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Annals of Data Science

Annals of Data Science 2/2019

Issue 2/2019

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

16-03-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Power Lindley-G Family of Distributions

Amal S. Hassan, Said G. Nassr

28-05-2018 | Issue 2/2019

The Hyperbolic Sine Rayleigh Distribution with Application to Bladder Cancer Susceptibility

Zubair Ahmad

13-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

A Modified Cancelable Biometrics Scheme Using Random Projection

Randa F. Soliman, Mohamed Amin, Fathi E. Abd El-Samie

16-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

An Alternative Conjugate Prior Distribution for Positive Parameters

Marcelo Bourguignon

20-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Type II Half Logistic Exponential Distribution with Applications

M. Elgarhy, Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq, Ismat Perveen

16-11-2018 | Issue 2/2019

On the Inverse Power Lomax Distribution

Amal S. Hassan, Marwa Abd-Allah

06-06-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Mining and Classifying Images from an Advertisement Image Remover

Graeme O’Meara

19-06-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Analysis on Housing Affordability of Urban Residents in Mainland China Based on Multiple Indexes: Taking 35 Cities as Examples

Yun Si Li, Ai Hua Li, Zhi Feng Wang, Qiang Wu

17-08-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Inverse Gompertz Distribution: Properties and Different Estimation Methods with Application to Complete and Censored Data

M. S. Eliwa, M. El-Morshedy, Mohamed Ibrahim

03-05-2018 | Issue 2/2019

A Note on Modeling the Maxima of Lagos Rainfall

I. E. Okorie, A. C. Akpanta, J. Ohakwe, D. C. Chikezie, C. U. Onyemachi, M. C. Ugwu

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