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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 3/2013

Issue 3/2013

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Guest editorial

Johan Liu, Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Molecular and crystal assembly inside the carbon nanotube: encapsulation and manufacturing approaches

Sergio Manzetti

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Electroplating for high aspect ratio vias in PCB manufacturing: enhancement capabilities of acoustic streaming

Nadezhda Strusevich, Marc P. Y. Desmulliez, Eitan Abraham, David Flynn, Thomas Jones, Mayur Patel, Christopher Bailey

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Local synthesis of carbon nanotubes for direct integration in Si microsystems – design considerations

Knut E. Aasmundtveit, Bao Quoc Ta, Quoc-Huy Nguyen, Tormod B. Haugen, Nils Hoivik, Einar Halvorsen

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Wafer-level SLID bonding for MEMS encapsulation

H. Xu, T. Suni, V. Vuorinen, J. Li, H. Heikkinen, P. Monnoyer, M. Paulasto-Kröckel

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Effect of substrates and underlayer on CNT synthesis by plasma enhanced CVD

Liang Xu, Di Jiang, Yi-Feng Fu, Stephane Xavier, Shailendra Bansropun, Afshin Ziaei, Shan-Tung Tu, Johan Liu

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

A novel approach for part family formation using K-means algorithm

Ashutosh Gupta, P. K. Jain, Dinesh Kumar

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Phase precipitation and isothermal crystallization kinetics of FeZrB amorphous alloy

Bing-Ge Zhao, Ling-Hong Kong, Ting-Ting Song, Qi-Jie Zhai, Yu-Lai Gao

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Object recognition and pose estimation using appearance manifolds

Zhong-Hua Hao, Shi-Wei Ma

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Simultaneous optimization of multiple performance characteristics in WEDM for machining ZC63/SiCp MMC

Thella Babu Rao, A. Gopala Krishna

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Investigation on the application of reformed coke oven gas in direct reduction iron production with a mathematical model

Juan Wu, Shu-Qiang Guo, Wei-Zhong Ding

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Degree dependence entropy descriptor for complex networks

Xiang-Li Xu, Xiao-Feng Hu, Xiao-Yuan He

01-09-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Bilateral teleoperation with reducing wave-based reflections

Min Zheng, Qing-Hai Chen, Wei Xiao, Hai-Nan Yang

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