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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 1/2016

Issue 1/2016

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

A comprehensive survey of augmented reality assembly research

X. Wang, S. K. Ong, A. Y. C. Nee

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Electrochemical manufacturing of nanocarbons from carbon dioxide in molten alkali metal carbonate salts: roles of alkali metal cations

Happiness V. Ijije, George Z. Chen

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016 Open Access

Separation and recovery of critical metal ions using ionic liquids

Terence Makanyire, Sergio Sanchez-Segado, Animesh Jha

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Modeling of high-temperature reforming reactor based on interactive thermal control with a tail gas combustor

Dan Zhang, Zhong Shao, Ji-Ping Xin, Ai-Jun Li

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Optimization of process parameters of friction welding of UNS S31803 duplex stainless steels joints

M. Mohammed Asif, Kulkarni Anup Shrikrishna, P. Sathiya

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Pareto-based multi-objective node placement of industrial wireless sensor networks using binary differential evolution harmony search

Ling Wang, Lu An, Hao-Qi Ni, Wei Ye, Panos M. Pardalos, Min-Rui Fei

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Electrospinning synthesis of novel lithium-rich 0.4Li2MnO3·0.6LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 nanotube and its electrochemical performance as cathode of lithium-ion battery

Lei-Lei Cui, Xiao-Wei Miao, Yu-Feng Song, Wen-Ying Fang, Hong-Bin Zhao, Jian-Hui Fang

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

A study on robotic off-line programming system in induction hardening for fillets or chamfers of mould

Nan-Yan Shen, Hai Xu, Liang Tong, Jing Li, Yao-Zan Wu

01-03-2016 | Issue 1/2016

Experimental investigation of cutting parameters in machining of 100Cr6 with tangential turn-milling method

Vedat Savas, Cetin Ozay, Hasan Ballikaya

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