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10-09-2019 Open Access

Editorial: Industrial relevance of molybdenum in China

About 80% of all molybdenum mined in the world (not including units recovered via recycling) is used as an alloying element in iron and steel. In general, the intensity of molybdenum use in China is still lower than in more highly developed …


Pareto optimization of WEDM process parameters for machining a NiTi shape memory alloy using a combined approach of RSM and heat transfer search algorithm

Machining of shape memory alloys (SMAs) without losing the shape memory effect could immensely extend their applications. Herein, the wire electric discharge machining process was used to machine NiTi—a shape memory alloy. The experimental …


Study on the modification of inclusions by Ca treatment in GCr18Mo bearing steel

The effect of Ca treatment on the modification of inclusions in Al-killed GCr18Mo bearing steel was studied and a thermodynamic and kinetic model was established. The experimental results showed that oxygen content in the steel could be reduced …

14-06-2019 Open Access

Guest editorial: Molybdenum alloying: more than hardenability

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