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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 1/2014

Issue 1/2014

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Guest editorial

Ke-Sheng Wang, Da-Wei Tu

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Toward intelligent manufacturing: label characters marking and recognition method for steel products with machine vision

Qi-Jie Zhao, Peng Cao, Da-Wei Tu

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Current status and challenges of using geometric tolerance information in intelligent manufacturing systems

Hirpa G. Lemu

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Computer vision supported by 3D geometric modelling

Sven Fjeldaas

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

A hybrid point cloud alignment method combining particle swarm optimization and iterative closest point method

Quan Yu, Kesheng Wang

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Phase error correction for fringe projection profilometry by using constrained cubic spline

Jun-Zheng Peng, Hang-Kong Ouyang, Quan Yu, Ying-Jie Yu, Ke-Sheng Wang

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Virtual simulation of production line for ergonomics evaluation

Ming Chen, Jin-Fei Liu

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Graph representation of n-dimensional space

Tomasz Kosicki

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

SCADA data based condition monitoring of wind turbines

Ke-Sheng Wang, Vishal S. Sharma, Zhen-You Zhang

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Wind turbine fault detection based on SCADA data analysis using ANN

Zhen-You Zhang, Ke-Sheng Wang

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Models for lifetime estimation: an overview with focus on applications to wind turbines

Thomas M. Welte, Kesheng Wang

01-03-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Evaluation of thermal imaging system and thermal radiation detector for real-time condition monitoring of high power frequency converters

Anders Eriksen, Dominik Osinski, Dag Roar Hjelme

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