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01-06-2015 | Research Note | Issue 1/2015 Open Access

Journal of Elasticity 1/2015

A Note on Evaluation of Temporal Derivative of Hypersingular Integrals over Open Surface with Propagating Contour

Journal of Elasticity > Issue 1/2015
Dawid Jaworski, Aleksandr Linkov, Liliana Rybarska-Rusinek


The short note concerns with elasticity problems involving singular and hypersingular integrals over open surfaces, specifically cracks, with the contour propagating in time. Noting that near a smooth part of a propagating contour the state is asymptotically plane, we focus on 1D hypersingular integrals and employ complex variables. By using the theory of complex variable singular and hypersingular integrals, we show that the rule for evaluation of the temporal derivative is the same as that for proper integrals. Being applied to crack problems the rule implies that the temporal derivative may be evaluated by differentiation under the integral sign.

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