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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 2/2013

Issue 2/2013

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Smart technology renders high-end manufacturing possible

Bing-Heng Lu

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Framework on robotic percussive riveting for aircraft assembly automation

Feng-Feng Xi, Lin Yu, Xiao-Wei Tu

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Development of a computational tool for materials design

Shuang-Lin Chen, Wei-Sheng Cao, Fan Zhang, Chuan Zhang, Jun Zhu, Jie-Yu Zhang

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013 Open Access

Clothing skirt designed on conical truss model

Eri Nakayama, Sachiko Ishida, Yu-Jing Liao, Ichiro Hagiwara

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Warehouse scheduling performance analysis considering LHRL

Wen-Qiang Yang, Li Deng, Qun Niu, Min-Rui Fei

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Overlaying welding technology and performance of axle tube remanufacturing

Shou-Xu Song, Yun-Dong Liu, Qing-Di Ke, Ye-Chao Shen

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Using support vector machine for materials design

Wen-Cong Lu, Xiao-Bo Ji, Min-Jie Li, Liang Liu, Bao-Hua Yue, Liang-Miao Zhang

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Opposite phenomenon to the flying ice cube in molecular dynamics simulations of flexible TIP3P water

Liu-Ming Yan, Chao Sun, Hui-Ting Liu

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Nanodots of multiferroic oxide material BiFeO3 from the first principles

Wei Ren

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Comparison of sol-gel and co-precipitation methods on the structural properties and phase transformation of γ and α-Al2O3 nanoparticles

A. Rajaeiyan, M. M. Bagheri-Mohagheghi

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Effect of reducing agents on the structure of zinc oxide under microwave irradiation

Monica Debbarma, Soma Das, Mitali Saha

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Plasma transferred arc forming technology for remanufacture

Yao-Hui Lü, Yu-Xin Liu, Fu-Jia Xu, Bin-Shi Xu

01-06-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Analysis and simulation of high-power LED array with microchannel heat sink

Xin Zhang, Ru-Chun Li, Qi Zheng

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