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22-09-2017 | Consumables | News | Article

China Plans Nationwide Rollout of E10 Petrol by 2020

According to media reports, the government in Beijing is planning to mandate the addition of ethanol to petrol mainly to reduce state maize reserves.

21-09-2017 | Commercial Vehicles | News | Article

Nikola’s Electric Semi-Trailer Truck Runs on Bosch’s Electric Axle

Salt Lake City-based start-up Nikola Motor Company is planning to launch two heavy-duty electric trucks by 2021. The hydrogen-electric semi-trailer trucks will run on Bosch’s newly developed eAxle. 

21-09-2017 | Mobility Concepts | News | Article

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Plan Twelve New Electric Models

With "Alliance 2022", the car makers have set themselves ambitious goals, with electrification, connectivity and autonomous driving technologies being the key points of the new agreement. 

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31-01-2018 - 01-02-2018 | Automotive Engineering | Editor´s Pick | Frankfurt am Main | Event

The Powertrain of Tomorrow

12th International MTZ Conference on Future Powertrains
The change in the ecosystem as a factor shaping the powertrain

27-02-2018 - 28-02-2018 | Engine Technology | Editor´s Pick | Baden-Baden | Event

5th International Engine Congress

The 5th International Engine Congress will once again be based on three thematical pillars and will consider passenger car, commercial vehicle engines and fuels in an overall system.

05-06-2018 - 06-06-2018 | Mobility Concepts | Editor´s Pick | Berlin | Event

Grid Integration of Electric Mobility

3rd International ATZ Conference - Improving mobility in the digital age 

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