Emerging Engine and After-Treatment Technologies for Improved Fuel Efficiency and Emission Reduction for the Future Rail Diesel Engines

Carlo Beatrice, Natale Rispoli, Gabriele Di Blasio, Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos, Eleni Papaioannou, Abdurrahman Imren

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