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12-08-2020 | Research Paper

Improved incremental transfer matrix method for nonlinear rotor-bearing system

Nonlinear rotor-bearing system is one area of interest in rotor dynamics to many researchers, and squeeze film damper (SFD) is one of the main sources of its nonlinearity. SFDs are widely employed to damp the vibrations developed in rotating …

11-08-2020 | Research Article

Predicted aerodynamic damping of slender single beam structures in across-wind vibrations

Slender single beam structures such as antennas, poles, towers, tall buildings are vulnerable to winds and are susceptible to large dynamic vibrations and galloping instability. The aerodynamic damping of these structures is generated due to …

28-07-2020 | Research Paper

Localized space–time method of fundamental solutions for three-dimensional transient diffusion problem

The design of numerical algorithms that can resolve the transient diffusion problem with high accuracy and efficiency has been a hot topic in the fields of applied mathematics and mechanics. The well-known numerical techniques include the finite …

25-07-2020 | Research Paper

Multi-scale mechanotransduction of the poroelastic signals from osteon to osteocyte in bone tissue

Bone tissue is a multi-level system [ 1 ]. Bone structure (cm/mm) can be regarded as the macroscopic level, which is mainly composed of osteon groups, periosteum and bone marrow. The second mesoscopic level of single osteon composed of lamella …

25-07-2020 | Research Paper

Numerical implementation and evaluation of resolvent-based estimation for space–time energy spectra in turbulent channel flows

Space–time energy spectra are used to describe turbulent flows in a wavenumber–frequency space to provide a precise assessment of the characteristic length and time scales of turbulent motions. Therefore, the space–time energy spectra are …

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Acta Mechanica Sinica, sponsored by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, promotes scientific exchanges and collaboration among Chinese scientists in China and abroad. It features high quality, original papers in all aspects of mechanics and mechanical sciences.

Not only does the journal explore the classical subdivisions of theoretical and applied mechanics such as solid and fluid mechanics, it also explores recently emerging areas such as biomechanics and nanomechanics. In addition, the journal investigates analytical, computational, and experimental progresses in all areas of mechanics. Lastly, it encourages research in interdisciplinary subjects, serving as a bridge between mechanics and other branches of engineering and the sciences.

In addition to research papers, Acta Mechanica Sinica publishes reviews, notes, experimental techniques, scientific events, and other special topics of interest.

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