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Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication

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21-11-2017 | Open Forum

The relevance for science of Western and Eastern cultures

The rise of modern science took place in Western Europe, and one may ask why this was the case. We analyze the roots of modern science by replacing scientific ideas within the framework of Western culture, notably the twin heritage of biblical …

18-11-2017 | Open Forum

The rise of the robots and the crisis of moral patiency

This paper adds another argument to the rising tide of panic about robots and AI. The argument is intended to have broad civilization-level significance, but to involve less fanciful speculation about the likely future intelligence of machines …

02-11-2017 | Open Forum

Consumer confusion from price competition and excessive product attributes under the curse of dimensionality

The purpose of our study is to (i) investigate the effects of the number of products, product attributes, and prices on consumer confusion, (ii) conduct a numerical analysis to check the robustness of the results, and (iii) present an example of …

30-10-2017 | Open Forum

Evil and roboethics in management studies

In this article, I address the issue of evil and roboethics in the context of management studies and suggest that management scholars should locate evil in the realm of the human rather than of the artificial. After discussing the possibility of …

25-10-2017 | Original Article Open Access

“When words become unclear”: unmasking ICT through visual methodologies in participatory ICT4D

Across the globe, our work and social lives are increasingly integrated with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), yet massive disparities in the values, uses and benefits of ICT exist. New methods are needed to shed light on unique …

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About this journal

AI & Society: Knowledge, Culture and Communication, is an International Journal publishing refereed scholarly articles, position papers, debates, short communications, and reviews of books and other publications. Established in 1987, the Journal focuses on societal issues including the design, use, management, and policy of information, communications and new media technologies, with a particular emphasis on cultural, social, cognitive, economic, ethical, and philosophical implications.

AI & Society has a broad scope and is strongly interdisciplinary. We welcome contributions and participation from researchers and practitioners in a variety of fields including information technologies, humanities, social sciences, arts and sciences. This includes broader societal and cultural impacts, for example on governance, security, sustainability, identity, inclusion, working life, corporate and community welfare, and well-being of people. Co-authored articles from diverse disciplines are encouraged.

AI & Society seeks to promote an understanding of the potential, transformative impacts and critical consequences of pervasive technology for societies. Technological innovations offer a great potential for societies, but also pose existential risk. Rooted in the human-centred tradition of science and technology, the Journal acts as a catalyst, promoter and facilitator of engagement with diversity of voices and over-the-horizon issues of technology and society.

The journal is in three parts: a) full length scholarly articles; b) research in progress and reflections; c) Student Forum for young researchers to communicate their ongoing research to the wider academic community, mentored by the Journal Advisory Board; Book Reviews and News; Curmudgeon Corner for the opinionated. 

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