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2021 | Book

Air Pollution Sources, Statistics and Health Effects

Editors: Michael Evan Goodsite, Prof. Matthew Stanley Johnson, Ole Hertel

Publisher: Springer US

Book Series : Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Series


About this book

This volume of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, Second Edition, provides a broad and comprehensive view of air pollution, extending from ground-level, localized air quality and regional and global air quality and effects, to sensors and measurement and air pollution control.

Despite substantial improvements in many parts of the world, globally, air pollution remains the most hazardous environmental threat. The increasing quality of exposure assessments, access to new and better statistical methods, and more complete and precise health data have led to stronger associations between air pollution exposure and health effects. Air pollution exposure-effect relationships have now been established for a wide variety of health outcomes, and well documented through parallel studies in many countries around the world using a variety of approaches and methodologies. Assessments of the health effects in the population are now performed on a routine basis in many countries and by many agencies, and often these also include calculation of externalities associated with the negative health effects. Such knowledge is essential for pushing development towards a more sustainable society. This volume covers topics including, but not limited to, basic knowledge to understand foundational concepts and drivers of regional and global air pollution in relation to air quality and ways to sense, measure and control pollutants, while placing this knowledge into the perspectives of health and technological systems.

Table of Contents

Air Pollution Sources, Statistics, and Health Effects: Introduction
Ole Hertel, Matthew Stanley Johnson, Michael Evan Goodsite

Ground Level Localized Air Quality

Air Quality Guidelines and Standards
Roger O. McClellan
Air Quality, Surface Transportation Impacts on
Paul Boulter
Airborne Nanoparticles: Control and Detection
Mohsen Rezaei, Matthew Stanley Johnson
Indoor Air Quality: Status and Standards
Freja Hasager, Joachim Dithmer Bjerregaard, James Bonomaully, Hasse Knap, Alireza Afshari, Matthew Stanley Johnson
Urban Air Quality: Meteorological Processes
David Carruthers, Silvana Di Sabatino, Julian Hunt
Urban Air Quality: Sources and Concentrations
Michael Evan Goodsite, Ole Hertel, Matthew Stanley Johnson, Nana Rahbek Jørgensen
Urban Atmospheric Composition Processes
William Bloss
Urban Drainage Modelling for Management of Urban Surface Water
Birgitte Lilholt Sørensen

Regional and Global Air Quality and Effects

Aerosol in Global Atmosphere
Colin O’Dowd
Air Pollution and Climate Change: Sustainability, Restoration, and Ethical Implications
Jiaying Chen, Mie Jul Dahlin, Linnea Luuppala, David Bickford, Lina Boljka, Vanessa Burns, Matthew Stanley Johnson
Aviation and Atmosphere
Hartmut Grassl
Regional Air Quality
Erika von Schneidemesser, Paul S. Monks
Stratospheric Pollution
Martyn P. Chipperfield

Sensors, Measurement, and Control

Air Pollution Monitoring and Sustainability
Andrew Knox, Greg J. Evans, Colin J. Lee, Jeffrey R. Brook
Low-Cost Sensors for Indoor and Outdoor Pollution
Louise Bøge Frederickson, Emma Amalie Petersen-Sonn, Yuwei Shen, Ole Hertel, Youwei Hong, Johan Schmidt, Matthew Stanley Johnson
Measuring Heatwaves and Their Impacts
Benjamin Disher, Brandon Edwards, Thomas Lawler, Douglas Radford
Industrial Emissions Control Technologies: Introduction
Szymon Kwiatkowski, Merve Polat, Weijia Yu, Matthew Stanley Johnson
Air Pollution Sources, Statistics and Health Effects
Michael Evan Goodsite
Prof. Matthew Stanley Johnson
Ole Hertel
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