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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 4/2018

Issue 4/2018

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

26-10-2018 | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

Characteristics of force chains in frictional interface during abrasive flow machining based on discrete element method

Tian-Xun Xiu, Wei Wang, Kun Liu, Zhi-Yong Wang, Dao-Zhu Wei

20-10-2018 | Issue 4/2018

Investigation into the room temperature creep-deformation of potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals using nanoindentation

Yong Zhang, Ning Hou, Liang-Chi Zhang

20-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

Improved thermal resistance network model of motorized spindle system considering temperature variation of cooling system

Yang Liu, Ya-Xin Ma, Qing-Yu Meng, Xi-Cheng Xin, Shuai-Shuai Ming

23-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018

Modeling of laser adjustment for large diameter tubes using robotic kinematic theories

Pin Li, Jun-Tong Xi

09-07-2018 | Issue 4/2018

Hidden feature extraction for unstructured agricultural environment based on supervised kernel locally linear embedding modeling

Zhong-Hua Miao, Chen-Hui Ma, Zhi-Yuan Gao, Ming-Jun Wang, Cheng-Liang Liu

14-08-2018 | Issue 4/2018

Application of grey relational analysis based on Taguchi method for optimizing machining parameters in hard turning of high chrome cast iron

Ali Kalyon, Mustafa Günay, Dursun Özyürek

13-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018

Flexural strength of fused filament fabricated (FFF) PLA parts on an open-source 3D printer

Shilpesh R. Rajpurohit, Harshit K. Dave

23-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018

Performance analysis of a thick copper-electroplated FDM ABS plastic rapid tool EDM electrode

Saroj Kumar Padhi, S. S. Mahapatra, Rosalin Padhi, Harish Chandra Das

11-05-2018 | Issue 4/2018

Electric discharge phenomenon in dielectric and electrolyte medium

Mukesh Kumar Sindhu, Debasish Nandi, Indrajit Basak

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