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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 4/2013

Issue 4/2013

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Determination of accurate theoretical values for thermodynamic properties in bulk metallic glasses

Pei-You Li, Gang Wang, Ding Ding, Jun Shen

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Tandem rapid manufacturing of Inconel-625 using laser assisted and plasma transferred arc depositions

P. Bhargava, C. P. Paul, C. H. Premsingh, S. K. Mishra, Atul Kumar, D. C. Nagpure, Gurvinderjit Singh, L. M. Kukreja

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Machining of circular micro holes by electrochemical micro-machining process

Alok Kumar Das, Partha Saha

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Study of structural, electrical and optical properties of vanadium oxide condensed films deposited by spray pyrolysis technique

M. Mousavi, A. Kompany, N. Shahtahmasebi, M. M. Bagheri-Mohagheghi

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Optimal machining conditions for turning Ti-6Al-4V using response surface methodology

Satyanarayana Kosaraju, Venu Gopal Anne

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Influence of defect density on the ZnO nanostructures of dye-sensitized solar cells

Yan-Yan Lou, Shuai Yuan, Yin Zhao, Zhu-Yi Wang, Li-Yi Shi

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Current status, enablers & barriers of implementing cellular manufacturing system in Indian industries

Amit R. Dixit, Manish Gupta

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Microwave-assisted rapid synthesis of alumina nanoparticles using tea, coffee and triphala extracts

Prasant Sutradhar, Narayan Debnath, Mitali Saha

01-12-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Experimental investigation on the effects of process parameters of GMAW and transient thermal analysis of AISI321 steel

A. G. Kamble, R. Venkata Rao

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