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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 3/2015

Issue 3/2015

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-09-2015 | Issue 3/2015

Ultrasonic vibration-assisted machining: principle, design and application

Wei-Xing Xu, Liang-Chi Zhang

01-09-2015 | Issue 3/2015

Effect of seed particles content on texture formation of Si3N4 ceramics by gel-casting in a strong magnetic field

Zhi-Gang Yang, Jian-Bo Yu, Chuan-Jun Li, Kang Deng, Zhong-Ming Ren, Qiu-Liang Wang, Yin-Ming Dai, Hui Wang

01-09-2015 | Issue 3/2015

Modeling and state of charge estimation of lithium-ion battery

Xi-Kun Chen, Dong Sun

01-09-2015 | Issue 3/2015

Study on the liquid metal flow field in FC-mold of slab continuous casting

Zhen-Qiang Zhang, Jian-Bo Yu, Zhong-Ming Ren, Kang Deng

01-09-2015 | Issue 3/2015

Binding and conformation of dendrimer-based drug delivery systems: a molecular dynamics study

Fa-Da Zhang, Yi Liu, Jing-Cheng Xu, Sheng-Juan Li, Xiu-Nan Wang, Yue Sun, Xin-Luo Zhao

01-09-2015 | Issue 3/2015

Dynamic compressive behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy processed by electron beam melting under high strain rate loading

A. Mohammadhosseini, S. H. Masood, D. Fraser, M. Jahedi

01-09-2015 | Issue 3/2015

Mechanical properties of U-0.95 mass fraction of Ti alloy quenching and aging treatment: a first principles study

Jian-Bo Qi, Guang-Xin Wu, Jie-Yu Zhang

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