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28-10-2020 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

International Journal on Digital Libraries 1/2021

Analyzing history-related posts in twitter

International Journal on Digital Libraries > Issue 1/2021
Yasunobu Sumikawa, Adam Jatowt
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Microblogging platforms such as Twitter have been increasingly used nowadays to share information between users. They are also convenient means for propagating content related to history. Hence, from the research viewpoint they can offer opportunities to analyze the way in which users refer to the past, and how as well when such references appear and what purposes they serve. Such study could allow to quantify the interest degree and the mechanisms behind content dissemination. We report the results of a large scale exploratory analysis of history-oriented posts in microblogs based on a 28-month-long snapshot of Twitter data. The results can increase our understanding of the characteristics of history-focused content sharing in Twitter. They can also be used for guiding the design of content recommendation systems as well as time-aware search applications.
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