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21-05-2019 | Machinery | News | Article

Motorless Pumps and Self-Regulating Valves

A research group from Saarland University has developed valves and pumps from a silicone film, allowing them to be precisely controlled electronically. Using responsive film movement, the flow can be continuously controlled and the pump performance can be varied.

17-05-2019 | Companies + Institutions | News | Article

Hyundai and Rimac Collaborate to Develop High-Performance E-Cars

Hyundai and Rimac have announced a strategic partnership. They are cooperating to produce high-performance prototypes of electric vehicles, which will later go into series production.

16-05-2019 | Companies + Institutions | News | Article

Volkswagen to Produce Battery Cells in Salzgitter

Volkswagen plans to set up its own battery cell production facility in Salzgitter, Lower Saxony. The Supervisory Board and Board of Management of the Group have decided to invest almost one billion euros in this project. 

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25-06-2019 - 26-06-2019 | Automotive Engineering | Editor´s Pick | Munich | Event plus 2019

10th International Munich Chassis Symposium - To provide an exchange of ideas on the very latest topics, the symposium will be bringing together a large number of experts.

09-07-2019 - 10-07-2019 | Automobil + Motoren | Editor´s Pick | Event

Automotive Acoustics Conference 2019

The 5th international Automotive Acoustics Conference provides an essential global forum for the exchange of information.

12-11-2019 - 13-11-2019 | Electro Mobility | Editor´s Pick | Stuttgart | Event

Grid Integration of Electric Mobility 2019

4th International ATZ Conference - Electric mobility is one of the most outstanding industrial topics of the present.

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