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About this book

This book consolidates some of the most promising advanced smart grid functionalities and provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for their implementation/evaluation using DIgSILENT Power Factory.

It includes specific aspects of modeling, simulation and analysis, for example wide-area monitoring, visualization and control, dynamic capability rating, real-time load measurement and management, interfaces and co-simulation for modeling and simulation of hybrid systems. It also presents key advanced features of modeling and automation of calculations using PowerFactory, such as the use of domain-specific (DSL) and DIgSILENT Programming (DPL) languages, and utilizes a variety of methodologies including theoretical explanations, practical examples and guidelines.

Providing a concise compilation of significant outcomes by experienced users and developers of this program, it is a valuable resource for postgraduate students and engineers working in power-system operation and planning.

Table of Contents


2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 1. Introduction to Smart Grid Functionalities

Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt, José Luis Rueda Torres

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 2. Python Scripting for DIgSILENT PowerFactory: Leveraging the Python API for Scenario Manipulation and Analysis of Large Datasets

Claudio David López, José Luis Rueda Torres

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 3. Smart Network Planning—Pareto Optimal Phase Balancing for LV Networks via Monte-Carlo Simulations

Benoît Bletterie, Roman Bolgaryn, Serdar Kadam

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 4. Co-simulation with DIgSILENT PowerFactory and MATLAB: Optimal Integration of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Distribution Networks

J. Garcia-Villalobos, I. Zamora, M. Marinelli, P. Eguia, J. I. San Martin

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 5. Probabilistic Load-Flow Using Analysis Using DPL Scripting Language

Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt, S. Alhejaj, A. Marano-Marcolini, José Luis Rueda Torres

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 6. Dynamic Stability Improvement of Islanded Power Plant by Smart Power Management System: Implementation of PMS Logic

Hamid Khoshkhoo, Ali Parizad

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 7. Determining Wide-Area Signals and Locations of Regulating Devices to Damp Inter-Area Oscillations Through Eigenvalue Sensitivity Analysis Using DIgSILENT Programming Language

Horacio Silva-Saravia, Yajun Wang, Héctor Pulgar-Painemal

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 8. Dynamic Stability Improvement of Islanded Power Plant by Smart Power Management System—Principles, Descriptions and Scenarios

Ali Parizad, Hamid Khoshkhoo

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 9. Wide-Area Measurement, Monitoring and Control: PMU-Based Distributed Wide-Area Damping Control Design Based on Heuristic Optimisation Using DIgSILENT PowerFactory

Amin Mohammadpour Shotorbani, Sajad Madadi, Behnam Mohammadi-Ivatloo

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 10. Optimal PMU Placement Framework Under Observability Redundancy and Contingency—An Evolutionary Algorithm Using DIgSILENT Programming Language Module

Mohsen Zare, Rasoul Azizipanah-Abarghooee, Mostafa Malekpour, Vladimir Terzija

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 11. Implementation of Slow Coherency Based Controlled Islanding Using DIgSILENT PowerFactory and MATLAB

I. Tyuryukanov, M. Naglič, M. Popov, M. A. M. M. van der Meijden

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 12. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) MATLAB–PowerFactory Communication: Optimal Placement and Setting of Power System Stabilizer

Andrei Stativă, Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 13. Implementation of the Single Machine Equivalent (SIME) Method for Transient Stability Assessment in DIgSILENT PowerFactory

Jaime Cepeda, Paúl Salazar, Diego Echeverría, Hugo Arcos

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Chapter 14. Generic DSL-Based Modeling and Control of Wind Turbine Type 4 for EMT Simulations in DIgSILENT PowerFactory

Abdul W. Korai, Elyas Rakhshani, José Luis Rueda Torres, István Erlich

2018 | CompoundObjectErratum | Chapter

Erratum to: Advanced Smart Grid Functionalities Based on PowerFactory

Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt, José Luis Rueda Torres
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