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About this book

This book offers readers a single-source reference to the implementation aspects of multirate systems, advances in design of comb decimation filters and multirate filter banks. The authors describe a variety of the most recent applications in fields such as, image and video processing, digital communications, software and cognitive radio.

Table of Contents


2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Implementation Studies of Multi-rate Systems

Yanxiang Huang, Chunshu Li

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Advances in Multirate Filter Banks: A Research Survey

A. Kumar, B. Kuldeep, I. Sharma, G. K. Singh, H. N. Lee

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Methods for Improving Magnitude Characteristic of Comb Decimation Filters

Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Design of Multichannel Filter Bank Using Minor Component Analysis and Fractional Derivative Constraints

B. Kuldeep, A. Kumar, G. K. Singh, Heung-No Lee

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Multiresolution Filter Banks for Pansharpening Application

Hind Hallabia, Abdelaziz Kallel, Ahmed Ben Hamida

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Video Signal Processing

Yung-Lin Huang

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Multirate Systems in Cognitive Radio

S. Chris Prema, K. S. Dasgupta

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Design of Nonuniform Linear-Phase Transmultiplexer System for Communication

A. Vishwakarma, A. Kumar, Heung-No Lee


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