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This two-volume set (CCIS 152 and CCIS 153) constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science and Information Engineering, CSIE 2011, held in Zhengzhou, China, in May 2011. The 159 revised full papers presented in both volumes were carefully reviewed and selected from a large number of submissions. The papers present original research results that are broadly relevant to the theory and applications of Computer Science and Information Engineering and address a wide variety of topics such as algorithms, automation, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computer networks, computer security, computer vision, modeling and simulation, databases, data mining, e-learning, e-commerce, e-business, image processing, knowledge management, multimedia, mobile computing, natural computing, open and innovative education, pattern recognition, parallel computing, robotics, wireless networks, and Web applications.

Table of Contents


An Improved Pathfinding Algorithm in RTS Games

Pathfinding is core component in many games especially RTS(real-time strategy) games, the paper proposed an improvement algorithm to solve the pathfinding problem between multi-entrances and multi-exports buildings. Firstly, the paper studied the A* algorithm, aiming at the buildings with multiple entry and exit characteristic in games, improved the algorithm and make it can find a shortest path by only one traverse between multiple start nodes and multiple stop nodes, avoided frequent call for the algorithm. Secondly the algorithm had given the solution to the actual terrain cost problem, and calculated actual path cost according to the different terrain influence factor. Finally, introduced collision detection to the dynamic path change state space, solved effectively the influence of dynamic path changes.

Xiang Xu, Kun Zou

Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Periodic Evolution Strategy

This paper proposed a novel improved PSO algorithm based on an periodic evolution strategy (PSO-PES). From experiments, we observe that the novel search strategy enables the improved PSO to make use of swarm’s information on velocity more effectively to generate better quality solutions iteratively when compared to exiting PSO variants. And PSO-PES significantly improves the PSO’s performance and gives the better performance than original PSO. Another attractive property of the improved PSO is that it does not introduce any complex operations to the original simple PSO framework. The only difference from the standard PSO is the best solution will update by a periodic evolution strategy. PSO-PES is also simple and easy to implement like the original PSO.

Congli Mei, Jing Zhang, Zhiling Liao, Guohai Liu

Multi-modal Genetic Algorithm Based on Excellent Sub-population Migrating Strategy

The research status of multi-modal genetic algorithm is summarized. By analysis the mechanisms of Niche Genetic Algorithm (NGA) and Simple Sub-population Genetic Algorithm (SSGA), the faults of them are pointed out and a new Migrating-Based Genetic Algorithm (MBGA) with strategy of excellent sub-population migrating is proposed. The concept of complete convergence of multi-modal genetic algorithm is proposed. Using mathematical methods of Markov chains theory, it is proven that NGA is not complete convergence but MBGA is. The simulation experiments for NGA and MBGA are performed and the results show that complete convergence proven above is right, also testify that MBGA has availability on solving multi-modal optimization problems, completely convergence ability and wonderful stability of search results.

Huijuan Shi, Kongyu Yang

The Design and Realization of Fiber Bragg Grating Strain-Testing System Based on Virtual Instrument Technology

The paper choose fiber Bragg grating(FBG) as an object of study, design the test system of FBG and apply it in the strain test of strength beam, obtain the conclusion and the condition of FBG stress system reliability and data validity. And then research the test system of FBG stress based on virtual instrument develop the platform of LabView.

Xiaoping Wang, Hanbin Xiao

A Method of Agent and Patient Relation Acquisition for Short-Text Classification

This paper presents an automatic method to extract the agent and patient relation of the short-texts. With the aid of the “HowNet”, the real agent and patient relation in the real short-texts are determined via the common feature and the “sememe-tree” structure. Moreover, the strength of the relations can be calculated by using the length in the “sememe-tree”. Furthermore, the extracted word pairs are used for the classification of short-texts. The experiments demonstrate the validity of the proposed approach in extracting the agent and patient relation from short-texts. And the relations are beneficial for improving the performance of short-text classification.

Xinghua Fan, Dingbang Wei

Optimization Strategy for AODV Routing Protocol Based on Modified Ant Colony Algorithm

The Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol doesn’t consider the node itself condition in the route discovery. So it may cause some local nodes congestion, thus affects the whole transmission characteristic of the net; Meanwhile, in high-speed mobile network conditions, due to the dynamic change of topology structure, causes the communication link expire frequently, therefore increased the transmission latency greatly. This paper combines with ant colony algorithm, based on AODV routing protocol, proposed a modified routing protocol. The modified routing protocol considers the node routing load, remaining power, routing hop count, and so on. In the route discovery stage, the downward node in communication link makes the judgment to its own situation, avoids the node blindly processing route request; with the improved ant algorithm, the modified routing protocol makes the source node establish many ways to the destination node. Finally, the NS2 simulation shows that the modified protocol reduces the average delay, routing load and packet loss rate while increasing the data forwarding capacity of nodes.

Weihua Hu, Yuanzhou Li

Analysis of Operating Vehicle Handling and Driving Stability Impact Elements

Based on characteristic and theories analysis of operating vehicle, there are some structures which impact on vehicle handling and driving stability mainly such as suspension, steering system and transmission system. And there are some factors which affect vehicle handling and driving stability for instance vehicle speed, lateral forces of vehicle, center of gravity position, tire cornering characteristics, steering system stiffness, steering transmission ratio and vertical axis of inertia moments and so on. Factors including steering system, alignment parameters of wheel, tires, suspension have a greater impact for operating passenger car on vehicle handling and driving stability. But factors including alignment parameters of wheel, centroid height and suspension have a greater impact for operating freight car on vehicle handling and driving stability. Finally, it should take driver and vehicle as a hole for vehicle handling and driving stability analysis.

Xingdong Guo, Wenlong Guo, Hao Zhang, Qibo Wang

Multi-core CPU Based Parallel Cube Algorithms

In recent years, computer hardware technology has greatly developed especially large memory and multi-core, but algorithm efficiency is not beneficial from the development of hardware. The fundamental reason is that there is insufficient utilizing CPU cache, as well as the limitations of single-thread programming. In the field of data warehousing and OLAP, data cube computing is an important and time-consuming operation, how to improve efficiency of data cube calculation is continuing to pursue goals. Based on the characteristics of modern CPU, we have proposed two parallel algorithms TASK_PMW and DATA_SSMW, TASK_PMW is task-based division of the parallel algorithm, each CPU core is responsible for one


; DATA_SSMW is data partition, and scanned sharing raw data, ensure load balancing, has good scalability and high efficient. Through experiments on dual-core CPU, TASK_PMW improve 1/3, DATA_SSMW 2/3 than the original algorithm.

Guoliang Zhou, Han Zhang

The Reflections on the Application of Modern Information Technology into Mathematic Teaching

The current application of modern information technology to mathematic teaching and its status quo of the related research have mixed with expectations and worries. With those two investigations, we finally come to know that it not automatic to convert the information technology into mathematic educational technology, but it makes out only with the mutual integration of the technology itself and its user, which helps us to put forward a series of research subjects of great concern for later studies on this topic.

Ai-Ling Wang

Theory Explanation and Policy Recommendation on Inverted Socialized Support

The concept of inverted socialized support summarizes the all-round urgent supporting actions implemented by the army for rescue and relief to the stricken people and areas in the serious natural calamities. In this article, we discussed the origin of this phenomenon in the way of institutional analysis. At the micro level, we draw a conclusion that the army’s ideology and non-symmetry information urge armyman to pursue his own self-value. At the macro level, we find that the bureaucratic institution and scale economy of the army reduce the transaction costs of the urgent support of rescue and relief which guarantee the effective implementation of urgent support by the army.

Mei Wang, Sheng Zhou, Fei Mao

The Biorthogonality Traits of Vector-Valued Multivariant Small-Wave Wraps with Poly-Scale Dilation Factor

In this paper, we introduce a class of vector-valued wavelet wraps with poly-scale dilation factor for vector multivariant function space. A procedure for designing a class of biorthogonal vector multivariant wavelet wraps according to a pair of biorthogonal vector scaling functions, is presented and their biorthogonality traits are characterized by virtue of matrix theory, time-frequency analysis method, and operator theory. Three biorthogonality formulas concerning these wavelet wraps are derived. Moreover, it is shown how to gain new Riesz bases of space









) from these small-wave wraps.

Yongmei Niu, Xuejian Sun

Combined Contract of Buyback and Pricing Flexibility to Coordinating Supply Chain Under Price Updating

The supply chain contracts are an essential methodology to the coordination of supply chain. This paper focuses on the jointly contracts of buyback and quantity flexibility to study coordination mechanisms in a supply chain. In the fix price case, buy back contracts play an important role to collaborate supply chain system’s profit. In the price setting case, however, it is difficult to realize perfect coordination. In this paper, we investigate the model of jointly contracts by the analysis partier’s expected profits of three scenarios. The first is none of supply contracts is adopted. The second is under the adoption of buyback contracts. The third is under the adoption of jointly contract of buyback and quantity flexible. In doing so, we illustrated the benefit of the joint adoption contracts to the coordination of supply chain and flexible the arrangement of profits between suppliers and retailers.

Lina Yin, Qi Xu

Research for Pharmacodynamic Effect Transitive Relation Based on Regression Method

Research for pharmacodynamic effect is the only way to find new drug of traditional Chinese medicine, and is beneficial to finding the drug new acts.Traditional Chinese Medicine prescription may include some active substance group ,generate pharmacodynamic effect indexs.Whether or no some relationship among the pharmacodynamic effect indexs,is our focus of attention in the paper.Statistical methods is a important tool for research medicine and pharmacy. Explore and analyze the relationship among the pharmacodynamic effect indexs be of great signifiance,the paper put forward research for pharmacodynamic effect transitive relation based on regression method. It was proved to be feasible and effective after tested.

Bin Nie, JianQiang Du, RiYue Yu, YuHui Liu, GuoLiang Xu, YueSheng Wang, LiPing Huang

Analyze the Relationship between TCM Prescription’ Dosage and Pharmacodynamic Effect Based on UD-OPLS/O2PLS

Traditional Chinese Medicine have the secret is dosage, the Traditional Chinese Medical clinical therapeutic effect key is prescription’ dosage. The paper aim to explore and analyze the relationship between TCM prescription’ dosage and pharmacodynamic effect. The methods: the rats were done into diabetic model,and taken Gegen Qinlian Decoction(Radix Puerariae, Radix Scutellariae, Rhizoma Coptidis, Glycyrrhiza uralensis) which have been design using Uniform Design(UD) method, extract pharmacodynamic effect indexs from the rats, analyze the relationship between TCM prescription’ dosage and pharmacodynamic based on Orthogonal Partial Least Square Analysis(OPLS) /O2PLS.The result indicate the order of Variable importance is Radix Puerariae, Rhizoma Coptidis, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Radix Scutellariae,and the Coefficients of TCM relative to the pharmacodynamic effect indexs.

Bin Nie, JianQiang Du, RiYue Yu, YuHui Liu, GuoLiang Xu, YueSheng Wang, LiPing Huang

Design of Sample Integrator and Data Correlations Process for High Accuracy Ultraviolet Photometer

The sample integrators is a key circuit in it and the data processing algorithm play an important role on its precision and processing speed. This paper designed a novel sample integrator and data correlation processing algorithm for improving ultraviolet spectrum photometer. Compared with the tradition spectral analysis method, the designed device is very practical with the characteristics of simple operation, quick analysis speed; high sensitivity and accuracy, good selectivity.

Ping Chuan Zhang, Hai Liang Xie, Hang Sen Zhang

Dust Explosion Test System Based on Ethernet and OPC Technology

Dust explosion characteristics such as maximum explosion pressure, maximum rate of pressure rise, minimum explosible concentration and limiting oxygen concentration are important characteristics to reflect severity and sensitivity of specified combustible dust. A 20L spherical dust explosion test system was developed for dust explosion risk assessment, and the key technologies were described. The test apparatus was developed according to related international standards, and electrostatic ignition was added as alternative ignition source other than pyrotechnical ignition. The control and data acquisition system include programmable logic controller (PLC), personal computer and data acquisition card. The communication between PLC and computer is based on Ethernet and OPC technology. The software working as a virtual instrument was developed using C#. It supports functions of remote control, data acquisition, data analysis and database management.

Nan Miao, Shengjun Zhong, Qian Zhang

Optimizing Amplifier for Improving Ultraviolet Photometer Accuracy

The ultraviolet spectrum photometer is a widely used instrument in science research field and industry applications. Current spectrum photometer uses ordinary circuit structure and data processing algorithm, so its measurement precision and speed needes to be improved. This article improved the ultraviolet spectrum photometer using the lock-in amplifier. Compared with the tradition spectral analysis method, the performance characteristics of the designed systemd are: easy operation, high sensitivity, better selectivity, high accuracy.

Ping Chuan Zhang, Bo Zhang

Game Analysis on Innovative Dynamic Factors and Strategies of Corporations in the Industrial Cluster

Situated in game theory, this article studies and analyzes the innovative dynamic factors of corporations and their choices of innovative strategies influenced by the factors. It draws the conclusion: the innovative impetus of corporations correlates to the factors about their innovative environments such as the innovative abilities, the capacities of the corporations, innovative cost, expected payoffs, and overflow effect of the cluster. Only can the industrial cluster retains the long-term vitality, the competitive advantage, and sustainable development if it has a good innovative environment, an effective innovative incentive mechanism, and inspired endlessly self-innovation. The crucial reason why some of small/medium-sized corporations in the industrial clusters decay is that they lack of innovative abilities and sufficient innovative impetus.

Cai Shao-Hong

Learning Frequent Episodes Based Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models in Sequence Data

We present a non-overlapping serial Episodes Based Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model (EBHHMM). Each EBHHMM is associated with two types of temporal frequent patterns, i.e. non-overlapping serial episodes and the presented SEI (Serial Episode Interactions). Serial episode interaction is a set of non-overlapping serial episodes which are correlated and occurs frequently in sequence. As the key advantage of our approach, we do not need any prior-knowledge to learn the structure of EBHHMM. Extensive experiments perform on real world data demonstrate that EBHHMM gets larger maximum log likelihood (has better quality) than existing models.

Li Wan

Discovering Probabilistic Sequential Pattern in Uncertain Sequence Database

Sequence data are subject to uncertainties in many applications due to incompleteness and imprecision of data. We propose a novel formulation of probabilistic sequential pattern discovering problem and an algorithm UCMiner to discover probabilistic sequential pattern in uncertain sequence database. Extensive experiments evaluate the factors impact our techniques and shows that our approach is significantly faster than a naïve approach.

Li Wan

A Context-Aware Semantic-Based Access Control Model for Mobile Web Services

The emergence of ubiquitous mobile devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops, has sparked the growth of mobile web services. Unlike traditional identity/role based approaches for access control, access decisions for mobile web services will depend on the combination of the required attributes of user and the contextual information. As well as, it is crucial that the policy system can understand and interpret semantics of the context. This paper proposes a context-aware semantic-based access control model (called CASBAC) to be applied in mobile web services environment by combining semantic web technologies with context-aware policy mechanism. The proposed model adopts a context-centric policy method, and grants permissions to users according to current context information and allows high-level description and reasoning about contexts and policies. The model-theoretic semantics of CASBAC is an extension of the model-theoretic semantics defined in the OWL standard and SWRL.

HaiBo Shen, Yu Cheng

Investigation of the Information Security in Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet brings great convenience to our works with the rapid development of mobile Internet. This paper analyzed the concept of mobile internet, indicated the problems of the information security in mobile internet and the technical reasons of these problems, and put forward some feasible suggestions from the following three aspects such as mobile terminal, mobile networking and business application, respectively.

Pengwei Zhang, Xiaojing Jiao, Ruijin Zhou

Network Security Technology in P2P

The current main threat that P2P networks are facing to is network virus, routing attack, access attack, malicious attacks and Sybil attack, etc. This paper summarized the P2P network security technology including anonymous technology, cryptography technology, security routing technology, etc and pointed out that solving the crux of the problem of the P2P network security is the application of trust model.

Pengwei Zhang, Xiaojing Jiao, Ruijin Zhou

The Research and Implementation of Distributed SOA Architecture

This article outlined the basic principle, feature and core technology of distributed SOA, analyzing the distributed object technology and the Web technology integration, describing the differences between distributed SOA and centralized SOA. On this basis, it discussed the function and concrete implementation of SOA in distributed architecture, proposing a SOA based distributed multi-layer architecture and the application integration framework for achieving J2EE. It can connect the distributed application program without constraint and realize the share of data and function among application programs. It not only eases the realization of functional layers, but also provides better maintainability and scalability.

Shujun Pei, Deyun Chen

Analysis on Problems and Countermeasures in EHR Construction of Chinese Enterprises

In recent years, with the establishing of ERP, SAP and other application platform of computer aided management in Chinese enterprises, the construction of EHR also rapidly developed, but there are still many problems and difficulties in the process of development. In accordance with the experience in the teaching human resources management in university and experience in the consulting services for enterprises in human resource management, the author has studied and explored the status of EHR construction and the existing problems. In the paper, the author put forward some suggestions on the construction of EHR, hoping to help the construction of EHR in Chinese enterprises.

Jianlin Qiu

The Security and Prevention of E-Commerce in China

The security of e-commerce is a complex and systematic project which should be safeguarded from technical and legislative perspective as well as other aspects so that various types of problems regarding e-commerce will be regulated. This paper discussed the security issues existing in the applications of e-commerce, and carried out analysis on the security techniques of e-commerce.

Jianlin Qiu

Improved Nonlinear Filter for Target Tracking in Radar Network

Radar network composes many types of radar. This system can outperform each single radar. In this paper, the principle of radar network based on transmitting diversity is described and then the nonlinear filter technique for radar network is presented. In this method, the detection result of each detector of radar network is integrated in data nonlinear filter, a final detection result is get which includes all the information of each detector result.

Lu Jie

Space-Time Signal Processing for MIMO Radar Target Detection

MIMO radar (Multiple input multiple output radar) is a hot topic recently. It can achieve better detection performance than conventional phased radar. In this paper, the MIMO radar signal model is studied, and then the signal processing flow of the MIMO radar is researched. An then, the space time signal processing technique is applied into target detection in MIMO radar. At last, conclusion is drawn. Some item for future research in presented.

Lu Jie

Research on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Min-Max Vehicle Routing Problem

The present study is focused on the Min-Max Vehicle Routing Problem. According to the characteristics of model, hybrid genetic algorithm is used to get the optimization solution. First of all, use natural number coding so as to simplify the problem; apply insertion method so as to improve the feasibility of the solution; retain the best selection so as to guard the diversity of group. The study adopts 2- exchange mutation operator, combine hill-climbing algorithm to strengthen the partial searching ability of chromosome. At last, it uses simulated experiments to prove the effectiveness and feasibility of this algorithm, and provides clues for massively solving practical problems.

Chunyu Ren

A Study of Key Techniques of Subject Information Gateway Service

The purpose of this article is to draw the attention of all sectors of the society to subject information gateway construction and guide the experts in computer science and library and information science to attach importance to utilization and exploitation of key information techniques of subject information gateway service. The Internet survey and literature investigation are research methods of this article. The conclusion shows that people don’t concern about utilization of subject information gateway because of the lack of in-depth exploitation. This paper expounds 4 key techniques of subject gateway service: information organization technology, meta-searching technique, XML technique and computer security technique.

Lanjing Wang

Software Process Integration Based on Design Structure Matrix

A software lifecycle is composed of many software processes which are not independent. In order to improve a process, the process should be integrated into a larger process context environment and the synchronization between processes should be insured. This paper introduces the concept of process modeling and the design structure matrix (DSM) describing complex process systems. By using software process integration as an example, the method of integrating software processes based on DSM is discussed. By analyzing and rearranging the DSM of the integrated process purposely, the process could be improved to reduce the iterative rework in the process and the whole process completion time could be shortened.

Weimin Zhang, Shangang Jia

3D-SSM Based Segmentation of Proximal Femur from Hip Joint CT Data

A new method based on 3D SSM (statistical shape model) is presented for segmentation of proximal femur from hip joint CT images consisting of the collapsing femoral head caused by ANFH. The main idea of the method is to take the biological variability of anatomical shape as the prior knowledge model to guide the process of segmentation. The processing scheme consisted of the following four steps. First, constructing 3D shape model by statistical analysis from a training set. Next, fitting a 3D model to the object. Then, estimating the location of the landmarks by neighborhood points gray information. Finally, model deformation by an iterative process of searching and registration. Experimental results show that the proposed method is efficient to predict and rehabilitate the morphological shape of the collapsing femoral head from the incomplete information in the hip joint CT data.

Weiwei Song, Shukun Cao, Hui Zhang, Wenming Wang, Kaifeng Song

Research on the Real-Time Image Edge Detection Algorithm Based on FPGA

Real-time and effective is the bottleneck of edge detection algorithm. In this paper, six different kinds of classical edge detection algorithm is studied and compared by simulating in MATLAB. The result reveals that three operators, such as Roberts, Sobel and Kirsch are better than the others through the comparison of the edge detection accurateness. In order to improve this performance, the real-rime image edge detection system based on FPGA is designed, which contains image buffer module, operator calculation module and threshold processing module. The testing consequence shows that Sobel edge detection operator is more superior in the limit resources hardware platform.

Xuefeng Hou, Yuanyuan Shang, Hui Liu, Qian Song

Design and Research on a Digital Ultrasonic Test System

A Digital ultrasonic test system which could achieve high speed data acquisition is presented in this paper. The principle of ultrasonic testing is introduced firstly. Base on this principle the structure of ultrasonic test system composed by hardware modules is illustrated in Fig.2. In sequence, each function of main hardware modules and circuits are discussed in detail. In this ultrasonic test system MCU and CPLD played a role of control core to fulfill data acquisition, analyzing and displaying for ultrasonic echo signal of defects in work pieces.

Beitao Guo

Data Mining and Ergonomic Evaluation of Firefighter’s Motion Based on Decision Tree Classification Model

It is effective means to promote firefighter’s clothing design through research of firefighters’ motion. In this paper, substantive data and picture information are obtained by investigation methods. Based on the survey, the motion is systematically classified according to both intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors. The decision tree classification model for firefighters’ motion is obtained by pattern recognition technique. The key features that affect the motion classification are selected by feature evaluation methods. The research lays foundation for research of firefighter’s clothing design.

Lifang Yang, Tianjiao Zhao

Optimization of the Expected Utility Portfolio Selection Model with Box Constraints

A new expected utility (EU) portfolio selection model is proposed under the assumption that the trading volume has the box constraints. In the model, the expected utility function is quadratic. The model is solved by a pivoting algorithm which needn’t be added any slack, surplus and artificial variable, and is easy to operate and works efficiently. A numerical example of a portfolio selection problem is given to compare the new model and the EU portfolio selection model not considering upper bounds. The comparison shows that when the risk preference coefficient is greater than a critical value, the risk and expected return don’t increase as the coefficient increases; The relationship between the risk preference coefficient and the expected return (or risk) is nonlinear while that is linear in the case when short sales are allowed; the efficient portfolio selection considering the box constraints is subset of that not considering the constraints.

Peng Zhang, Lang Yu

Optimal Operation of Hydropower Station Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Hydropower station optimal operation is a complex nonlinear combinatorial optimization problem. An improved particle swarm optimization (IPSO) algorithm is suggested. The culture algorithm is introduced and local random search operator to achieve knowledge structure in belief space and enhance the population diversity and increase the capacity of global search with the introduction of culture algorithm, The simulation results of new algorithm compares with particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and shows that this new algorithm can overcome the shortcomings of the traditional PSO and to gain better convergence speed and computational accuracy.

Xin Ma

Exploration and Analysis of Copyright Infringement Liability in P2P System

The application of P2P system makes the spread of the works faster and more convenient, which also makes the infringement possible. To seek a balance between the spread of cultural and artistic works and the protection of the benefits of the copyright holders, this issue is studied from the perspective of combining Network technology with legal method. It is believed that the principle of fault liability can be applied to copyright infringement in P2P system. According to this principle, as long as the content provided by ICP infringes, it should be responsible for that, the software provider should bear tort liability in case he continues to provide services while knowing or should know the software piracy, the "notice and take down "rules applies to software operators, when evidences shows that someone utilizes P2P system to infringe copyright, software operators shall stop the corresponding service or will be exposed to tort liability. While for the P2P users, they can be asked to take the responsibility for the works in their shared folders.

Jianhong Zhou

Active Synchronization of Different Autonomous Systems

Based on Lyapunov stability theory, a novel active synchronization method is proposed for a class of parametrically excited chaotic systems. The method is predominant in theoretical deduction and engineering realization, the systemic designing of controller is simple, and can be applied to synchronize a class of parametrically excited chaotic systems. The active synchronization of the nonlinear gyros system and the Mathieu function is achieved by the proposed method. The effectiveness and the robustness of the proposed schemes are demonstrated by numerical simulations.

Xiao-Jun Liu, Li-Xin Yang

An Execution Tracing Tool for Multi-tier Web Applications

A precise request tracing tool is essential to help both developers and administrators debug performance problems of multi-tier web applications. This paper introduces a non-intrusive end-to-end runtime path tracing tool named ExeTracer, which does not require instrumentation of middleware or application source code, but is limited to co-located web/application server environments. We present the design and implementation in detail. Further, we evaluate the performance overhead associated with the tool. The results show that the low performance overhead makes it a promising tracing tool for using on multi-tier web applications.

Jian Xu, Hong Zhang, QianMu Li

Uplink Capacity Analysis in TD-SCDMA System

System capacity is one of important parameters in network planning. It is necessary to analyze it so that capacity gets a trade-off between the desired quality and overall cost. In this paper, TD-SCDMA system uplink capacity is analyzed. In the process of analysis, intra-cell and inter-cell interference are considered. What is more, the interference of other systems is considered. Furthermore it also considers the TD-SCDMA multi-user detection for the impact of the TD-SCDMA system capacity.

Hong He, Hong Dong, Tong Yang, Lin He

Inhibit Cross Time Slot Interference Research in TD-SCDMA System

Dynamic channel allocation in TD-SCDMA system belong to wireless resource management category, its main function is responsible for will channel allocation to the community, channel priority sequence, channel selection, channel adjustment and resources integration, thus better able to avoid interference and suit high-speed downlink asymmetric data business and multimedia services. Dynamic channel allocation (DCA) points slow DCA and rapid DCA. Slow DCA will be responsible to the community and wireless resource allocation downlink time buttress switch points adjust, be used to inhibit cross time buttress interference. Each district is divided into two parts, and only the cross time buttress channel resources to located inside, outside the mobile station residential area of mobile station can only use the cross time buttress channel resources.

Hong He, CongCong Wu, Tong Yang, Lin He

The Tightest Geometry for Lowest GDOP in Range-Based 2-D Wireless Location Systems

In wireless location systems the geometry between target and measuring points influences the positioning accuracy of the target. It is usually quantified by the geometric dilution of precision (GDOP). The GDOP depends on the geometry between target and measuring points. In this paper, firstly, a close form for the GDOP is derived as a function of both the number of measuring points and their bearing angle relative to the target. Then, such geometries that produce the lowest GDOP are reviewed with the close form expression of GDOP. Finally, a new geometry is proposed for absolute-range based 2-dimension (2-D) wireless location systems. The proposed geometry not only has the lowest GDOP but also forms the narrowest sector. In the proposed geometry all measuring points are distributed within a sector of


/2, relative to the target.

Qingyi Quan

The Control of an IPM Synchronous Motor Drive Based on Using the Double-Regulation Control Mechanism

In this paper, based on using a double-regulation control mechanism, we consider the control of an interior permanent-magnet (IPM) synchronous motor drive which may be interfaced by uncertainty and/or disturbance. The method can be summarized as follows: First, for the system which contains uncertainties and disturbances, we design the integral feedback by introducing a dynamic mechanism to adjust its gain so that the disturbances and uncertainties can be eliminated. Second, for the remaining part of the system, we choose the proper state feedback mechanism to ensure the required performance. Lyapunov analysis is provided to guarantee the stability of the relevant control system. Simulation results indicate the effectiveness of the method.

Wei Wang

A Hebbian-Based Quantum Learning Rule

Because of the powerful and fantastic performance of quantum computation, some researchers have begun considering the implications of quantum computation on the field of artificial neural networks (ANNs). The purpose of this paper is to explore a universal Hebbian-based quantum learning rule for quantum neural networks (QNNs), at the same time, we concisely testify the converging performance of this new algorithm.

Guang-Jun Xie, Hong-Jun Lv

Design of Electrostatic Elimination System Based on PIC Microprocessor

This paper introduces a kind of electrostatic elimination system based on PIC18LF6520 MCU. The equipment with PIC18LF6520 as control core generates high-voltage by Pulse AC Discharge to ionize the air to positive or negative ions that can neutralise the static in object surface. We can adjust the discharge frequency of stand-alone equipment so that it can have a good ions balance. Furthermore, the equipment can connect with others and transform data to the computer, which can monitor many sets of equipments status through the device’s interface. So the system can eliminate the static electricity of work environment overall and efficiently.

Jingzhong Wang, Jian Wang, Fang Yang

10 Series Battery Protection System Design Based on S-8261

Single lithium battery protection circuit is easy to implement, but it is not widely used at present. This paper introduces a method of realizing power management for a lithium ion battery pack of multi-cell in series. A chip named S-8261 is the main component of the circuit system. The chip was designed for single-cell application. But we use it in 10 series battery protection system. The circuit system can provide over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit protection for lithium battery. Circuit uses a simple and effective measure for energy balance which can improve the discharge efficiency of lithium batteries. At the same time there is a way to solve the heating phenomenon occurred during using. The system is simple to implement, low cost, and also efficient.

Changnian Zhang, Fang Yang, Jian Wang

An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Deliveries and Pick-Ups

The vehicle routing problem with simultaneous deliveries and pick-ups (VRPSDP) is an extension for the classical vehicle routing problem (VRP) where customers require simultaneous deliveries and pick-ups. In this paper, an integer programming model of VRPSDP was presented in detail from the point of bidirectional logistics (including the logistics and reverse logistics). Moreover, an improved particle swarm optimization (IPSO) was proposed to solve the model of VRPSDP. In the algorithm, an ordinal number coding method was adopted based on customers and an auxiliary operator based on integer order criterion (IOR) was adopted, and the evolution equation was improved such that search process was self-adapting with iteration. Finally, some numerical examples were presented to illustrate the efficiency of the proposed models and algorithms.

Chunhua Tang, Taosheng Wang

Research on Coordination Mechanism of Decentralized Assembly Furniture Supply Chain

The coordination problem of a supply chain with


different furniture suppliers in upstream and one furniture retailer in downstream was analyzed. An optimal decision model was proposed under centralized decision setting. In decentralized decision setting, the conventional wholesale price contract can not reach the optimal profit of this furniture supply chain system, then a revenue sharing contract was presented in order to coordinate this supply chain system, specifically, we study and compare the wholesale price and revenue sharing contracts, and obtain optimal decisions and results respectively. Finally, we verify the contract models by adopting a numerical analysis.

Zhongwei Wang, Yixiong Kang

Modeling and Stability Investigation of Single-Ended Forward DC/DC Converter

This paper present small signal model and compensation network for the analysis and design of single-ended forward DC/DC converter in the average current mode, in order to design and simulate amplitude-frequency characteristic and phase-frequency characteristic of the control loop, the state equation of single-ended forward converter is derived. the stability and dynamic response of switch-mode power supplies is elevated by optimizing its compensation network. The results of the analysis are simulated and verified experimentally.

YingWu Wang, JunFeng Wang, LiuJun Di, YouBao Liu, Yang Wang, Kai Wang

A Workflow Instance Migration Algorithm for Improving Time Complexity

The current rapid economic development leads to extremely unstable of the enterprise business flow, so workflow model needs accommodate the dynamic change to better serve for enterprises. The problem of how to make the current workflow instance move to a new workflow model timely and accurately will be solved by the algorithm proposed in this paper. The article firstly illustrates the necessity of using the original workflow instance in new model, and analyzes the errors of the workflow instance migration process, then proposes a new workflow instance migration algorithm for improving time complexity based on Petri nets.

HaiLan Pan, JiaQi Wu, CuiHong Wu

Enterprise E-Business Information Systems Services Integration Architecture

Enterprise e-business information systems utilize the technical methods to exchange the information between heterogeneous systems and share the resource. This paper focuses on the services integration architecture of enterprise e-business information systems. This paper first explores some issues about enterprise e-business information systems, including platform structure, data integration and interface integration. Then this paper analyses the front office architecture and advances a three-tier architecture comprising conceptual tier, user interface tier and operational tier. At last, this paper describes the back office architecture where the elementary services reside. In reality, back office and front office are not entirely separate.

Qing Chen

Saliency-Based Automatic Target Detection in Remote Sensing Images

Automatic target detection in satellite images remains a challenging problem. Previous methods mainly focus on independent detection of multiple targets. In this paper, we propose a simultaneous multi-class target detection approach by using saliency computation. The advantages are twofold. First, saliency map is computed only once for all target types. This saves a large amount of computational time but does not miss any targets. Second, we use small regions, obtained from over-segmentation, to be the elementary unit of detection. This provides shape information to remove most false candidates for the final detection. Experiments show that the targets can be quickly detected and the detection rate is as high as the independent detecting methods.

Wei Li, Chunhong Pan

The Recursive Algorithm of Converting the Forest into the Corresponding Binary Tree

Through analyzing the storage structures of tree, forest and binary tree, the recursive algorithm design ideas of converting the forest into the corresponding binary tree are introduced, and the recursive conversion algorithm description in C was given in this paper. Finally, the algorithm was evaluated from the two aspects of time complexity and space complexity.

Min Wang

Igneous Rocks Recognition Based on Improved Fuzzy Neural Network

The lithology recognition of igneous rock is the foundation of the lithofacies division, the reservoir synthetic evaluation, the well pattern deployment, and the development plan establishment. This paper selected the statistical model of logging-lithology, and established the model of recognizing igneous rock using improved fuzzy neural network method. This model recognized the igneous rock lithology in the research work area. The recognition result show that this method can accurately carry on the lithology recognition in this work area. It is compared with microscope analysis lithology. Results show that it is reliable. Recognition precision is high, and practicability is better.

Xiaoyan Tang, Zhidi Liu

Recognizing Water-Flooded Zones Using the Maximum Subordinate Degree Method

In the later periods of oilfield development, the effective recognition of water-flooded zones is especially important to research the remained oil distribution and the adjustment development plan. After the basic principle of the maximum subordinate degree method is in detail introduced, the recognition parameters are selected according to the logging characteristic of water-flooded zones in the research work area, and then the model of recognizing water-flooded zones is established. Based on this model, the water-flooded zones in the work area are distinguished. The recognition results show that this method can accurately distinguish water-flooded zones. The recognition rate can satisfy the precision request of water-flooded zones in oilfield development.

Xiaoyan Tang, Zhidi Liu

Fouling Detection Based on Analysis of Ultrasonic Time-Domain Reflectometry Using Wavelet Transform

Fouling testing based on the principle of UTDR (Ultrasonic Time-Domain Reflectometry) was studied with the pulse transmitting & receiving device and immersion transducer. The fouling on the panel was generated artificially with Sodium carbonate and Calcium chloride, the speed of sound in both of the fouling and water was calibrated by UTDR, then testing waves was recorded by the oscilloscope and deal with and analyze the ultrasonic signals in time-frequency domain with the theory of wavelet transform. The thickness of fouling on the panel was measured quantitatively.

Lingfang Sun, Guoliang Feng, Wenxuan Lu

Design of Circuits for Transmitting and Receiving in Ultrasonic Transducers

This paper introduces the design process of ultrasonic transmitting and receiving device. The designed circuit of DC/DC high voltage power supply’s control chip is TL494, provide a voltage 260V DC. The transmitting and receiving circuits are based on the control of single chip computer, and generate high voltage pulsed by the theory of capacitor discharge. The wide-range dynamic echo signal is amplified by the circuit of logarithmic amplifier, and processed by the software resources on the PC. The experimental results show that the circuit completed works well and stable.

Guoliang Feng, Lingfang Sun

Research on Biomimetic Robot-Crocodile Used for Cleaning Industrial Pipes

Industry pipeworks has already seen a wide use, but cleaning piping is a problem needed to be solved urgently at present. Based on the types of cleaning piping, this paper presents a biomimetic robot in the shape of crocodile, and makes related research with the crocodile’s physiological features, movement patterns, digestive mechanism and so on.The research correlates biological characteristics with the achieving function in actual system, at last forming a new industrial pipeline cleaning way by the method of combining physics and chemistry.

Zhixiang Li, Jing Zheng, Xin Lin

Research on Test System of Automobile Clutch Comprehensive Performance Based on Virtual Instrument

In order to obtain the clutch’s operating performance and related characteristic accurately and completely, the automobile clutch comprehensive performance detection platform was designed. The working condition of the different models of clutch could be simulated and a variety of specifications clutch comprehensive performance could be tested by using the single device. According to the big disturbance torque and high requirement of control accuracy, a fuzzy-PID control algorithm was proposed for the rotational speed control. Based on the virtual instrument technology of National Instruments Corporation, the interface and data acquisition programs are developed. The results of simulation and experiment show that the accuracy and efficiency have been improved and the test system works stable and credible.

JingXuan Jin, RongYi Cui

An Enhanced System Level to Link Level Mapping Method for 3GPP LTE System Level Simulation

In this paper, we studied the mapping method between system level (SL) to link level (LL) in 3GPP LTE system level simulation using effective exponential SNR mapping (EESM) and mutual-information effective SNR mapping (MI-ESM). We present our faster way to find out the effective SINR in EESM based on statistical information of spatial channel model in LTE-A. A compare of computational complexity and accuracy between SL and LL using EESM, MI-ESM is performed to prove our idea.

Yuan Gao, HongYi Yu

Improved Sparsing of Extended Information Filter for Vision-SLAM

There are a number of algorithms used on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(SLAM). The sparse extended information filter (SEIF) algorithm is deduced by the sparsification treatment to EIF algorithm, which is the information form of EKF. SEIF has been successfully implemented with a variety of challenging real-world data sets and has lead to new insights into scalable SLAM. However, the computational burden related to information matrix balloons with respect to the increase of the mapped landmarks, the most computational cost is in recovery information matrix (inverse matrix).In this paper, by analyzing the every steps of information matrix update in SEIF process, A sparsification rule is put forward, which enforce the elements into zero according to setting a threshold and computer inverse information matrix with the method of tri-diagonal matrix splitting according to observation information of sparsification time. the computational complexity is much lower by using new sparsification rule. The algorithm used in vision-SLAM shows that the computational complexity of the SEIF algorithm is a constant, which is independent of environment features. That means SEIF has a high value of application in large-scale environment with a large number of features.

Xiaohua Wang, Daixian Zhu

MPVS: A Method for the Repeats Masking-Off and Pre-merging in DNA Fragment Assembly

A method named MPVS (masking and pre-merging repeats based on variable-length substring) is proposed in this paper. The method records information of all variable-length substrings in shotgun set with a statistical table. It can recognize repeats in different shotgun fragments and merge them with the same variable-length substring by the statistical table. The computer simulations show that the rate of repeats recognition with MPVS is higher than with fixed-length substrings method, and the CPU time of DNA fragment assembly will be reduced too.

Kui Cai, Jincai Yang

Local Fractional Laplace’s Transform Based on the Local Fractional Calculus

In this paper, a new modeling for the local fractional Laplace’s transform based on the local fractional calculus is proposed in fractional space. The properties of the local fractional Laplace’s transform are obtained and an illustrative example for the local fractional system is investigated in detail.

Xiaojun Yang

Fundamentals of Local Fractional Iteration of the Continuously Nondifferentiable Functions Derived from Local Fractional Calculus

A new possible modeling for the local fractional iteration process is proposed in this paper. Based on the local fractional Taylor’s series, the fundamentals of local fractional iteration of the continuously non-differentiable functions are derived from local fractional calculus in fractional space.

Xiaojun Yang, Feng Gao

Industrial Enterprises Development and Utilization of Information Resource

The Information resource is an industrial enterprise after materials, energy of the important resource. Information resource development and will further promote the social progress and development, Will become the key of business survival and development. Present, a few enterprises are not enough to information resource development, Information resource values is not widespread. Development and use of information resource, should attach great importance of the enterprise. This paper out of information resource, Industrial Information Resource Utilization, Advanced enterprise information resource development and utilization of industrial experience in industrial enterprises in terms of development and utilization of information resource.

Jianmin Xie, Qin Qin

A Corpus-Based Study on Vocabulary of College English Coursebooks

This study bases on self-built “College English Coursebook Corpus”, using Cunningsworth [1] theories, taking College English Curriculum Requirements (Requirements) [2] as criterion, with a combination of quantitative and qualitative approach to explore the vocabulary of four sets of coursebooks. The comparative study on vocabulary includes four aspects: vocabulary size, coverage, distribution and frequency. It is hoped that the statistics examined in this study would be of some help for English teachers to take above aspects of vocabulary into account in teaching practice and possibly for administrators to adjust curriculum design and for editors or publishers to revise existing coursebooks.

Yanhong Liu, Zequan Liu

A New Index for Maturity Measurement of On-Vine Tomato Fruits and Its Spectroscopic Finger-Print

This study aims to using visible and near infrared spectroscopy (VIS-NIRS) for

in situ

determination of tomato maturity. A new index (GS) defined as the ratio of current growing age (days) to on-vine duration before harvest (days) was proposed. A partial least squares regression (PLSR) with leave-one-out cross validation was used to build calibration models for each cultivar spectra and the combined spectra of all cultivars. Result shows that PLSR for GS is successful and robust in predicting tomato maturity with coefficient of determination (



) of 0.89-0.92, and residual prediction deviation (RPD) of 3.00-3.70 for the single cultivar model and the general one. The analysis of PLSR coefficient plot indicates the consistency of assigning important wavelength bands for tomato cultivars. It is concluded that the proposed GS index can be adopted with common-purpose for maturity determination of on-vine tomatoes, which allows for selective harvest of tomatoes by a picking robot.

Haiqing Yang

Modeling and Simulation of Rat Head Exposed to Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Field

Considering that electromagnetic radiation has a potential hazard to human body, rats is usually used to do long-time exposure experiments instead of human. It is necessary to investigate the distribution of electromagnetic field inside rats in order to guide experiment. The electromagnetic field simulation software HFSS was used in the paper to analyze the distribution of electromagnetic field and the specific absorption rate (SAR) inside rats’ head. Results showed that most of the electric energy was absorbed by the skin and skull on the side near the antenna, a quarter of them penetrated into the brain. SAR distribution was similar to that of electromagnetic field, and decreased with the distance to antenna. The results suggest that rat model and simulation can help to understand the specific distribution of mobile phone electromagnetic fields inside the rat head.

Lei Yang, Dongmei Hao, Minglian Wang, Shuicai Wu, Yi Zeng

Framework of an Expert System for Dust Explosion Risk Management Based on ASP.Net and Prolog

Dust explosions always claim lives and cause huge financial loses. Dust explosion risk can be prevented by inherently safer design or mitigated by engineering protective system. Design of explosion prevention and protection need comprehensive knowledge and data on the process, workshop, equipment, and particulate combustible materials. The knowledge includes standards, expertise of experts, and practical experience. The databases include accidents, dust explosion characteristics, inherently safer design methods, and protective design methods. Integration of such a comprehensive knowledge system is very helpful. The developed system has the following functions: risk assessment, accident analysis, recommendation of prevention and protection solution, and computer aided design of explosion protection. The expert system is based on Browser/Server architecture. The software was developed using mixed programming of ASP.Net and Prolog. The developed expert system can be an assistant to explosion design engineers and safety engineers of combustible dust handling plant.

Qian Zhang, Shengjun Zhong, Guanyu Jiang

Research on Recovery Training Techniques for Speed Skating Athletes

In this paper, a comprehensive literature review of speed skating is provided and a variety of recovery training techniques are discussed for speed skating athletes. First, speed skating is explained in details including its historical review, two kinds of skating and connection with Olympic Games, as well as a summary of Chinese athletes’ performances on speed skating. Then, recovery training for speed skating is addressed at length considering its principles, physical and psychological speed skating recovery techniques.

Yuezhi Wang

Efficient Service Discovery for Cloud Computing Environments

As cloud computing is getting popular, vast numbers of cloud services have been developed in the cloud computing environments. But it is a challenging task to find the relevant or similar cloud services. In this paper, one approach is to develop semantic cloud services where by the cloud services are annotated based on shared ontology, and use these annotations for semantics-based discovery of relevant cloud services. This approach can be efficiently used to retrieve similar or related cloud services in the cloud computing environment.

Fei Chen, Xiaoli Bai, Bingbing Liu

Privacy Protection Based on Secure Electronic Transaction Protocol in E-Commerce

To strengthen privacy protection is not only the demand of respecting and maintenance of personality is but also an inherent requirement of e-commerce development. The security protocol mainly used Secure Sockets Layer Protocol and Secure Electronic Transaction. In this paper, after analysis two kinds of protocol and the security technology used in the protocol, put forward a small scale enterprise e-commerce transaction system design of network security protocols.

Huifang Cheng

Virtual Reality of Tree Motion Based on Vega Prime

Many visual simulation platforms and modeling tools are developed to simplify the process of simulation. In a variety of modeling tools, Creator is a simple and convenient modeling tool. It works with the visual simulation platform Vega Prime. They play an important role in the field of visualized simulation. Thus, a solution for simulating tree’s motion in the environment of Creator and Vega Prime is proposed. Each of branches around the tree’s 3D shape is built in Creator, and then is gradually merged together into a tree in Vega Prime.The simulation of tree’s motion is accomplished faithfully. Experiment results show that the solution reduces the process of development and realizes the vivid simulation.

Wang Deyong

An Interactive Design in Smart Classroom

In order to enable participant-devices to become fully functional clients in the smart environment, there’s a need for a program that accesses and makes available those services to the participant. The Smart Classroom program provides that access and monitoring in a smart classroom environment. The project also specifies a framework that contributors can use to program services for the smart classroom.

Fan Yang, Xingjia Lu, Zhirong Chen, Junwei Cai, Longzhang Liu

A New Strategy for Disambiguation in Segmentation of Chinese Words

Segmentation is the base of information processing in Chinese, the difficulty of lies in disambiguation. This paper puts forward a new method for disambiguation according to the frequency of single characters functioning as independent meaningful words, context and the frequency of word collocation as well. It has been proved by experiments to be able to greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of segmentation.

Yueqi Liao, Shaoxian Tang

A New Soil Erosion Model for Hilly Region Based on Information Technology

Research and development of watershed scale soil erosion model has been the frontiers in the field of soil erosion in the past 50 years and has been focused on by water and soil conservation workers around the world. However, the present models cannot well simulate the actual conditions of soil erosion in hilly areas. Soil erosion model for small-watershed of hilly areas (SEM-SHA) is a new distributed hydrological model which is developed according to the physical process of sediment yield in the hilly areas. This paper introduced the development, characteristics, structure and function, and input and output of the model. The model was also used in the Lizi River watershed in the hilly areas of the Jialing River. The simulation results showed the SEM-SHA model was fit for the hilly region.

Yu Tian, Jihui Fan, Feipeng Xiao, Genwei Cheng

A Unified Operational Semantics for UML in Situation Calculus

An arising interest in the study of UML formal semantics is to integrate UML Diagrams into a uniform semantic model. In this paper, we propose a unified operational semantics for UML based on the Situation Calculus (SC) which is a sophisticated action theory and capable of modeling general dynamic systems. Specifically, UML models are treated as tailored dynamic systems in SC, with vocabularies borrowed from the UML metamodel. Structural diagrams, Class Diagrams and Object Diagrams, are modeled by Eternals for consistency checking. Behavioral diagram, the State Machine Diagram is modeled by Fluents and corresponding Axioms in SC. To analyze and test these dynamic diagrams, we appeal to Golog, an executable high-level programming language based on the SC. By executing Golog programs, UML diagrams can be analyzed and tested under a single semantic model.

Qiang Liu, Liang Dou, Zongyuan Yang

The Design and Implementation of Public Service Platform of Web-Based 3D Urban Geographical Names

Place-names digitization, networking and 3d visualization are the current major issues in place-names public service. Through the demand analysis and the function design, by using single perspective fast generation 3d simulation maps, j2EE, Richfaces technology etc., realize three-dimensional city digital place-name public service platform. Through test, it(the platform) realizes fuzzy query and 3d visualization browsing, connect to database time, 3d graphics control response time, data added or modified update time is less than or equal to 3S.

Long-Bao Mei, Hao Zhang

Recognition the Target Object Based on More Image Information

In robot visual perception system, the information for image segmentation is depth, color, shape, edge, motion and so on. Structured in an ideal environment, a single image feature can be separated from the target object and background, and, for example, in a single background condition, the target object color information can be extracted from the background. However, experiments in a complex environment, using single image information often can not complete the image segmentation; image information based on multi-object segmentation is the ideal way to solve the problem. This humanoid robot using stereo vision system, designed a fast image segmentation method gradually approaching the target areas that is to integrate depth, color and shape.

Qinjun Du, Xueyi Zhang, Leping Li

GPRS Based Embedded Wireless Physiological Monitor for Telemedicine Applications

The rapid development of information technologies and mobile communication has tempted researchers to explore wireless communication based tele medicine applications. The wireless technologies such as GSM, GPRS, UMTS and 3G opens up many prospects for radical changes in tele-health delivery at home and community. This paper presents our work in developing a GPRS based mobile tele homecare system, in particular, our development of a wireless multichannel physiological data monitor for telemedicine applications.

Ying Liu, Xiao Min Xu, Mamie Liu


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