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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 3/2017

Issue 3/2017

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

18-08-2017 | Issue 3/2017 Open Access

Haptic and visual augmented reality interface for programming welding robots

D. Ni, A. W. W. Yew, S. K. Ong, A. Y. C. Nee

24-08-2017 | Issue 3/2017

Experimental study and optimization of cutting parameters in machining of super alloy with hybrid ultrasonic method

Dipesh Popli, Meenu Gupta

01-09-2017 | Issue 3/2017

Investigation on surface structuring generated by electrochemical micromachining

Sandip Kunar, B. Bhattacharyya

17-08-2017 | Issue 3/2017

Optimization of fused deposition modeling process parameters using a fuzzy inference system coupled with Taguchi philosophy

Saroj Kumar Padhi, Ranjeet Kumar Sahu, S. S. Mahapatra, Harish Chandra Das, Anoop Kumar Sood, Brundaban Patro, A. K. Mondal

08-09-2017 | Issue 3/2017

A brief overview on secure control of networked systems

Hong-Tao Sun, Chen Peng, Peng Zhou, Zhi-Wen Wang

06-09-2017 | Issue 3/2017 Open Access

Surface texture formation in precision machining of direct laser deposited tungsten carbide

Szymon Wojciechowski, Zbigniew Nowakowski, Radomir Majchrowski, Grzegorz Królczyk

30-08-2017 | Issue 3/2017

Recognition results classification and post-processing methods for painted characters on billet surface

Qi-Jie Zhao, Chun-Hui Huang, Zhen-Nan Ke, Jin-Gang Yi

24-07-2017 | Issue 3/2017

Effect of flow control mold on flow field during high-speed continuous casting

Zhan Yu, Zheng-Qiang Zhang, Zhong-Ming Ren

04-09-2017 | Issue 3/2017

Optimization of rollover stability for a three-wheeler vehicle

S. A. Sree Ram, P. Raja, K. Sreedaran

28-06-2017 | Issue 3/2017

Hydrogenation of graphene nanoflakes and C–H bond dissociation of hydrogenated graphene nanoflakes: a density functional theory study

Sheng Tao, Hui-Ting Liu, Liu-Ming Yan, Bao-Hua Yue, Ai-Jun Li

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