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13-04-2021 | Fahrzeugtechnik | Nachricht | Article

Citroën stellt sein neues Flaggschiff C5 X vor

Citroen hat den neuen C5 X präsentiert. Das Modell im D-Segment kombiniert Designelemente von Limousine, Kombi und SUV. Beim Antrieb ist neben einem Ottomotor auch eine Plug-in-Hybridversion verfügbar.

03-03-2021 | Sport Utility Vehicle | Nachricht | Article

Kompakter Bayon erweitert SUV-Modellpalette von Hyundai

Neben dem Kona bietet Hyundai mit dem Bayon nun ein weiteres Kompakt-SUV an. Der Crossover wird mit vier Ottomotor-Versionen angeboten, zwei davon sind mit 48-Volt-Technik ausgestattet.

03-03-2021 | Elektromobilität | Nachricht | Article

Volvo zeigt neuen C40 und plant Vollelektrifizierung ab 2030

Volvo hat mit dem C40 Recharge sein zweites elektrisches Modell vorgestellt. Volvo plant, ab 2030 keine Fahrzeuge mit Verbrennungsmotoren und Hybridantrieben mehr anzubieten.

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01-12-2021 | Research article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Research and application of online SPOC teaching mode in analog circuit course

With the development of information technology and the advent of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and Small Private Online Course (SPOC), various online courses which include a lot of new resources and new teaching methods have appeared. The …

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Development of a regional voice dataset and speaker classification based on machine learning

At present, voice biometrics are commonly used for identification and authentication of users through their voice. Voice based services such as mobile banking, access to personal devices, and logging into social networks are the common examples of …

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Analysis and best parameters selection for person recognition based on gait model using CNN algorithm and image augmentation

Person Recognition based on Gait Model (PRGM) and motion features is are indeed a challenging and novel task due to their usages and to the critical issues of human pose variation, human body occlusion, camera view variation, etc. In this project …

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

A blockchain-based service for inviolable presence registration of mobile entities

Several applications can benefit from recording information about the places a mobile entity visits and the length of time it spends there (e.g., shoppers, employees, buses, portable equipment, autonomous robots). This paper presents our approach …

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2013 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Intelligent Interaction in Accessible Applications

Advances in artificial intelligence over the past decade, combined with increasingly affordable computing power, have made new approaches to accessibility possible. In this chapter we describe three ongoing projects in the Department of Computer Scie

2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Mapping Cultural Heritage: CLIO MAP, Montenegro

The paper highlights the need for the digitization of cultural heritage to propose the first national mobile geoinformatics application. Unusually varied cultural heritage in the country that strongly relies on tourism income urges the need to …

2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Virtual Museum ‘Takeouts’ and DIY Exhibitions–Augmented Reality Apps for Scholarship, Citizen Science and Public Engagement

This paper presents an Augmented Reality (AR) project for the curation of virtual museum ‘takeouts’ and DIY exhibitions. The project’s outputs include novel AR app technology demonstrators to support co-design with museum users and stakeholders - …

2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Digital Humanities: Prototype Development for Balinese Script

In Indonesia there are more than 600 ethnic groups and 719 mother-tongue languages spoken. A significant 13 Indonesian mother-tongue languages have vanished and been forgotten as they are no longer used for daily communication. When a language is …

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27-02-2019 | Elektrofahrzeuge | Bildergalerie | Gallery

Polestar 2

Die Fließheck-Limousine Polestar 2 ist mit einem rein elektrischen Antriebstrang ausgestattet und integriert Googles Betriebssystem Android im Infotainmentsystem.

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