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Advances in Japanese Business and Economics

Advances in Japanese Business and Economics
24 Volumes | 2014 - 2021


Advances in Japanese Business and Economics (AJBE) showcases the work of Japanese and non-Japanese scholars researching the Japanese economy and Japanese businesses. Published in English, the series highlights for a global readership the unique perspectives of Japan’s most distinguished and emerging scholars of business and economics. It covers research of either theoretical or empirical nature, in both authored and edited volumes, regardless of the sub-discipline or geographical coverage, including, but not limited to, such topics as macroeconomics, microeconomics, industrial relations, innovation, regional development, entrepreneurship, international trade, globalization, financial markets, technology management, and business strategy. At the same time, as a series of volumes written by Japanese and non-Japanese scholars studying Japan, it includes research on the issues of the Japanese economy, industry, management practice, and policy, such as the economic policies and business innovations before and after the Japanese “bubble” burst in the 1990s.

AJBE endeavors to overcome a historical deficit in the dissemination of Japanese economic theory, research methodology, and analysis. The volumes in the series contribute not only to a deeper understanding of Japanese business and economics but to revealing underlying universal principles.

Overseen by a panel of renowned scholars led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Ryuzo Sato, AJBE employs a single-blind review process in which the Editor-in-Chief, together with the Managing Editors and specialized scholars designated by the Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editors, rigorously reviews each proposal and manuscript to ensure that every submission is a valuable contribution to the global scholarly readership.

All books and chapters in AJBE are indexed in Scopus.

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Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo; President, Rissho University


Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo; Professor, GRIPS

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Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University


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Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo; Professor, GRIPS


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All books of the series Advances in Japanese Business and Economics

2021 | Book

New Consumer Behavior Theories from Japan

This book focuses on a new type of inclusive consumer decision-making process model (CDM) related to new leading-edge consumers. There have been two main types of CDMs for consumer behavior: one is the stimulus–response model and the other is the …

2021 | Book

Strong Money Demand in Financing War and Peace

The Cases of Wartime and Contemporary Japan

This book theoretically and empirically investigates the emergence of strong money demand in wartime Japan (1937–1945), its disappearance after the end of the war (1945–1949), and the reemergence of strong money demand in contemporary Japan (from …

2020 | Book

Property Price Index

Theory and Practice

This book answers the question of how exactly property price indexes should be constructed.

The formation and collapse of property bubbles has had a profound impact on the economic administration of many nations. The property price bubble that …

2020 | Book

National Project Management

The Sunshine Project and the Rise of the Japanese Solar Industry

This book clarifies the challenges and outcomes of the Sunshine Project, a national project in Japan for developing new energy that was launched about 40 years ago at the time of the first oil crisis in the early 1970s and ended, as planned, in …

2019 | Book

Housing Markets and Household Behavior in Japan

This book addresses essential questions about housing by building theoretical models based on various real world problems in Japan and testing these models using econometric methods. Almost all related empirical analyses use Japanese household …

2019 | Book

General Purpose Technology, Spin-Out, and Innovation

Technological Development of Laser Diodes in the United States and Japan

This book focuses on exploring the relationship between spin-outs from incumbents and the patterns of innovation in general purpose technology. Do spin-outs really promote innovation? What happens if star scientists leave the incumbents and …

2019 | Book

Gender Inequalities in the Japanese Workplace and Employment

Theories and Empirical Evidence

The in-depth analyses presented in this book have a dual focus: (1) Social mechanisms through which the gender wage gap, gender inequality in the attainment of managerial positions, and gender segregation of occupations are generated in Japan; and …

2019 | Book

Solitary Non-Employed Persons

Empirical Research on Hikikomori in Japan

This book is devoted to offering a new concept of non-employment caused by social exclusion. Among labor economic studies, it is the first attempt to investigate the conditions of jobless persons who have completely lost opportunities for daily …

2019 | Book

International Governance and Risk Management

In this book the authors demonstrate how the economics of insurance, risk reduction, and damage control or limitation can be combined with concepts of collective choice and collective behavior to improve analysis of the escalating threats faced by …

2018 | Book

The Changing Japanese Labor Market

Theory and Evidence

This book reappraises the Japanese employment system, characterized by such practices as the periodic recruiting of new graduates, lifetime employment and seniority-based wages, which were praised as sources of high productivity and flexibility …

2018 | Book

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Finance in Japan

This book explores the linkages between the evolution of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate financing and governance in Japan since the late 2000s. Since the 1990s, increasing economic and financial globalization has steadily …

2018 | Book

Cross-Border Outsourcing and Boundaries of Japanese Firms

A Microdata Economic Analysis

This book is the first book that provides comprehensive economic analysis of cross-border outsourcing by Japanese manufacturing firms based on microdata. Previous literature on many other countries has often been constrained by limited data …

2017 | Book

Business Cycle Dynamics and Stabilization Policies

A Keynesian Approach

This monograph is devoted to the analysis of the dynamics of business cycles and stabilization policies. The analysis is conducted in models of the AS-AD type, focusing on involuntary unemployment and capital accumulation. Major conclusions are …

2017 | Book

Growth and Business Cycles with Equilibrium Indeterminacy

Over the past two decades, the issue of equilibrium indeterminacy has been one of the major research concerns in macroeconomic dynamics. Growth and Business Cycles with Equilibrium Indeterminacy discusses the main topics in this literature. Based …

2017 | Book

Economic Analysis of Families and Society

The Transformation of Japanese Society and Public Policies

This book, based on economics and game theory, analyzes the changes that Japan is now facing as a reflection of changes in Japanese families and society. The author presents a simple framework for the structural relationship among markets …

2016 | Book

The Economics of Self-Destructive Choices

Based on recent advances in economics, especially those in behavioral economics, this book elucidates theoretically and empirically the mechanism of time-inconsistent decision making that leads to various forms of self-destructive behavior. The …

2016 | Book

Macroeconomics, Trade, and Social Welfare

This book develops new, original methods of welfare comparison and comparative dynamics between distinct and discretely positioned (rather than continuously related) socioeconomic situations. These methods are not only realistic but also extremely …

2015 | Book

The Political Economy of Fiscal Consolidation in Japan

This book investigates the reasons for persistent public deficits and delayed fiscal reform in Japan, placing a special emphasis on political economy aspects. Japan is confronted with the need to pursue fiscal discipline for fiscal consolidation a

2015 | Book

Keynesian Economics and Price Theory

Re-orientation of a Theory of Monetary Economy

This book reconstructs Keynesian macroeconomics so that it is compatible with the neoclassical dynamic microeconomic theory. This theory adopts three postulates: rational expectations, perfect price flexibility, and exclusion of the money in utili

2015 | Book

The Economics of Interfirm Networks

This book is one of the first comprehensive works to fill the knowledge gap resulting from the limited number of empirical studies on interfirm networks. The in-depth empirical research presented here is based on a massive transaction relations