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Acta Mechanica

Acta Mechanica 12/2014

Issue 12/2014

Table of Contents ( 23 Articles )

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Frame dependence of stationary heat transfer in an inert mixture of ideal gases

Elvira Barbera, Francesca Brini

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Impact of dynamic subgrid-scale modeling in variational multiscale large-eddy simulation of bluff-body flows

Carine Moussaed, Stephen Wornom, Maria-Vittoria Salvetti, Bruno Koobus, Alain Dervieux

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Inhomogeneous waves at the boundary of an anisotropic piezo-thermoelastic medium

A. K. Vashishth, Hema Sukhija

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Aeroelastic flutter analysis for 2D Kirchhoff and Mindlin panels with different boundary conditions in supersonic airflow

Feng-Ming Li, Zhi-Guang Song

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

A study of a single liquid drop impact on inclined wetted surfaces

Gangtao Liang, Yali Guo, Shengqiang Shen, Huan Yu

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Numerical investigation of nanoindentation size effect using micropolar theory

S. Hassan Salehi, Manouchehr Salehi

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Inverse internal pressure estimation of functionally graded cylindrical shells under thermal environment

M. R. Golbahar Haghighi, P. Malekzadeh, M. Afshari

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Elastohydrodynamic lubrication modeling for materials with multiple cracks

Qingbing Dong, Kun Zhou

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Vibration of FG nanobeams induced by sinusoidal pulse-heating via a nonlocal thermoelastic model

Ashraf M. Zenkour, Ahmed E. Abouelregal

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Modeling and parameter analysis of in-plane dynamics of a suspension bridge with transfer matrix method

Zhiqian Wang, Houjun Kang, Ceshi Sun, Yaobing Zhao, Zhuangpeng Yi

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Thermal and mechanical stability of a circular porous plate with piezoelectric actuators

A. Mojahedin, E. Farzaneh Joubaneh, M. Jabbari

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Stress field around an arbitrarily shaped nanosized hole with surface tension

S. Wang, M. Dai, C. Q. Ru, C. F. Gao

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Bending and vibration analysis of generalized gradient elastic plates

Xiao-Jian Xu, Zi-Chen Deng, Jun-Miao Meng, Kai Zhang

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Analysis on nonlinear oscillations and resonant responses of a compressor blade

M. H. Yao, W. Zhang, Y. P. Chen

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Quadratic B-splines in the analog equation method for the nonuniform torsional problem of bars

E. J. Sapountzakis, I. N. Tsiptsis

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

A method for the analytical description of coupled-field waves in various anisotropic media

S. K. Tleukenov

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Finite element and molecular dynamics models for predicting effective mechanical behaviors of carbon nanotube bundles

Wu-Gui Jiang, Jia-Lin Yao, Shao-Ming Peng, Hong-Ping Zhao

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Reinvestigation of the behavior of viscoelastic damping

R. Luo

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Axial buckling analysis of vertically aligned ensembles of single-walled carbon nanotubes using nonlocal discrete and continuous models

Keivan Kiani

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Shock-induced molar concentration wave propagation and coupled non-Fick diffusion–elasticity analysis using an analytical method

Seyed Amin Hosseini, Mohammad Hossein Abolbashari, Seyed Mahmoud Hosseini

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

The interaction dynamics of a vehicle traveling along a simply supported beam under variable velocity condition

Yi-Ming Wang, Ming-Yuan Ko

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Transfer matrix method for the solution of multiple elliptic layers with different elastic properties. Part II: exterior finite elliptic matrix case

Y. Z. Chen

01-12-2014 | Issue 12/2014

Development of two-phase unit cell: for modeling the deformation and failure response of quasi-brittle composites

S. Hassan, C. Lakshmana Rao, K. Ganesh Babu

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