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Exit morphology and mechanical property of FDM printed PLA: influence of hot melt extrusion process

In order to study the hot melt extrusion process in fused deposition modeling (FDM), this study mainly explores the effects of printing temperature, heated block length, feeding speed on the exit morphology and mechanical properties of FDM printed …


Microstructures and properties evolution of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy under electrical pulse assisted creep aging

Creep aging (CA) is a promising forming technology for integral panels with complex structures. However, how to balance excellent corrosion resistance and strength is still a challenge for CA parts. By synchronously applying electrical pulse (300 …

Open Access 01-08-2022

The development of a high-performance Ni-superalloy additively manufactured heat pipe

Additively manufacturing (AM) has been used to manufacture fine structures with structured/engineered porosity in heat management devices. In this study, laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) was used to manufacture a high-performance Ni-superalloy heat …


Flexible servo riveting system control strategy based on the RBF network and self-pierce riveting process

As more and more composite materials are used in lightweight vehicle white bodies, self-pierce riveting (SPR) technology has attracted great attention. However, the existing riveting tools still have the disadvantages of low efficiency and …


Electrical arc contour cutting based on a compound arc breaking mechanism

Electrical arc contour cutting (EACC) is a novel high-efficiency material cutting process that applies arc plasma to perform efficient and economical contour cutting of difficult-to-cut materials. Compared to conventional electrical arc machining …

About this journal

As an innovative, fundamental and scientific journal, Advances in Manufacturing aims to describe the latest regional and global research results and forefront developments in advanced manufacturing field. As such, it serves as an international platform for academic exchange between experts, scholars and researchers in this field.

All articles in Advances in Manufacturing are peer reviewed. Respected scholars from the fields of advanced manufacturing fields will be invited to write some comments. We also encourage and give priority to research papers that have made major breakthroughs or innovations in the fundamental theory. The targeted fields include: manufacturing automation, mechatronics and robotics, precision manufacturing and control, micro-nano-manufacturing, green manufacturing, design in manufacturing, metallic and nonmetallic materials in manufacturing, metallurgical process, etc. The forms of articles include (but not limited to): academic articles, research reports, and general reviews.

Advances in Manufacturing
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