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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 4/2015

Issue 4/2015

Special Issue: Production Methods for Difficult-to-Manufacture Materials

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-12-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Single point and asymmetric incremental forming

J. Jeswiet, D. Adams, M. Doolan, T. McAnulty, P. Gupta

01-12-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Micro ball-end milling of freeform titanium parts

Ali Mamedov, Ismail Lazoglu

01-12-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Dual phase titanium alloy hot forging process design: experiments and numerical modeling

A. Ducato, G. Buffa, L. Fratini, R. Shivpuri

01-12-2015 | Issue 4/2015

An experimental study on grinding of Zr-based bulk metallic glass

Mustafa Bakkal, Erdinç Serbest, İlker Karipçin, Ali T. Kuzu, Umut Karagüzel, Bora Derin

01-12-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Experimental investigation of tool wear and chip formation in cryogenic machining of titanium alloys

D. Biermann, H. Abrahams, M. Metzger

01-12-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Tool geometry based prediction of critical thrust force while drilling carbon fiber reinforced polymers

Y. Karpat, O. Bahtiyar

01-12-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Finite element analysis of chip formation and residual stresses induced by sequential cutting in side milling with microns to sub-micron uncut chip thickness and finite cutting edge radius

Nejah Tounsi, Tahany El-Wardany

01-12-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Analysis of hard turning process: thermal aspects

Varaprasad Bhemuni, Srinivasa Rao Chalamalasetti, Pavan Kumar Konchada, Venkata Vinay Pragada

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