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The two-volume set CCIS 143 and CCIS 144 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Commerce, Web Application, and Communication, ECWAC 2011, held in Guangzhou, China, in April 2011. The 148 revised full papers presented in both volumes were carefully reviewed and selected from a large number of submissions. Providing a forum for engineers, scientists, researchers in electronic commerce, Web application, and communication fields, the conference will put special focus also on aspects such as e-business, e-learning, and e-security, intelligent information applications, database and system security, image and video signal processing, pattern recognition, information science, industrial automation, process control, user/machine systems, security, integrity, and protection, as well as mobile and multimedia communications.

Table of Contents


Research on Modeling and Simulation for IR Image of Star&Sky Background

Background modeling is always a difficulty in generating infrared graphics with computer. This paper analyzed and contrasted two common methods in infrared background graphics simulation. Integrate with the characteristic that the star’s imaging is relative simple, a new modeling and simulation method of star&sky background graphic modeling based on infrared star tableue data was raised after analyzing the infrared radiation characteristics of stars and sky.

Min Zhu, Ming Guo, YuJin Dai, LiTing Wang

A Ray Casting Accelerated Method of Segmented Regular Volume Data

The size of volume data field which is constructed by large-scale war industry product ICT images is large, and empty voxels in the volume data field occupy little ratio. The effect of existing ray casting accelerated methods is not distinct. In 3D visualization fault diagnosis of large-scale war industry product, only some of the information in the volume data field can help surveyor check out fault inside it. Computational complexity will greatly increase if all volume data is 3D reconstructed. So a new ray casting accelerated method based on segmented volume data is put forward. Segmented information volume data field is built by use of segmented result. Consulting the conformation method of existing hierarchical volume data structures, hierarchical volume data structure on the base of segmented information is constructed. According to the structure, the construction parts defined by user are identified automatically in ray casting. The other parts are regarded as empty voxels, hence the sampling step is adjusted dynamically, the sampling point amount is decreased, and the volume rendering speed is improved. Experimental results finally reveal the high efficiency and good display performance of the proposed method.

Min Zhu, Ming Guo, LiTing Wang, YuJin Dai

Design and Implementation of Service-Oriented Learning Resource Grid Demonstration System

Combined the technology of service-oriented with learning resource grid, this paper proposed its solution of demonstration system. Firstly, the architecture of learning demonstration system was given, and the services in the system were discussed. Then the learning resource grid demonstration system was designed from the data supporting layer and visualization layer in detail. Finally, the implemented system not only showed the service invocation process visually, but also let learners or users get a deeper understanding about grid.

Luo Zhong, Li Yang, Bo Zhu, Huazhu Song

The Backup Battle of DTD and DTT in Digital Library

The backup of the digital library resources has its unique characteristics, the work can be done both by disk to tape (DTT) or disk to disk (DTD), according to the backup data is static data or dynamic data. This paper produced a conclusion after comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two backup methods.

Li-zhen Shen

An Analysis Research about Accuracy and Efficiency of Grid DEM Interpolation

Grid DEM is the main presentation of DEM and is applied widely. The quality of DEM interpolation lies on accuracy and efficiency, in which way the Grid DEM is generated. The interpolation method used to generate grid DEM from TIN based on Delaunay conflict area is presented in this paper. The method’s using in production is analyzed and proved correctly through experiments, which can promise the accuracy and efficiency simultaneously.

Haiyan Hu, Yunlan Yang, Zhenzhi Jiang, Peng Han

Analysis of Human Resources Management Strategy in China Electronic Commerce Enterprises

The paper discussed electronic-commerce’s influence on enterprise human resources management, proposed and proved the human resources management strategy which electronic commerce enterprise should adopt from recruitment strategy to training strategy, keeping talent strategy and other ways.

Fang Shao

Analysis Model of Cooperatively Technical Innovation Risk

In this paper, the seeking method of enterprise cooperatively technical innovation risk has been analyzed, and the method of calculating risk regulation gradient is expatiated in detail. The wavelet transformation of the decomposition displays the good time frequency localization characteristic and the multi-criteria function, therefore the wavelet nerve network based on the wavelet decomposition and the nerve network has the good fault-tolerant ability and the non-linearity approaching performance. And based on this, a complete controlling risk model of cooperatively technical innovation is brought forward, and the algorithm of risk control model is discussed.

Changhui Yang

A Fast Antenna Selection Algorithm Based on Dissimilarity Coefficient in MIMO System

MIMO system can offer considerable capacity. But as the antenna’s number increasing, the costs of hardware such as RF chains are very expensive, and limit the using of MIMO system. The traditional antenna selection algorithms based on correlation can give a low complexity but capacity performance loss is large. In this paper, a fast antenna selection algorithm is proposed for MIMO system based on dissimilarity coefficient criteria. The proposed algorithm can be used to calculate the correlation of antennas better, supplies more efficient capacity performance, and has the lower complexity. The simulation results verify the conclusions.

ZhiBin Xie, ShuJuan Liu, YuBo Tian, PeiYu Yan

Non-coherent Underwater Communication Algorithm Based on CCK Coding

A non-coherent CCK-FSK algorithm used in fading channel such as underwater acoustic communication is proposed. In the proposed algorithm, complementary-code-key is used as spread spectrum code which can combat fading channel with less data rate loss. First, the binary dates are mapping to CCK codes to combat frequency selective fading. Then, the CCK codes are mapped by 1-of-4 FSK modulation method. The selected frequencies are orthogonal. Then the DFT/IDFT transforms can be used in order to decrease computational complexity. Performance simulation with realistic channel characters was done and the results show that the CCK-FSK algorithm has more than 5 dB SNR gain compared with FSK algorithm in the fading channel.

Wei Su, Wenhui Liu

An Improved MFAC Algorithm and Simulation Research Based on Generalized Pan-Model

In this paper, an adaptive control concept based on generalized Pan-model is presented according to an improved algorithm of model-free adaptive control; For the model, time-varying parameter of the a dynamic system are described as multi characteristic ones. Simulation is implemented for the two control strategies (algorithms).The simulation result indicates that the improved algorithm can effectively get over the instability of the dynamic process; the system control output signal has excellent performance involving trackability, robustness, anti-interference and so on; and the computation amount is relatively small so that the response is more rapid.

Xun Li, Ni Zhao

An Improving FSOA Optimization by Using Orthogonal Transform

After the shortcoming of the optimization algorithm on using fishing strategy (FSOA) being analyzed in this paper, an improving FSOA optimization is presented. The main approach of this optimization is that, about the aspect of the choice of detecting points, every fisherman selects his first detecting-point in his positive direction randomly, and then the others are determined through the orthogonal transform of the first detecting-point. And about the aspect of the searching strategy, that only the fisherman who is at the present optimal point that takes the strategy of constricted search, and the others make use of the strategy of moving search. It shows, from the experimental imitating study of some typical benchmark functions’ optimization, that the improving FSOA is effective and feasible for solving the optimal solution of the complex functions.

Yong Wang, Deniu He, Yijun Guan, Juanwen Luo

Commercial Credit Value Evaluation and Illustration Analysis on Internet

Taobao website online transaction evaluation has been well accepted, but its value has not been measured. This paper quantifies the value of commercial credit of salers in bringing sale purchase on Taobao website through three aspects of data as credit score buyer to saler, number of comments and rate of bad comments. The illustration results on Taobao online transaction credit evaluation show that number of comments, credit score and rate of bad comments have significant impact on sale revenue.

Yun Jiang, Huaping Gong

Analysis of Informationization Construction of Business Financial Management under the Network Economy

To strengthen the informationization construction of the financial management has great significance to the achievement of business management informationization, and under the network economic environment, it is an important task of the financial management that how to conduct informationization construction of traditional financial management to provide true, reliable and complete financial information system for the business managers. This paper thoroughly researches the problem of financial information orientation management (FIOM) by taking the method of combining theory with practice. This paper puts forward the thinking method of financial information management, makes the new contents of E-finance. At last, this paper rebuilds the system of finance internal control from four aspects such as control of organization and management, system development control and safety control of network system.

Yahui Dong, Pengwei Zhang, Wei Li

Research on the Problem and Countermeasures of Group-Buying

The threshold of group-buying is low, so the group-buying develops very fast. But at the same time, there are many goods which have low price and high quality service which is false to get the network users’ trust. Therefore, consumers should keep a clear head and avoiding straying into the trap of business, the website of group-buying should strengthen self-construction to safeguard the consumers’ interest. In addition, government needs to play its due role to protect the legitimate right of the consumers.

Yahui Dong, Wei Li, Limin Cheng

Strategies on the Implementation of China’s Logistics Information Network

The economic globalization and trend of e-commerce network have determined that the logistics industry will be rapidly developed in the 21st century. In order to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, a worldwide rapid and sound customer service system should be established. The establishment of a corresponding modern logistics system is the inevitable choice of this requirement. It is also the inevitable choice for the development of modern logistics industry in China. The perfect combination of modern logistics and information network can better promote the development of the logistics industry. Through the analysis of Status of Logistics Industry in China, this paper summed up the domestic logistics enterprise logistics information system in the building of some common problems. According to logistics information systems planning methods and principles set out logistics information system to optimize the management model.

Yahui Dong, Wei Li, Xuwen Guo

Research on the Rationality of China Telecom Price Cap Regulation

Through econometric model, this paper analyzed empirically the data of China telecom output in 1990-2009, studying the rationality of the price regulation on the development of China telecom. During the research, this paper paid more attention to the specific issues and made conclusions by the econometric analysis and testing. It is concluded that price-capping regulation is an effective measure to promote China telecom industry development, while the effect of relax into control is not significant.

Ye Wang, Yuchen Miao

A Study on Standard Competition with Network Effect Based on Evolutionary Game Model

Owing to networks widespread in modern society, standard competition with network effect is now endowed with new connotation. This paper aims to study the impact of network effect on standard competition; it is organized in the mode of “introduction-model setup-equilibrium analysis-conclusion”. Starting from a well-structured model of evolutionary game, it is then extended to a dynamic analysis. This article proves both theoretically and empirically that whether or not a standard can lead the market trends depends on the utility it would bring, and the author also discusses some advisable strategies revolving around the two factors of initial position and border break.

Ye Wang, Bingdong Wang, Kangning Li

The Research of Road Traffic Based on Floating Car Data

Based on the analysis of floating car traffic information acquisition and processing system structure and construction frame, combining the Zibo floating car features and road conditions, using historical data provided by Zibo city bus companies, adopting the ArcGIS Engine of ESRI company as a map components, putting forward the nearest point estimate map matching algorithms, combining data fusion technology based on Kalman filter and road running speed calibration algorithm, predicting road traffic running status in certain period and express it in the GIS map, this paper completed the design, the practice has proved the suggested method is feasible.

Junyou Zhang, Meng Jian, Rui Tang

Retraction: Analysis of Impact of Highly-Available Archetypes on Robotics

Several conference proceedings have been infiltrated by fake submissions generated by the SCIgen computer program. Due to the fictional content the chapter “Analysis of Impact of Highly-Available Archetypes on Robotics” by “Haibo Zhu” has been retracted by the publisher. Measures are being taken to avoid similar breaches in the future.

Haibo Zhu

Using Capacitance Sensor to Identify the Appearance Parameters of Slub Yarn

A heuristic approach was presented in this paper to identify the appearance parameters of slub yarn. The signal of slub yarn was firstly acquired with a capacitance sensor and a DAQ (Data AcQuisition) card. The slub yarn signal was then separated into some short parts based on a new local minimal amplitude based method. For each short part, an adaptive threshold was calculated and further adopted to identify the slub parts. Comparing with the global threshold, the local adaptive threshold reduces the negative affection of unevenness. Experimental results show that the presented approach works well.

Hanming Lv, Chongqi Ma

Research and Design on Component-Based Product Quality Tracking System

The reusability of the Product Quality Tracking System is currently very poor, and the software resources’ sharing is not adequate. Because of these shortages, this paper puts forward a method of component-based software development, and uses the idea of domain engineering to get the domain modeling of Product Quality Tracking through domain analysis and the domain-specific software architecture(DSSA) according to the development steps of domain engineering. This study can provide some bases for the reuse in this domain.

Youxin Meng, Xinli Wu, Yuzhong Ding

Research on Adaptive De-noising Technique for Time-Domain Reflectometry Signal Based on Wavelet Analysis

The time-domain reflectometry signal is susceptible to noise. The reflected wave de-noising techniques based on wavelet analysis is studied. The selection of optimal decomposition level is a key technology of wavelet de-noising. The level determination function is built to indicate the optimal decomposition level. A new adaptive de-noising method for time-domain reflectometry based on wavelet analysis is developed. The method is capable to adaptively choose the optimal decomposition level to achieve the optimal noise elimination effect. The simulation results and engineering application verify that the method can significantly improve the measuring accuracy of the time-domain reflectometry cable length measurement system.

Jianhui Song, Yang Yu, Liang Chen

TDR Cable Length Measurement Model Based on Neural Network

Traveling wave propagation velocity is the key to the measuring accuracy of the time-domain reflectometry cable length measurement system. The accurate velocity value is difficult to be decided because it is vulnerable to many factors. The TDR cable length measurement model based on neural network is established in order to reduce the impact of velocity on the measuring accuracy of the TDR cable length measurement system. The model does not require a direct definition of velocity. Experimental results show that the model can reduce the velocity impact on measuring accuracy of the TDR cable length measurement system and improve the measuring accuracy of the system.

Jianhui Song, Yang Yu, Liang Chen

Research on Colorful Trademark Images Retrieval Based on Multi-feature Combination and User Feedback

Current systems of colorful trademark images retrieval mostly rely upon single feature which leads to lower retrieval accuracy. Therefore colorful trademark images retrieval based on multi-feature combination and user feedback is studied in the paper and an experimental retrieval system is built. Color moments and shape-region descriptors can be extracted as features of colorful trademark images. Gaussian normalization is used to normalize and combine different features. Absolute Euclidean distance similarity algorithm is applied to retrieve colorful trademark images initially. In addition, the experimental system adopts user feedback module through which users can estimate initial results, then adjust the weights needed and retrieve again. Experimental results display that the retrieval results obtained by multi-feature combination are much better than the results obtained by single feature, and weights adjusting by user feedback can retrieve better results and achieve higher accuracy.

Fucheng You, Yingjie Liu

Research on a New Key-Frame Extraction Algorithm of Printing Video

The scenes and contents of printing video almost describes the operation, usage and running of printing machines. Based on these features of printing video, this paper introduces some approaches of key-frame extraction. In commonly used traditional algorithms, key-frame extraction algorithms based on average histogram and based on shot boundary are described in detail. Moreover, this paper proposes a novel approach of key-frame extraction based on average frame-difference. The experimental results indicate that the new approach is very effective and efficient for extracting key-frames of printing video.

FuCheng You, YuJie Chen

An Improved Sanitizing Mechanism Based on Heuristic Constraining Method

An injection flaw is the result of an invalidated input. Some input validation programs are poorly written, lacking even the most basic security procedures for constraining input. Enforcing proper input validation is an effective countermeasure to use as a defense against injection attacks. However it may induce some detection errors because of improper sanitizing rules. In this paper, we propose a heuristic mechanism that can automatically generate proper validation rules based on each vulnerable injection point. The method can also both guarantee security (false negatives) and convenience (false positives). The experimental results show that our method has better detection accuracy while compared with other constraining strategies.

Jan-Min Chen

Time Interval Analysis on Price Prediction in Stock Market Based on General Regression Neural Networks

This paper studied the price prediction in sock market based on general regression neural networks (GRNN), and paid more attention to analyzing the time interval effect on the prediction model. Simulations and comparisons were made on actual data and pointed out the relationship between the time interval and the prediction error is not monotonic rise or monotonic decline. Finally, some guidelines for further development were outlined.

Yong Wang, Hongjie Xing

The System Dynamics Analysis on the Evolvement of Mechanism of Convention and Exhibition Industry

The purpose of this paper is to defines the factors and the way which influence the evolvement of convention and exhibition industry cluster (CEIC for short). From the perspective of system dynamics, the author designed the system flow chart and SD Model to show how the different factors exert positive/negative influencing on the CEIC. The author used Vensim to stimulate the SD Model and to verify its validity and application value. The research shows the evolvement of CEIC is the result of combined strength which comes from both the external and the internal system, the supply factors of the internal system and the market demand from the external system are key strengths for the evolvement of CEIC system. The model had a high fitting precision and a good predicting ability .The research can be used practically and theoretically for the development of convention and exhibition industry (C&E industry for short).

Xin-ju Wu, Ming-jun Sun

Economic Observation in 3Q E-business Fight — According to Analysis of Resource Allocation and Contract

Based on relation of resource allocation and marginal benefit of e-commence provider, both of origin and essence of the 3Q e-business fight were analyzed; and then contents of the contract between e-business company and users were elaborated. Moreover, liability for Qihoo’s breach of the contract in 3Q e-business fight was discussed. Analysis of the contract indicated that blame of infringing on privacy of users from public, media or even a law professor for Tengxun Company is not exactly justicial. Some controversial rules which are not fit for usual practices in the QQ contract such as narrow definition of privacy were found out, whose reason lies in no relevant e-business standards or rules in our country. In the end, this passage points out that actions of government who intervened in market operations of Tengxun Company and QQ Company are inappropriate and unnecessary. Thus, responsibility for facing up to incomplete market rules of e-commence lies with government and government should strengthen market supervision by legislation so as to guide healthy development of e-business market, which is a key lesson we learn from the 3Q e-business fight.

RuiHu Kuang, Zeming Chen, JuChi Kuang

Investigation on Color Quantization Algorithm of Color Image

Color quantization is a basic and important technology in digital image processing. Through research on the color quantization algorithm based on segmentation and clustering, this paper proposes a new color quantization algorithm based on K-means clustering. Firstly, classify the pixel of image according to hue. Then, based on K-means clustering do color quantization processing for each sub-class. Through compared with the commonly quantization algorithm, the quantization effect and execution time of the proposed algorithm both have better performance.

Yueqiu Jiang, Yang Wang, Lei Jin, Hongwei Gao, Kunlei Zhang

Study on the Method for Removing Boundary Burr Based on Relevance of Chain Code

To the problem that how to remove the boundary burr, the property of Freeman chain code was researched, and define the correlation of the chain code based on relevance of chain code. With the feature that the correlation between the direction chain codes of point in and out of the end pixel of burr is the least, a new algorithm which is used for removing the burr by judging the correlation of Freeman chain codes is proposed. Experiment results show that the algorithm is accurate and effective.

Yueqiu Jiang, Ping Wang, Hongwei Gao, Lei Jin, Xiaojing Liu

Investigation and Application of Feature Extraction Based on Rough Set Theory

With the rapid development of computer technologies and a broad spectrum of applications of database management systems, the accumulated data in modern life are far beyond our normal capabilities in analyzing and understanding them without the use of automated analysis technologies. Rough Sets and Fuzzy Sets theories can be used to investigate imprecise and incomplete information, and to observe, test and reason data. This work applies degree of connection in sets pair analysis to Rough Sets Theory, and explores the relationship between rough-degree of connection and cardinal of rough lower/upper approximation.

Zhi-hang Tang, Jing Zhang, Rong-jun Li

Improved ZigBee Network Routing Algorithm Based on LEACH

Energy efficiency design of routing protocol is a kind of the key technologies used to wireless sensor networks. The paper introduces the ZigBee technology, summarizes the current transmitting routing model in wireless sensor networks, and finds that the traditional LEACH protocol can lead to overload of some cluster head nodes. The paper suggested that the existing LEACH agreement was improved and the new algorithm was better than traditional LEACH routing algorithm by the comprasion of simulation. The improved routing algorithm can prolong the networks lifetime and effectively save the scarce energy.

Yawei Zhao, Guohua Zhang, Zhongwu Xia, Xinhua Li

Fast Monte Carlo Localization for Mobile Robot

For the issue of increased computational complexity to improve the positioning accuracy of robots leaving in the mobile robot localization method, this paper propose a new Monte Carlo localization algorithm. This method combinated the traditional particle filter algorithm with unscented Kalman filter, markovian Monte Carlo and reduced complexities level through dynamically updating the number of particles in particle collection and ensuring the accuracy of mobile robot localization. Simulation results show that the algorithm can not only inhibit the particle degradation and improve the positioning accuracy of the robot, but also in terms of computational complexity has increased significantly.

Liang Chen, Peixin Sun, Guohua Zhang, Jie Niu, Xiaodong Zhang

Neural Network Expert System in the Application of Tower Fault Diagnosis

For the corresponding fuzzy relationship between the fault symptoms and the fault causes in the process of tower crane operation, this paper puts forward a kind of rapid new method of fast detection and diagnosis for common fault based on neural network expert system. This paper makes full use of expert system and neural network advantages, and briefly introduces the structure, function, algorithm and realization of the adopted system. Results show that the new algorithm is feasible and can achieve rapid faults diagnosis.

Xiaoyang Liu, Zhongwu Xia, Zhiyong Tao, Zhenlian Zhao

An Improved Circuit Design for PFC Based on One-Cycle Control

Power factor is an important parameter for electron and electric power technology, which should be corrected in order to make electronic equipments work stably and safely. This paper is about how to use one-cycle control to correct power factor and make the traditional correcting circuit better. The simulating result shows the method is feasible.

Rui Hu, Guohua Zhang, Xuchen Lv, Weiping Xiao, Yawei Zhao

Research of Rough Cognitive Map Model

Under the circumstance of inheriting the advantages of fuzzy cognitive map, considering that cognitive map (CM) and fuzzy cognitive map (FCM) fails to represent the diversity of the relations of concepts, the dynamic dependency between the relation measures and the state value of concepts, and the measures of uncertain causal relationships, thought of rough set is introduced to solve those problems, and rough cognitive map (RCM) is presented. RCM abstracts a comprehensive relationship between two concepts and gives a comprehensive weight to complete causal reasoning. So the simulating capability of FCM is extended. Finally, RCM is more flexible and robust than FCM; it can simulate the real world better.

Zhang Chunying, Liu Lu, Ouyang Dong, Liang Ruitao

Development and Analysis of Unified Simulation Model for Space Vector PWM Strategies

SVPWM (Space Vector PWM) is widely used in many kinds of fields because it can provide the electronic source with the variable frequency and amplitude. After introducing the principle and classification of SVPWM, the paper discusses the method to build a unified computer simulation model for the SVPWM strategies. The development procedure and the key technique are presented. Finally several SVPWM strategies are analyzed based on the developed simulation model. The simulation results are consistent with the theoretical and experimental results in the literature.

Guoqiang Chen, Zhihong Wu, Yuan Zhu

A Clock Fingerprints-Based Approach for Wireless Transmitter Identification

Cognitive radio (CR) was proposed as one of the promising solutions for low spectrum utilization. However, security problems such as the primary user emulation (PUE) attack severely limit its applications. In this paper, we propose a clock fingerprints-based authentication approach to prevent PUE attacks in CR networks with the help of curve fitting and classifier. An experimental setup was constructed using the WLAN cards and software radio devices, and the corresponding results show that satisfied identification can be achieved for wireless transmitters.

Caidan Zhao, Liang Xie, Lianfen Huang, Yan Yao

Analysis on Realization of Sequential Queue

Analyzed and introduced the sequential storage structure of the queue, detailed analyzed several specific methods for the circular queue to resolve the “false overflow”, gave the algorithm descriptions in C of the corresponding basic operations of the queue, compared and analyzed each algorithm the time complexity and the space complexity, so as to complement and play a guiding role in the relevant chapters in “Data Structure” curriculum.

Min Wang

Estimation of Low Efficiency Circulation Layers by Fuzzy Comprehensive Judgment Method

In this paper, the influence factors of forming high capacity channel and its development characters have been analyzed, and the judging indices of low efficiency circulation well have been determined. Low efficiency wells have been elementary selected by using the method of fuzzy judgment. By the contrast of static data of each layer and sedimentary facies, and the contrast of correlativity between oil wells and water wells, layers with low efficiency circle have been made out ultimately. Using the compiled software based on this method, data of North-Sandong dong block in Daqing Oilfield have been studied. The coincidence rate of results between the software and artificial choice was 81.7%. This method is feasible, and it can improve the work efficiency and veracity.

Erlong Yang

Set Pair Social Network Analysis Model and Information Mining

In this paper, finding that there was uncertainty existed in the incidence relationship of individuals by analyzed social networks theory. This paper constructed a set pair social network analysis model based on uncertainty of the social network to better learning social network relationship. This simple social network analysis model was applied in a relationship of friend to discover who is most significant.

Zhang Chunying, Liang Ruitao, Liu Lu

A Privacy Access Control Framework for Web Services Collaboration with Role Mechanisms

With the popularity of Internet technology, web services are becoming the most promising paradigm for distributed computing. This increased use of web services has meant that more and more personal information of consumers is being shared with web service providers, leading to the need to guarantee the privacy of consumers. This paper proposes a role-based privacy access control framework for Web services collaboration, it utilizes roles to specify the privacy privileges of services, and considers the impact on the reputation degree of the historic experience of services in playing roles. Comparing to the traditional privacy access control approaches, this framework can make the fine-grained authorization decision, thus efficiently protecting consumers’ privacy.

Linyuan Liu, Zhiqiu Huang, Haibin Zhu

Modeling and Simulations on the Intramural Thermoelectric Generator of Lower-Re-fluid

The thermoelectric conversion with lower Renault number (Re) fluid, such as waste heat from industry boiler, and engine’s circled cooling water, which can be designed as intramural generator structure. In this research, a thermoelectric project analysis model and the description of an intensified system are presented, its generator with the aligned or staggered platoon structure has strengthened heat-transfer property, and the heat convection coefficient ratio has increased times than plain tube; For the fluid kinetic energy’s loss is influenced by the whirlpool, the pressure difference is several hundred Pa level which changes along with geometric parameters of transform components; what’s more, heat transfer area increase distinctly under the same generator volume, which has built the foundation for the enhancement output electric power.

Zheng Zhang, Ding Zheng, Yushan Chen

The Technology of Extracting Content Information from Web Page Based on DOM Tree

There are huge amounts of information on Web pages, which includes content information and other useless information, such as navigation, advertisement and flash of animation etc. Reducing the toils of Web users, we estabished a thechnique to extract the content information from web page. Fristly, we analyzed the semantic of web documents by V8 engine of Google and parsed the web document into DOM tree. And then, traversed the DOM tree, pruned the DOM tree in the light of the characteristic of Web page’s edit language. Finally, we extracted the content information from Web page. Theoretics and experiments showed that the technique could simplify the web page, present the content information to web users and supply clean data for applicable area, such as retrieval, KDD and DM from web.

Dingrong Yuan, Zhuoying Mo, Bing Xie, Yangcai Xie

Addendum Surface Design Based on the Parametric Method

The paper proposes to establish the section curve types database based on the user-modified characteristic parameters, and presents the method based on thin-plate-under-tension model to generate addendum surface by the section curves and connect-lines, there has the second-order continues between surface-patches, thus ensure the overall good smoothing of the surface. The relevant parametric design modules which based on software KMAS


are independently developed in Visual C++, and we use an auto panel addendum surface successfully design process as an example to illustrate the application and effectiveness of this proposed method.

Kan Hu, Chi Di

Calculations of Stainless Steel-Aluminum Alloy Clad Forming Limit

Base on the Hosford’s higher order yield criteria, the forming limit diagram of clad was developed with M–K theory at the positive strain ratio. The relationship of forming limit with thickness ratio, thickness irregular coefficient and the exponent of yield function were analyzed. The result show that the forming limit of clad material is between those of its component materials, and increases with the rising of stainless steel thickness ratio and the thickness irregular coefficient. So the forming limit can be improved by increase the stainless steel thickness ratio and improve the surface condition of the clad materials.

Hongwei Liu, Peng Zhang

Analysis on Causes of Employees’ Damaged Rights in Perspective of Property Rights

An employment contract is a contract of human capital property rights transaction between employees and employer. Due to its incompleteness, the employees’ rights can not be fully defined in the employment contract. Therefore, some rights of employees lie in “Public Domain”. Due to the rule of “Power Defining Property” in the prosperity dealing, employers with great power are able to grab at employees’ rights in “Public Domain”. In this paper, the theoretical foundation on the source of violations to employees’ rights, the value of labor contract law and the role of labor union playing in the labor relationship are presented in perspective of property rights.

Xiuzhi Zheng, Lijie Lin

FEM Realization of Laser Curve Bending Process

Laser bending of sheets is a flexible metal forming process. In this paper, the process of laser curve bending including transient temperature fields, displacement fields, stress fields and strain fields was investigated. The results show that: (1) radiation of the laser beam yields to a rapid temperature increase at the irradiated surface, which leads to high temperature gradients between the upper surface and the lower surface; (2) the difference of displacements of the demarcated three points is noticeable due to the rigidity restriction of the unheated zone. So, the final sheet edge is warped and dissymmetric due to laser curve scanning; (3) compressive stresses occur in the heated zone because the materials around the heated zone are cold, and slight tensile stresses occur in the neighboring areas. There exists a large strain difference between the upper surface and the lower surface in the three directions in the heated zone, which leads to the 3D bending deformations.

Peng Zhang, Hongwei Liu

Implementation of Electronic Workflow Systems in Higher Education Institutions: Issues and Challenges

To different extents, electronic workflow systems have been widely used in higher education institutions for administering the daily and routine operations. Whilst workflow automation is advocated for streamlining business processes, there are technical limitations as well as management constraints, especially on process review and re-engineering. During the process review, a big challenge is to make sure that the system would not only meet the business requirements but also improve the process flow. It is important for one to retain the legacy stature while coping with the changes in workflow, but taking into consideration of the needs to accommodate managerial constraints. This paper investigates the issues and challenges in implementing electronic workflow systems in higher education institutions. Different approaches to the process review, workflow design and re-design are discussed.

K. S. Cheung

Design of Flat Screen Printing Machine Controller Network Based on ZigBee Technology

ZigBee is a wireless dual communication technology with the characteristics of low-cost, low power consumption and low rate, which is launched in the recent year. Monitoring network of flat screen printing machine based on ZigBee is design, which of the hardware of network node and the interface are made, The monitor system includes acquisition node and receiving equipment. In actual use, the acquisition node was designated deployment, through specific deployment device. The data that collected by acquisition node can be transported through ZigBee networks, receiving equipments get it, then transmission and storage. The node working principle, hardware and software development of acquisition node has been carried in this paper. moreover, the function of every part device of network is introduced in detail.

Xiaohua Wang, Daixian Zhu

Study on Collaborative SCM of Construction Enterprises Based on Information-Sharing

Economic globalization and the integration process has led to competition among construction enterprises become increasingly fierce, which are adjusting their development strategies and efforts to seek for the knowledge economy and network environment to promote enterprise survival and development, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the new business management models and ideas. This paper first discussed the concept of the supply chain collaboration of the construction enterprise and constituted a information management platform of the general contracting project. At last, the paper puts forward tactics which aims at helping construction enterprises realize supply chain collaboration and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Lianyue Wang

The Research on the Loan-to-Value of Inventory Pledge Loan Based Upon the Unified Credit Mode

This paper focus on loan limit indicator of seasonal inventory financing in supply chain financial innovation based on the logistics features of unified credit mode. According to the “corporate and debt” method in trade credit, this paper analyzes the cash flow properties of borrowing firm and the profit level of logistics enterprise, then it assumes downside-risk-averse logistics enterprise instead of risk-neutral logistics enterprise and takes the method of VaR to figure out the maximum loan-to-value ratio of inventory which is in accord with the risk tolerance level of logistics enterprise in seasonal inventory impawn financing.

Yang Peng

QoS Multicast Routing Optimization Algorithm Based on Hybrid Algorithm

The multicast routing problem with multiple QoS constraints is NP complete problem. The solution of the problem usually adopts the method of optimizing. In this paper a network model suitable for investigating the routing problem was described based on QoS constrains such as delay, delay jitter, bandwidth and packet loss metrics. A multicast routing algorithm with multiple QoS constraints was presented based on GA and TS hybrid strategy. This algorithm took advantage of GA and TS (Tabu Search), and overcame the shortcomings of GA in solving the multicast routing problem with multiple QoS constraints-poor climbing ability and immature convergence. Simulation results show that higher search efficiency and faster convergence is achieved in the hybrid algorithm and the algorithm is an effective approach to multicast routing decision with multiple QoS constraints.

Dejia Shi, Jing He, Li Wang

Centrality Measures in Telecommunication Network

Centrality is an important notion in network analysis and is used to measure the degree to which network structure contributes to the importance of a node in a network. In this paper, node centrality measures of telecommunication network are calculated in four different approaches. And it is found out that the four centrality measures are significant correlated with edge counts. We also discuss the usability of centrality measures in node ranking, and suggest that centrality measures can be useful indicators for network analysis.

Baozhu He, Zhen He

How to Make Students Feel Happy in the Course of Aerobics

With its own charm, aerobics is accepted by more and more university students, and becomes one of the most popular sports for girls in colleges. So the Aerobics Teachers must change the single mode of teaching. Aerobics Teachers should start from the actual situations, adopt the method of “group teach”, and teach students to appreciate themselves and help each other in a team. And teachers also should make students feel happy of success and sports when they compete in teams.

Yuezhi Wang

Design of Solar Street Lamp Control System Based on MPPT

This paper proposes a new solar street lamp control system which is composed of photovoltaic cell, controller, battery and load. In this system controller as the key part applies the microchip to achieve many functions. According to the nonlinear output characteristics of solar cell and the influence of environment, it uses the perturbation and observation (P&O) method to realize the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and promotes the efficiency. In order to prolong the battery life the pulse width modulation (PWM) charge mode is selected to control the battery capacity and provent the battery from the state of over-charge and over-discharge. Meanwhile the function of temperature compensation, charge and discharge protection are set to improve the running safety and stability.

Fengying Cui

Knowledge Operation Capability Evaluation Model and Strategic Orientation of Supply Chain: Exploratory Research Based on View of Ecology

The competitiveness of Supply Chain (SC) correlates intim


tely with its knowledge operation (KO). In order to realize better assessment value, this paper constructed an evaluation framework on knowledge operation of SC and a detailed index system. According to theory of ecology, expounded the evaluation orientation and future research direction from view of comprehensiveness and adaptability. Additionally, a case about Toyota recall-gate was analyzed. Through research, it provides two dimensions of results evaluating orientation which may help enterprise make right decision upon SC.

Wen-Yong Zhou, Ze-Qian Song

Quantitative Analysis on the Inter-provincial Distribution of Major Public Goods’ Expenditure in China—Based on the Data for 2007

This paper uses the principle of Gini Coefficient which measures the equity of income distribution, based on the sample of the financial expenditure of typical public goods and the data of population size which belong to each province and municipality in 2007 to construct the mathematical model. It investigates the regional distribution structure of national public goods’ financial expenditure and calculates the corresponding “Gini coefficient” values through the quantitative research method, regression analysis. The calculated results show that it is reasonable on the distribution of the population that China’s finance invests in major public products and services vital to the people’s livelihood, and the investment does not exceed the bottom line of inequity. At last, the paper analyzes the reasons for the conclusions.

Hengbo Zhao, Yun Jiang

The System of Simulation and Multi-objective Optimization for the Roller Kiln

It is somewhat a difficult researching problem, to get the building parameters of the ceramic roller kiln simulation model. A system integrated of evolutionary algorithms (PSO, DE and DEPSO) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), is proposed to solve the problem. And the temperature field uniformity and the environment disruption are studied in this paper. With the help of the efficient parallel calculation, the ceramic roller kiln temperature field uniformity and the NO


emissions field have been researched in the system at the same time. A multi-objective optimization example of the industrial roller kiln proves that the system is of excellent parameter exploration capability.

He Huang, Xishen Chen, Wugang Li, Zhuoqiu Li

Computer Simulation for the Determination of Optimal South Window Overhang Dimension

Overhang design is critical for energy efficiency building design in hot summer and cold winter zone. This paper carried out computer simulations to determine optimum overhang dimensions based on annual energy savings potential. Results show that the optimal window overhang dimension is about 600 mm with annual energy savings potential of 1%. Moreover, shading coefficient as a function of the gap length between window and overhang is given to simplify shading designs.

Jian Yao

Reliability Design to Circuit System in Hard Target Smart Fuze

Hard target smart fuze can adaptively control the the burst point of penetrating projectile. How to improve its circuit working reliability to fit the fuze harsh high-g working environment is studied in this paper. A series of practical measures are taken, such as, propose buffer to fuze circuits; use high quality electronic components; and take circuit redundancy technique. Then the conclusions will provide valuable reference for engineering applications of hard target smart fuze.

Bo Li, Ya Zhang

Study on the Reliability Data Analysis Method for Electric Fuze

Some key points of reliable data collection and analytic technology of the electric fuze are discussed in this paper. The produce, collection methods, note proceedings of the reliable data of the electric fuze are also discussed, so reliable database of every component in the electric fuzes should be established, the primary and secondary method——an analytical method which uses the reliable data of the electric fuze with the application of the fuze products, then the key components which have influences on the reliability can be found.

Jianjun Xu, Zhijun Wang

Application on Internet of Things Technology Using in Library Management

Following the computer, Internet and mobile communication network, the Internet of Things (IOT) will bring a new development of information industry, and moreover is a global technology revolution that is bound to have a profound impact on the economic development and social life. This paper analyzes the key technology and working principle of IOT, its development at home and abroad, its application in the library management, and proposes its development direction in the field of library management and promotion programs.

Xueqing Liu, Wenwen Sheng

Observability of Multi-rate Networked Control Systems with Short Time Delay

Feedback control systems wherein the control loops are closed through a real-time network are called networked control systems. Multi-rate networked control systems mean the sampling rates of notes in networked control systems are not the same.The observability of multi-rate networked control systems are investigated in this paper for the first time. Based on the mathematic model of multi-rate networked control systems with short time delay, some sufficient or necessary conditions for observability of multi-rate networked control systems are presented using stochastic systems approach.

Qixin Zhu

A Hybrid TDOA/RSS Localization Algorithm Based on UWB Ranging in Underground Mines

Ultra-Wideband technology is regarded by many as one of the future key technologies in communications and positioning. In this paper a TDOA/RSS hybrid positioning algorithm is described for accurate underground mine localization of a sensor in a network of known beacons. The sensor measures the range to the beacons using an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) signal and uses statistical inference to correct for the error due to multipath and NLOS in underground mine. It shows that a TDOA/RSS algorithm can be used to improved positioning accuracy over beacon measurement. Simulation results show perfect performance with UWB ranging and TDOA/RSS hybrid localization algorithm.

Daixian Zhu, Kechu Yi

Spectrum Handover Mechanism Based on Channel Scheduling in Cognitive Radio Networks

In this study, we address the spectrum handover mechanism for proactive-decision in cognitive radio networks. Spectrum handover occurs when the primary users suddenly appear and the secondary users are using the particular primary user’s licensed channel. The proactive-sensing spectrum handover which the target channel is pre-determined. And handover avoid the sensing time, but the pre-determined target channel may not be available. So we develop a spectrum handover mechanism by using an efficient channel-scheduling algorithm to reduce disabled channel. Its basic idea is in that a new packet is scheduled by migrating some packets to other channels if none of any idle channels can accommodate it; otherwise repeating the other migrate or stay channel processes.

Bin Ma, Xianzhong Xie

Design of Ontology-Based Sharing Mechanism for Web Services Recommendation Learning Environment

The number of digital learning websites is growing as a result of advances in computer technology and new techniques in web page creation. These sites contain a wide variety of information but may be a source of confusion to learners who fail to find the information they are seeking. This has led to the concept of recommendation services to help learners acquire information and learning resources that suit their requirements. Learning content like this cannot be reused by other digital learning websites. A successful recommendation service that satisfies a certain learner must cooperate with many other digital learning objects so that it can achieve the required relevance. The study proposes using the theory of knowledge construction in ontology to make the sharing and reuse of digital learning resources possible. The learning recommendation system is accompanied by the recommendation of appropriate teaching materials to help learners enhance their learning abilities. A variety of diverse learning components scattered across the Internet can be organized through an ontological process so that learners can use information by storing, sharing, and reusing it.

Hong-Ren Chen

Face Image Gender Recognition Based on Gabor Transform and SVM

In order to overcome the disturbance of non-essential information such as illumination variations and facial expression changing, a new algorithm is proposed in this paper for face image gender recognition. That is, the 2-D Gabor transform is used for extracting the face features; a new method is put forwards to decrease dimensions of Gabor transform output for speeding up SVM training; finally gender recognition is accomplished with SVM classifier. Good performance of gender classification test is achieved on a relative large scale and low-resolution face database.

ChunJuan Yan

Unsupervised Posture Modeling Based on Spatial-Temporal Movement Features

Traditional posture modeling for human action recognition is based on silhouette segmentation, which is subject to the noise from illumination variation and posture occlusions and shadow interruptions. In this paper, we extract spatial temporal movement features from human actions and adopt unsupervised clustering method for salient posture learning. First, spatial-temporal interest points (STIPs) were extracted according to the properties of human movement, and then, histogram of gradient was built to describe the distribution of STIPs in each frame for a single pose. In addition, the training samples were clustered by non-supervised classification method. Moreover, the salient postures were modeled with GMM according to Expectation Maximization (EM) estimation. The experiment results proved that our method can effectively and accurately recognize human’s action postures.

ChunJuan Yan

Customer Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management

The contemporary company attaches great importance to marketing relationship and customer relations is the core of this relationship. Further, customer satisfaction and loyalty is the core of the customer relationship management. Sometimes, high customer satisfaction causes low profit because enterprises do not realize that strengthening the loyalty of the aimed customer is the key of customer relationship management.

Pengwei Zhang, Min Li, Xiaojing Jiao, Ruijin Zhou

A New Method to Web Knowledge Searching and Organizating

One of the fundamental support of the web knowledge vision is a agent system that enables knowledge to be published to a searchable knowledge base and later retrieved by potential users. This is the basic motivation for the UDDI standard, one of the three standards fundation current web knowledge technology. However, this aspect of the technology has been the least successful, and the few web sites that today attempt to provide a web knowledge agent facility do so using a simple cataloguing method rather than UDDI. In this paper we analyze why the agent aspect of the web knowledge vision has proven so difficult to realize in practice and outline the technical difficulties involved in setting up and maintaining useful knowledge base of web knowledge. We then describe a practical method to web knowledge agent based on automated indexing and discuss the required technological foundations. We also suggest some ideas for improving the existing standards to better support this method and web knowledge searching in general.

Shengqi Li

Research on the Wireless Sensor Networks Applied in the Battlefield Situation Awareness System

In the modern warfare information is the crucial key of winning. Battlefield situation awareness contributes to grasping and retaining the intelligence predominance. Due to its own special characteristics Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have been widely used to realize reconnaissance and surveillance in the joint operations and provide simultaneous, comprehensive, accurate data to multiechelon commanders and the combatant personnel for decision making and rapid response. Military sensors have drawn great attention in the ongoing projects which have satisfied the initial design or research purpose. As the interface of the “Internet of Things” which will have an eye on every corner of the battlespace WSNs play the necessary role in the incorporated situation awareness system. WSNs, radar, infrared ray or other means work together to acquire awareness intelligence for the deployed functional units to enhance the fighting effect.

Guan Hua, Yan-Xiao Li, Xiao-Mei Yan

Study of ZigBee Wireless Communication Network Based on SPCE061A

To realize wireless communication among SPCE061As, studied construction of ZigBee wireless communication network and ZigBee protocol in the paper. Using SPCE061As and CC2420s designed ZigBee nodes and created a ZigBee wireless communication network. To make use of the ZigBee protocol, realized wireless communication among SPCE061As. It lays the foundation for developing ZigBee network using Micro control unit of SPCE061As.

Dejie Song, Boxue Tan, Juncheng Liu


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