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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 3/2018

Issue 3/2018

Special Issue: Chatter Stability of Machining Processes

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

18-05-2018 | Issue 3/2018 Open Access

Determination of optimal geometrical parameters of peripheral mills to achieve good process stability

Min Wan, Heng Yuan, Ying-Chao Ma, Wei-Hong Zhang

14-06-2018 | Issue 3/2018 Open Access

Efficient determination of stability lobe diagrams by in-process varying of spindle speed and cutting depth

Christian Brecher, Prateek Chavan, Alexander Epple

01-06-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Optimal cutting condition determination for milling thin-walled details

Anton Germashev, Viktor Logominov, Dmitri Anpilogov, Yuri Vnukov, Vladimir Khristal

18-05-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Integrated in-process chatter monitoring and automatic suppression with adaptive pitch control in parallel turning

Shuntaro Yamato, Yuki Yamada, Kenichi Nakanishi, Norikazu Suzuki, Hayato Yoshioka, Yasuhiro Kakinuma

11-05-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Point-based tool representations for modeling complex tool shapes and runout for the simulation of process forces and chatter vibrations

P. Wiederkehr, T. Siebrecht, J. Baumann, D. Biermann

07-08-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Use of inverse stability solutions for identification of uncertainties in the dynamics of machining processes

Lutfi Taner Tunc, Orkun Ozsahin

16-08-2018 | Issue 3/2018 Open Access

Chatter prediction for uncertain parameters

Michael Löser, Andreas Otto, Steffen Ihlenfeldt, Günter Radons

19-07-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Prediction of machining chatter in milling based on dynamic FEM simulations of chip formation

Ehsan Jafarzadeh, Mohammad R. Movahhedy, Saeed Khodaygan, Mohammad Ghorbani

24-07-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Stability of turning processes for periodic chip formation

Gergely Gyebrószki, Daniel Bachrathy, Gábor Csernák, Gabor Stepan

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